Curious Lurker reminisces about the old LGF

With the descent of LGF into an obscure blog full of unemployed losers, it’s hard to believe there was a time it was a powerhouse. 10 years ago at this time, LGF was a premier news aggregation website and one with political influence. That was the due to the diverse collection of commentators and views. Charles embarked on a purge in the hopes of gaining acceptance from progressives. Today he is viewed as a clown on Twitter and gets nothing but ridicule.

LGF’s resident Islamist, Curious Lurker condems any thought of LGF being better in the past.

Bad Old Days

Charles Johnson Hides Behind Curious Lurker To Disparage Dr. Ben Carson

Furious Burka 1

Isn’t it interesting that Muslim Apologists always seem to find pedants to justify, yet contradict, their own scripture? Look at the first paragraph. To paraphrase: “Most of you don’t believe in crap, but Dr. Ben Carson is an ignoramous.” All Dr. Carson did was offer his opinion when asked, and never once did he attempt to define or criticize Islam, despite what Curious Lurker insinuated.

Her second paragraph cements it: “If you disapprove of the tenets of Islam, that’s your problem not mine.”

Well yes and no, missy. When the tenets of Islam allow and encourage muslims to ignore established law and deliberately violate the same under the cloak of shari’a, to enslave women and children, and to kill and maim with impunity, then we have a problem.

Curious Lurker proceeded with some cut ‘n paste, adding her own bold and italics highlights:

Furious Burka 2

“Muslims are generally obliged to abide by the laws of the land…”

No contradiction there, but she’s got a problem with a woman she’s never met. Then there’s that strawman law that will compel Curious Lurker to submit to daily inspections to make sure she shaved her unibrow, pits, legs and upper lip while forcing her to guzzle more Coors Light than a high school surfer on a 3-day suspension. No law forces anyone to do that (at least not in this country).

Furious Burka 3

Yeah. No contradictions. Follow the law of the land unless you don’t want to, and a brain surgeon is a bigot because he doesn’t agree.  Pheeew.

Now go shave your upper lip, enjoy some pork ribs, pound down a few brewskis and drop your own thinly veiled racist bigotry.

Or you can move to… well, you know.

Curious Lurker chimes in on Garland attack

The resident Islamist of LGF chimes in on that attack on the Draw Mohamed contest in Garland, Texas. Rather than condemn the failed terror attack, she lashes out at the anti-Jihadi movement and plays the victim card.

Garland Texas

No condemnation of the attack, just a “us poor Muslims” rant to gain sympathy.

Achilles (Naso) Tang banned for criticizing Curious Lurker

With the disappearance of retired porn actress Iceweasel from LGF, the spot for the top female enforcer was open. Stepping into that very coveted role is Curious Lurker. She is Charles’ per Muslim and gives him legitimacy in efforts to show he supports Islamic causes. As he did with Iceweasel, he protects Curious Lurkers from potential critics.

Achilles (Naso) Tang seems to have butted heads withe the Furious Burkha on her pages. This rivalry has spilled over onto a thread yesterday.

Weasel vs Tang

Charles stepped in to protect his pet Muslim commentator.

Weasel vs Tang2

Iceweasel has clearly been replaced with Curious Lurker at LGF. She is the new female power and crossing her will get you banned.

Curious Lurker relieved Angola will not ban Islam

Other than Obama worship, Islam is the only religion tolerated at LGF. Muslims like Curious Lurker are Blog stars and treated with deference. She has a page promoted to the front of LGF about Angola not banning Islam after all. This brings relief to Curious Lurkers in her long-winded stream-of-consciousness thread!

Angola Angola2 Angola3 Angola4 Angola5

If Angola banned Christianity, Charles would be calling it a victory for reason. But since Angola was alleged to have banned Islam it caused heartburn over at LGF. Curious Lurker’s post brings relief to the Islam lovers at LGF. I fully expect Charles to blame the Angola banning Islam story on Ron Paul or Glenn Greenwald.

Curious Lurker brags about aligarr getting banned

Curious Lurker is in the upper echelon of the LGF pyramid. Being affiliated with Loon Watch and the Muslim Brotherhood gives her Muslim street cred with Charles. Anyone who goes says anything negative about Islam gets the banning stick if she so desires. She now brags about aligarr, who spoke truth yesterday, being banned.

Aligarr Banned

If you get on Curious Lurker’s bad side, Charles will ban you.

“Shut up,” she explained. Curious Lurker Spins Out

Image By Curious Lurker of Little Green Footballs

Image By Curious Lurker of LGF

The LGF thread [Overnight Video: Johann Johannsson] was typically inane and boring, until Lizard “Stabby” earned the first downding, and the Lizards smelled blood.

