LGF Stats Inspection Time

Once in a while it’s kinda fun to check on the Decline of Little Green Footballs. Remember this one from 19 February 2010?


About a year later, on 9 February 2011, we posted this:


The Webworth.info site is now defunct as far as we can tell, but now there’s WEBUKA. Here’s the February 2017 estimate for LGF:


GAH! What a graphic abomination, and there’s not much we can do to fix it. On the other hand, the estimated numbers are relevant. In just six years, Charles Johnson’s website value has decreased in value by approximately 75%. So what does Alexa have to say about all this?

Since we last checked in with Alexa, it had been purchased by Amazon and a lot of the freebee stats are no longer available without a pay-to-play subscription. So what. This is all we need.


What happened in September 2016 to drive down his rank, and why did he get a bump once Trump was inaugurated? I don’t know, Babs, but I do know this: Little Green Footballs is STILL slower to load than 2/3 of all websites tracked by Alexa. Go figger.

[Sources: This, this and this.]

SitePrice estimates the value of a blog differently, and comes up with this number:


It also provides a graphic of the top 5 search terms that lead to Little Green Footballs:


No real surprises in that subliminal goatse, but how does “A. J. Delgado” make it to the Top Five with only 5%? Something smells like your socks, Charles.


The Original Little Green Footballs Logo


Alexa Doesn’t Lie About @Charles_Johnson’s #LGF Stats

Before we get into the meat of this post, there’s a reason for the odd title featuring Charles Johnson’s Twitter address and the hashtag. It’s for protection.

According to @Twitter rules, if you Tweet someone directly, using their address, and that person has previously blocked you, you run the risk of having your @Twitter account suspended. Johnson is a master at sending out his minions with instructions to “Block And Report.”

Oddly, Twitter’s TOS Rules seem to always go in Charles’ favor, which makes no sense as he’s one of the biggest harassers and abusers of the “Block and Report Function” on Twitter. This is not news.

140926 Charles Attacks Lannie Davis

So here’s the dodge. If you want to retweet this post, copy and post the full URL,  @Charles_Johnson will get the alert, as will his followers, and Twitter won’t ban you as you’re only quoting and linking to a website that you have no control over. Penis penis penis lol, ya’ll.


So Charles Johnson was crowing about traffic recently despite his rigged Twitter counter. Looky here:


[Source: Alexa]

Kinda obvious that Our Boy is stuck in stoopid, ya?


P.S. Some folks were wondering why @Gus_802 went quiet for a day.

GUS_802 28 SEP 14

A little birdy told us that there’s a third scenario that can’t be confirmed… yet.

Signs of the LGF Decline: Comment Participation Stats

Good Lord is it dyin’ over there at the swamp. On Monday, it took nearly a half hour for the first comment on that Bela Fleck thread to appear.

And the thread before that? It snagged two comments total. Yes, that’s TWO. As in… 2. As in, tee to the double-u to the ohhTWO! (and one of the TWO was Johnson himself)

No wonder Johnson chose to hide the stats drop-down in the sidebar. It’s fuckin’ boring over there.

He’s gonna put us out of business…

Anyway, the last time we reported the actual statistics on this was back in January, and it was sorta good news for CJ and the gang of Loozards, because we’d determined that it looked like the decline was flattening a bit . But alas, with apparent Newtonian certitude, this freefall cannot be stopped, as Engineer #5 puts together a mid-year graph:

Now, we expect the numbers for this week to be slightly better for the LGF gang, because there’s bound to be a SCOTUS/Obamacare bump, but I think it’s safe to say that they’ve entered into a new era over there.  But what to call it?

The Yawnozoic?

The Cricketaceous?


We’ve Got LGF Stats! (and they ain’t pretty)

Last month, we noted that teh Johnson decided that the figures in the long-standing LGF “statistics” sidebar widget were apparently becoming too embarrassing to continue featuring, so he decided to quietly make it disappear (then make it reappear once we noted it, only to make it disappear again after a few days, we assume for good).


