Breaking News: Long Time Lizard-Lapper Vicious Babushka (aka Alouette) Suspended From Twitter

Charles Johnson wants Twitter to censor the President of the United States.

Here’s the copy:

Comment 9 in the thread:

If you click on the embedded links in that comment, or look for @viciousbabushka on Twitter, you get this:

What she posted that sent her to #Twittergulag is unknown.

Meanwhile, another long-time lizard-lapper, @teleskiguy, confirmed the suspension, called @Jack and @twittersupport  assholes.

BONUS: Vicious Babushka (aka Alouette) created and posted these gems on Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs, and nobody on that blog saw anything offensive.


Alouette gets deep

I never would have considered LGF’s resident Kapo Alouette a deep thinker.

Deep thoughts

Stupid tweets by Alouette and Darthstar

Yesterday there was a shooting in a movie theater in Louisiana. As expected, the LGF crew jumped on this to bash gun rights. Two of the embittered losers, Darthstar and resident Kapo Alouette tweeted out some stupidity.

What stupidity!

Alouette Shows Her Ignorance About Uber

Economic literacy is not prevalent among the LGF’s band of losers and Alouette is one of the top ignoramuses when it comes to economic issues. Blinded by a devotion to Stalinist dogma, the resident Kapo attacks Uber.





The reason Uber is successful is due to market forces. In some localities, taxis are very oppressive due to government regulations or monopolies and Uber provides an alternative means of transportation. As a user I find it to be very convenient due to shorter waiting time and lower prices. If Alouette was really concerned about the taxi industry, she would push for deregulation that would allow taxis to lower their prices. The Kapo is just jealous that people are making money.

In a typical hypocritical stance, Alouette is OK with a similar service to Uber, this time involving apartments that benefited her. It’s not Rand Paul that views us consumers as peasants, it is Alouette and her Stalinist ideologues at LGF.

Alouette On Top!

This second entry in the 2014 year end statistics series is a look at the most prolific commenters for the year.  As the title of this post has already revealed, and for the first time since 2010, Gus was NOT the top lizard.  Though Gus and Alouette both posted thousands fewer comments in 2014 than 2013,  Gus’s notable Twitter obsession may have cost him the top spot this year.


Of particular note:

  • Charles continues in his quest to dominate the comment section of his own blog, climbing 4 spots up to 5th this year.  The two newcomers (both joined in 2013) more than doubled their post count in 2014, but the rest of last year’s leaders seem to be losing interest.
  • Dark_Falcon might be tiring of getting slapped around and forced to recant whenever he offends the hivemind.
  • Obdicut, a Top 6 commenter for 3 years (2010-2012), dropped to 46th.
  • ProLifeLiberal seems less interested, dropping 39 spots to 70th.
  • HoosierHoops, since moving to Northern Wisconsin last December, has had much less to say about his love life.

Alouette’s proud Wonkette links to her racist attack on Mia Love

White Progressives have taken their white hooded sheets out the closet and have been digitally lynching Mia Love over the past week. LGF’s resident kapo was one of the contributors to the racist attacks on Mia Love. Now she rages that Wonkette linked to her racist screed.


The KKK returns!

Alouette has a “You Might Be A Conservative” Twitter rant

The resident Kapo of LGF went berserk over a “You Might Be A Conservative” twitter rant. Alouette draws up strawmen to attack conservative positions.

Alouette is just a parrot devoid of any intellectual thought process.

[Updated to correct the spelling of Alouette and to link to the Viscous Bouche Archive. If Alouette has more than a 9th grade education of basic economic principles and can prove that she understands it, I’ll eat two of Charles Johnson’s sweat-stained scrungies. – Briareus]

Anti-Israel Propaganda Promoted By Long-Time LGF Kapo Alouette

Viscous Bouche, children aren’t lobbing missiles into Detroit, but in your world, teenage voodoo ninja nuns are.

Where are the photos of Israeli children killed by the Palestinians? Where are the photos of damage and destruction of Israeli property by the Palestinian rockets? Where are you when it comes to defending your own relatives and ancestors unless you are a kapo?

“Judaism Rejects Zionism.” Really, Alouette? Go polish your silverware, swab your ears with a spayed cat named Charles, then tweet about it.

Alouette, you’re more than a kapo. You’re an idiotic mess.


Alouette shows her compassion.

Alouette loves to act like a righteous person, but in reality she’s a nasty old hag who insults minimum wage workers.

Minimum Age asshole

Alouette is a jerk.

[And yeah, she has her very own Big  Ol’ Honkin’ Category. –Briareus]

Prolific Little Green Footballs Racist Commenter Alouette, aka Vicious Babushka, aka Pie-onist Overlord, Claims Racism

Okay, look at this first:

Alouette on Maya Angelou

I wonder if Maya Angelou ever saw these delightful graphics created and posted on Little Green Footballs by the same person who is now screeching about fabricated racism, aka Alouette.

Alouette Condolezza Rice Racismsaintjemima
Yeah, we got you sussed, Alouette. Keep fabricating lies, and we’ll keep making fun of your competition to outweigh Charles Johnson by January 2012.

Oh wait.