CLFO 0.0
That is not remarkable in itself, but what happened later was. The usual idiots swarmed Stabby, but he held his ground. Eventually the topic morphed to religion, and when Stabby dared to opine that modern Christianity is not a violent religion but modern radical islam is, resident  convert and islamist apologist Curious Lurker politely provided an opposing view, presented here in its entirety below the break. Seatbelts on? Let’s go. Read the rest of this entry »

Curious Lurker’s solution for the Israeli-Arab Conflict; Converting to Sufi Islam

Furious Burka loves to play the moderate Islam role. In reality, she is a militant Muslim who is using Dawa to push her agenda. She speaks with a forked tongue and like a honey pot, tricks the fools at LGF about her real intentions.

LGF was once a Pro-Israel blog, now it has many Israeli haters. Furious Burka is friends with 3 so called Israel supporters Marjorie Moon, San Francisco Zionist and Aloutte.  She pretends to want peace between Israel and the Arabs. But as anyone who knows about Islam, peace to them means submission.

Furious’s Burka’s idea of peace is for Israelis to convert to Islam. She does a post praising an Israeli Sufi. The Furious one claims this story is one of people transcending differences. In reality its about an Israeli who turns on his own people and adopts Islam. In other words, this is what Israelis should do to know peace.

Furious Burka uses the Pro-Jihadi news channel AL-Jazeera as a news source. Really moderate of her. Make no mistake, she is an Islamic supremacist who uses slick words to fool the idiots of LGF.

This so called feel good story about the Israeli Dervish is Furious Burka’s ultimate solution for Israel. That nation should convert to Islam to know peace. The Islamic honey pot would never do a  feel good story about an Arab leaving Islam and becoming Christian or Jewish. She would call him a traitor.

Curious Lurker, I know all about your sinister Islamic agenda. I will expose your lies every chance I get.

Curious Lurker goes Jihadi on Killgore Trout

Curious Lurker, who warns people that she can go Jihadi at any moment on her twitter feed, did just that tonight.

She unloads on Killgore Trout for his warning the Left to stop hateful attacks on Ann Romney.

So my 3 year old rant about events 20 years ago that were in self defense are the same as Hillary Rosen attacking Ann Romney for being a stay at home mom? I must rank high on her radar and there are probably a fatwas out on me from her Imam pals.

Ever since Curious Terrorist Spy tweeted this audio to various Muslim organizations I have received death threats and it is one of the reasons I am moving to Miami Saturday. For her to act outraged over Killgore’s comments when she is trying to get me killed is the ultimate act of hypocrisy.

Curious Lurker issues a threat to me!

Curious Lurker, who plays a moderate muslim at LGF, has this little gem on her Twitter page.

That reveals her ideology. She is nice but will go Jihad on you. Clearly she supports the concept of holy war on the infidel. After an audio clip of me caught her attention, she wants to issue an alert the Islamic community of my presence in the town I currently reside in.

What is Curious Lurker threatening to arrange?  It is well known that many of the leaders of the Islamic community in the region I live are radicalized and affiliated with Hamas, Hizballah and the Muslim Brotherhood. By alerting them, she wants them to get their Jihadi goons to try get me. This is Florida, so I have no fear and I have the means to protect myself. I am taking this threat very serious and will take extra precaution in my everyday life.

Curious Lurker, I will not be silenced in exposing the Islamists agenda. Go alert your goons, the truth always wins.

Update: Curious Lurker gives Charles Johnson an Islamic blessing for giving her material to provide her Jihadi friends.

Heads exploding? Really Curious Lurker, are you making a veil suicide bomber threat at me? This is why I am not a fan of Islamists. When you call out their BS, they seek to silence you through threats. I’m not scare and will not be cowed by a bunch of Pedophile loving 7th Century desert bandits. You didn’t scare my ancestors in Spain, you will not scare me. Here’s a tribute to the Spanish who drove the Curious Lurker’s people out of one of my ancestral lands.

You may have taken one of my homelands, Lebanon, but she will always be in mine and my offsprings’ hearts. Here’s a video dedicated to Lebanese Maronites who refused to bow to your Islam, Curious Lurker.

Their blood flows through my veins. I don’t fear your goons nor your threats.

Update II: Now Islamic sympathizer Mich-again issues a warning to me.

Clearly Michi-again hoping one of Curious Lurker’s Islamic goons get me when I go to mass tomorrow.  Mich-again comes from a state full of Hizballah (Lebanese Shia) and Muslim Brotherhood (Egyptians) supporters. Many of those Lebanese Shia and Egyptians have moved down here. Its possible that he knows some of them and has given them my information. I will have all eyes open when I go to mass in the morning.

Update III: Curious Lucker backs off her threats against me. She realize I might be an easy victim.

When your tweet picture says you are ready to go Jihad on someone, you give away the game. She realized I was on to her plans and is either using taqiya to get me to lower my guard or like Islamists always do, back away from someone ready to defend themselves. I will stay on guard and be on alert.