Luckily, it’s not hard for our BRC engineers to track those missing comments/day numbers ourselves. In fact, we’ve been able to do one better, and break down who’s leaving the comments, and how many are being left on front-page articles vs. in those sleepy user-authored “LGF Pages”. And as DoD regulars can recall, we can track those meaningless “karma” scores, too.

Before we present last week’s results, we’d like to present a flashback to a related LGF thread, wherein Charles took serious issue when NY Times columnist Jonathan Dee wrote the following:

L.G.F. still has more than 34,000 registered users, but the comment threads are dominated by the same two dozen or so names.

Enter the main underlying reason for CJ’s disappearance of the “statistics”, as Engineer No. 5 finds that Mr. Dee’s assessment is actually true as ever:

Some old fashioned weekly LGF commenter stats:
For the week Sat-Fri, 5/12-18/2012
Front Page comments: 7822
LGF Pages comments:   761
Total comments:      8583
75% of comments were made by 32 individuals
50% of comments were made by 13 individuals
25% of comments were made by  4 individuals

Most Active Commenters

1. Gus 802          789    10.1%
2. ggt              477     6.1%
3. b_sharp          411     5.3%
4. sattv4u2         288     3.7%
5. HappyWarrior     287     3.7%
6. Kragar           274     3.5%
7. Decatur Deb      258     3.3%
8. Dark_Falcon      243     3.1%
9. Sergey Romanov   188     2.4%
10.darthstar        186     2.4%
11.Obdicut          174     2.2%
12.freetoken        168     2.1%
13.Targetpractice   164     2.1%
14.Killgore Trout   156     2.0%
Most Net ‘Karma’ (at least 70 posts)
1. Charles         +6.1/comment
2. Lidane          +5.1
3. Obdicut         +4.4
4. jaunte          +4.3
5. WindUpBird      +3.8
Least Net ‘Karma’ (at least 70 posts)
1. Dark_Falcon     +0.4/comment
2. Killgore Trout  +0.5
3. sattv4u2        +0.9
4. NJDhockeyfan    +0.9
5. ProLifeLiberal  +0.9

Look at Gus! Ten percent! Where would LGF be today if Gus had actually made good on last October’s mini-flounce?

Update (from panoftheforest)
I don’t want to bury Chen’s thread but just add the Monday Evening Mocking ‘toon (because I’m proud of myself this time!) May I present to you “Chuck’s Play”.

@Lizardoid Quietly Decides To Hide the LGF Stats (so we’ll post ’em) Update: Restored

I was going to post something on this before, having noticed that Johnson appears to be,um, streamlining the handy drop-down resources in the LGF sidebar. For the record, this is what this section of the sidebar looked like when we saved a page back in January:

The first to go were “Never Forget” and “LGF Hits”, as I had noticed that those were gone about a month ago (possibly in reaction to our mention of the “Hits” and “Rathergate”, but CJ doesn’t read here). Now, today (yes we can confirm that this happened today) there was another notable disappearance, and the sidebar now looks like this:

Wow! The LGF “Statistics” have vanished! As a reminder, here’s an example of what it displayed when you clicked the drop down:

Of course, we can only speculate as to the reasoning behind the move. We’ve long assumed that the “views” section especially was a complete joke anyway, but it is a little surprising to see it quietly go away.

But don’t fret, as the engineers of The Boiler Room can easily track those comment counts ourselves. We were going to post an update anyway, and when you see this it may become apparent why teh Johnson decided to do away with this thing.

From Engineer No. 5:

+++ Chart: Average comment volume, by week
As has been clear to anyone watching lately, LGF is in somewhat of a freefall.   The week just ended had the lowest comment activity (801/day) since the week before the invasion of Iraq, over 9 years ago.    Is Charles tweeting his blog to death?

+++ Chart: Average daily comment volume, by month.
The whole month of April will likely also be the slowest LGF month in 9 years.  With 3 days left, average daily comment count is holding just above 1000.  It could easily go under 1000 by the 30th.  (After 18 hours, < 350 comments so far today.)
After digging into the archives a bit to identify the proximate cause of each positive or negative turning point, I added some annotations to the monthly chart.  Of note: nearly the entire 2009 meltdown took place in two brief spans totaling only 7 weeks:
  • During the 3 weeks immediately following the first Tea Party protests on April 15th, the average daily comment volume declined from ~5200 down to ~4200, or nearly 20%.
  • During the 4 weeks following the September 12th Tea Party event in Washington D.C., comment volume declined from ~4200 down to ~2900, or more than 30%.
There’s no doubt Charles alienated many as he became increasingly obsessed with Eurofascists, Birthers, Creationists, Climate Deniers, et al.   But from the numbers, one could conclude that LGF’s undoing was primarily due to Charles’ reaction to the Tea Party movement, (and his subsequent descent into madness).


As mysteriously as it disappeared, the “Statistics” have returned!

We Have Comment Stats!

It’s been a while since our last update, and this time I suppose we can report a bit of good news for the LGFers. Don’t get us wrong, the decline continues, but overall we’re beginning to see the descent level off! From Engineer No. 5:

In the next graph -the closeup-, note that they’re rebounded slightly from those alarmingly low numbers we reported back in January, but the 12 month trend is still unmistakably downward:

Since our analysis revealed that Johnson largely targeted dormant accounts in the great lizard holocaust, we don’t believe that it had a significant effect on the decline.  It’s the departures of prolific commenters (like albusteve), along with the plummet of the registration rate that are the primary factors here. Trending….downward…

LGF Stats: October

Always a DoD favorite; we’re going to send you into the weekend with your monthly dose of LGF “by the numbers” and analysis, brought to you by Boiler Room Engineer No. 5:

October opened with devastating news:
“I finally decided it’s time to stop posting here. So long folks. Have a nice life.”
       — Gus 802, October 1, 2011  2:22:51 pm

6 days, 20 hours, 27 minutes, 16 seconds later:

“I’ll be breif [sic]…”
      — Gus 802

Gus was back!  And despite his little tantrum, he still managed to be LGF’s most prolific commenter in October.
1    Gus 802               2402
2    Sergey Romanov        2342
3    ggt                   1923
4    Obdicut               1671
5    SanFranciscoZionist   1669
And what’s this?!?  On the most unpopular list?  Could it be?  Is that really…  Dark_Falcon?

                     net karma   posts     k/p
1    Beltboy            -495       38    -13.0
2    chunkymonkey       -512       71     -7.2
3    Winny Spencer       -92       48     -1.9
4    lostlakehiker       -45       95     -0.5
5    Dark_Falcon         282      545      0.5

Without OWS, CJ’s October wouldn’t have been much better than his September.  The decline continues:

Full stats:
Busy Lizards  (posted 53% of October comments)

1     Gus 802	                2402
2     Sergey Romanov		2342
3     ggt			1923
4     Obdicut			1671
5     SanFranciscoZionist	1669
6     OhCrapIHaveACrush ...	1662
7     Kragar ...	        1285
8     000G			1270
9     Cannadian Club Akbar	1268
10    Killgore Trout		1215
11    sattv4u2		        1152
12    Fat Bastard Vegetarian	1041
13    HappyWarrior		 808
14    darthstar		         775
15    windsagio		         723
16    Varek Raith		 716
17    makeitstop		 690
18    Targetpractice ...         634
19    RogueOne		         627
20    albusteve		         615
33    Charles			 440

The Popular Kids (min. 100 posts)
			     net karma	 posts	  k/p
-     Charles			3605	  440	  8.2
1     goddamnedfrank		1599	  312	  5.1
2     Shiplord Kirel		 449	  109	  4.1
3     Obdicut			6317	 1671	  3.8
4     bratwurst		         542	  145	  3.7
5     publicityStunted	         781	  210	  3.7
6     iceweasel		         477	  136	  3.5
7     Lidane			1637	  473	  3.5
8     blueraven		         520	  160	  3.3
9     Kragar ...		4074	 1285	  3.2
10    The Ghost of a Flea	 623	  199	  3.1

The Untouchables (min. 30 posts)
			     net karma	 posts	  k/p
1     Beltboy			-495	   38	-13.0
2     chunkymonkey		-512	   71	 -7.2
3     Winny Spencer	 	 -92	   48	 -1.9
4     lostlakehiker	 	 -45	   95	 -0.5
5     Dark_Falcon	 	 282	  545	  0.5

LGF September Stats!

OK, it’s been a little while since we’ve posted on the LGF stats around here; our regular engineer at that position is on an extended leave. However, as I’ve said before, we’re got some smart and resourceful people here in The Boiler Room, and engineer no. 5 stepped in, sat down with the pails of strawberries and a calculator, and managed to put some interesting things together:

Worth noting:
  • LGF averaged 1245 comments/day in September 2011, the lowest monthly average since January 2004.
  • Charles was the 30th most active commenter on his own blog last month.  Who else does that?
Busiest Posters
1       ggt                             1560
2       OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin   1498
3       Gus 802                         1448
4       albusteve                       1298
5       Obdicut                         1109
6       sattv4u2                        1020
7       Decatur Deb                      908
8       Cannadian Club Akbar             800
9       Killgore Trout                   762
10      Kragar (Proud to be Kafir)       746
11      darthstar                        710
12      Targetpractice...                689
13      SanFranciscoZionist              683
14      Dark_Falcon                      682
15      000G                             673
16      HappyWarrior                     656
17      Fat Bastard Vegetarian           621
18      Sergey Romanov                   603
19      jaunte                           586
20      Varek Raith                      575
30      Charles                          375

Popular Kids (min. 100 posts)
                            net karma  posts    k/p
-       Charles                 2810    375     7.49
1       goddamnedfrank          1136    257     4.42
2       Shiplord Kirel           719    164     4.38
3       The Ghost of a Flea      438    103     4.25
4       celticdragon             526    138     3.81
5       moderatelyradicalliberal 699    190     3.68
6       bratwurst                363    100     3.63
7       Lidane                  1689    480     3.52
8       publicityStunted         798    229     3.48
9       Killgore Trout          2595    762     3.41
10      Obdicut                 3729   1109     3.36

The Untouchables  (min. 30 posts)
                            net karma  posts     k/p
1       ConservativeMe           -259    60     -4.3
2       chunkymonkey             -204    50     -4.1
3       Buck                    -1046   278     -3.8
4       Gepetto                   -89    30     -3.0
5       gamark                    -73    40     -1.8
6       NJDhockeyfan             -178   286     -0.6

Note: ConservativeMe and chunkymonkey never posted before Sept. 2011.


LGF Karma Stats 6/17/11-6/23/11

Weekly karma stats for LGF for the week beginning 06/10/2011 thru 6/16/2011 (Friday thru Thursday) [previous week’s stats].

It was a bland, boring week at the swamp last week. The departure of Walter seems to have been the last gasp of independent thinking there.

The average karma for every single comment last week at LGF was +1.70. Newcomer to the bottom ten navi won top spot in average negative karma. Relative oldtimer sattv4u2 took first place in total accumulated negative karma.

  weekly karma average – BAD     weekly karma totals – BAD
  k-avg   nic     k-tot   nic
 -0.444  navi     -38   sattv4u2
 0.045  okiefrommuskogie     -25   buck
 0.522  semper fi     -24   navi
 0.708  boxhead     -23   dark_falcon
 0.724  alexzander     -19   cog
 0.780  sattv4u2     -18   gamark
 0.833  njdhockeyfan     -13   reuven
 0.936  prolifeliberal     -11   boz44122
 0.968  albusteve     -11   wlewisiii
 1.020  commadore183     -8   albusteve

Below are the bottom dozen or so comments of the week in a GIF with a dozen or so second delay. Click GIF for a montage if there’s a long one you want to read:

Here are this week’s good karma stats. As always, Johnson is the per-comment karma leader. Unsurprisingly, since he was the top most active commenter last week, cannadian club akbar lead in total positive karma accumulated:

  weekly karma average – GOOD     weekly karma totals – GOOD
  k-avg   nic     k-tot   nic
 6.033  charles     673   cannadian club akbar
 4.500  shiplord kirel     496   killgore trout
 3.750  curiouslurker     489   albusteve
 3.474  reine.de.tout     474   kragar (proud to be kafir)
 3.405  publicitystunted     468   gus 802
 3.273  radicalmoderate     435   slumbering behemoth
 3.130  lidane     411   darthstar
 3.066  windupbird     368   charles
 3.048  iossarian     359   sanfranciscozionist
 3.018  recusancy     327   decatur deb

Below are the top dozen or so most highly rated comments of the week. Click the GIF image for a montage.

NB – karma stats measure net karma; minimum of 20 comments required for karma-per-comment averages stats.

LGF Comment Stats 6/17/11-6/23/11

Weekly comment stats for LGF for the week beginning 06/17/2011 thru 06/23/2011 (Friday thru Thursday).

Dee’s NYT article, characterizing LGF as ‘the blog version of Animal Farm’ where a couple of dozen posters are responsible for most of the comments is still accurate. Last week 25 lizards were responsible for 60.8% of all LGF comments for the week. [previous week’s stats]

LGF stats for week beginning 06/17/11
number of commenters (including socks)  214
number of comments  8,248
total net positive karma  14,233
total net negative karma  -229
average karma per comment  1.70
contribution of top 25 lizards  60.8%

Last week cannadian club akbar displaced albusteve as most prolific LGF commenter. Charles wasn’t one of the top 25 commenters last week, and total comments were off about 20% from the week before. Coincidence, or causality? Gus802 is finally back, finishing in third spot. Windupbird‘s contributions have been spotty ever since he came out as a white guy; this week he didn’t even make the top 25.

Lizards with the most total comments for the week:

 weekly total comments
  rank   count   nic % total %
 0  527  cannadian club akbar 6.39% 6.39%
 1  497  albusteve 6.03% 12.42%
 2  372  gus 802 4.51% 16.93%
 3  337  sattv4u2 4.09% 21.01%
 4  247  darthstar 2.99% 24.01%
 5  224  rogueone 2.72% 26.72%
 6  221  killgore trout 2.68% 29.40%
 7  216  slumbering behemoth 2.62% 32.02%
 8  213  fat bastard vegetarian 2.58% 34.60%
 9  181  ggt 2.19% 36.80%
 10  167  dark_falcon 2.02% 38.82%
 11  166  kragar (proud to be kafir) 2.01% 40.83%
 12  150  lazardo 1.82% 42.65%
 13  141  decatur deb 1.71% 44.36%
 14  140  varek raith 1.70% 46.06%
 15  140  prolifeliberal 1.70% 47.76%
 16  137  windsagio 1.66% 49.42%
 17  130  boxhead 1.58% 50.99%
 18  129  jasona 1.56% 52.56%
 19  127  sanfranciscozionist 1.54% 54.10%
 20  125  stanley sea 1.52% 55.61%
 21  121  freetoken 1.47% 57.08%
 22  107  obdicut 1.30% 58.38%
 23  102  researchok 1.24% 59.61%
 24  94  wrenchwench 1.14% 60.75%

Comment statistics for all 214 commenters for week beginning 6/17/11: comm110610.xls

Update: Here are a couple of charts that help visualize where the current LGF is at in terms of weekly comments and commenters [charts current as of January 2011]. The format might be a little confusing – both charts each have two Y-axis scales, so you need to associate the proper Y-axis scale with the proper line in each chart. In both charts, the lefthand Y-axis scale is associated with the red line, and the righthand Y-axis scale is associated with the green line.