On the Anniversary of Charles Johnson’s Foray Into Astroturfing: Killgore’s Midnight Run


There he goes again, fighting a dead man.

Andrew Breitbart enhanced Charles Johnson’s blogging career by introducing him to the players who in turn promoted Little Green Footballs and escorted Johnson into the Big Tent with fanfare. Instead of walking away with dignity, Charles chose the path of the pissant. Not only did he shun his former mentors, he turned on them, created and promoted lies, reposted invented unsubstantiated claims, and astroturfed his benefactors. Then, like a true coward, he still plays the victim when others call him on his own hypocrisy.

On 13 September 2016, Charles tried once again to erase his own history of astroturfing, but let’s roll back the clock to 18 September 2009.

Seven years ago today The Flying Monkeys of Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs began an astroturf campaign against HotAir. With no evidence to back up Johnson’s accusation that HotAir was a racist website, LGF operative Killgore Trout paid them a visit while the moderators were asleep and provided the “evidence” himself by posting offensive racial comments and daring the moderators to delete them… beginning at 12:34AM and running to 2:01AM. You can read the full diatribe here, but here’s a snippet:

Killgore Rant Condensed

Killgore’s Midnight Run set a precedent for Little Green Footballs that was recognized throughout the political blogosphere, and the running joke was that if racist comments showed up on someone’s website it was due to Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs.

Killgore 947
Killgore 965

Charles Johnson continuously accused Breitbart and others of not policing comments on their websites. Little Green Footballs typically garnered a couple of hundred comments, and Charles employed volunteer “Monitor Lizards” to do it for him. Breitbart’s “Big Journalism” had well over ten times the number of comments per post than Little Green Footballs, so it was impractical to expend the effort to review and/or edit all of them.

And Johnson’s astroturfing didn’t stop there.


100825 CFnG 2

Johnson holds the 2 of Clubs and four Post-It Notes, then claims he has 5 of a kind. The first liar never has a chance, Charles.

Jazzy Magical Meme



The Anniversary of Killgore Trout’s Midnight Run To Smear HotAir With Racism On Behalf of Charles F. Johnson

It Was On 18 September
A Night We’ll Always Remember.

Six years ago today The Flying Monkeys of Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs began an astroturf campaign against HotAir. With no evidence to back up Johnson’s accusation that HotAir was a racist website, LGF operative Killgore Trout paid them a visit while the moderators were asleep and provided the “evidence” himself by posting offensive racial comments and daring the moderators to delete them… beginning at 12:34AM and running to 2:01AM. You can read the full diatribe here, but here’s a snippet:

Killgore Rant Condensed

“Little Green Footballs. It’s only me.” – Charles F. Johnson.

You can read the full racist rant here, as well as a write-up on Killgore Trout’s Midnight Run in here. Meanwhile, there’s this:


Listen, my children: I’ll tell you about
The Midnight Raid of Killgore Trout.

On Eighteen September, Two Thousand and Nine,
“HotAir” got a troll who was way out of line.
He wrote that he thought that their morals were lacking,
And posted rude words (while the Owners were napping).

He wrote on the blog, with a great deal of sarc,
“Here’s an “n” word or twenty; it’s just for a lark;
And if you don’t find that obnoxious and funky,
I’ll throw in the name of a famous space monkey.”

And Charles approved of that lame Racist Rant,
And grinned at the work of his best sycophant.
“You shouldn’t have done it, but I’m glad you did;
Expose all those racists!  You blew off the lid!”

His Raid is now legend, and like it or not,
It’s been well-recorded, and won’t be forgot.
Good, bad, or indifferent, he has no denial;
As Trout will admit, with a wry, sheepish smile.

[H/T swamprat June 9, 2012 at 3:27 pm]

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Open Letter to Killgore Trout


You’ve provided much fodder and entertainment for this blog considering that you’re one of the last contrarians at Little Green Footballs, someone who spoke his mind, tolerated the inane downding system and suffered the unnecessary verbal abuse typical of that website.

Many former loyal supporters of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs have passed through this half-way house to bigger and better things: Cato the Elder, Albusteve, Walter, and even *ahem* Barrett Brown.

Truth is, for as loyal as you were to Charles and LGF, he and others back-stabbed you in front of the world. Here’s your chance to let loose, to vent, to tell The Diary of Daedalus to fk-off and leave Charles Johnson alone, or just to say “Hi” and chill.

Killgore, write it up. Give it a shot, speak your mind, and we’ll post it here unedited, verbatim, and with no commentary added. We’re honest, while you eventually found out that Charles Johnson and his flying monkeys are not. Send it via a throw-away email account (you’ll need to prove your authenticity – how to do it is up to you) and leave a comment at:


Meanwhile, your backstabbing buddies at Little Green Footballs are scratching their furry little heads trying to figure it out, even though most of them participated in your smackdowns:

Dork Falcon On Killgore Ban

Killgore, give us a holler. At least this blog won’t ban you for your opinions,  won’t post your personal information, and if you want to stick around, fine. If not, no sweat. We have fun here, believe it or not, and nobody cares about the Opie & Anthony Show.

Beers are in the fridge.

Killgore’s Choice

Killgore Trout was once Charles Johnson’s enforcer at LGF. He was responsible for getting many commentators banned and supported LGF’s shift to the Left. In recent times, Killgore realized how Far Left LGF had become. He played contrarian and took on Charles on multiple occasions. Now the break between Charles and Killgore has come out in the open.

Killgore's choice Killgore's choice2 Killgore's choice3

Killgore Trout is just the latest person Charles has backstabbed. He was once a loyal lieutenant who would have slit his wrists for Charles. Now he is just another person the 61 year old Hipster has thrown under the bus.

[ICYMI- Killgore’s Midnight Run.]

Alexander Grant, Ulysses S. Hamilton, what’s the difference? [Plus a Killgore Trout bonus]


Charles Johnson has donned a new hat: Numismatist.

Civil War Buff, Race Detective, Climate Scientist, U.S. State Flag Historian, Blog Platform Reverse-Engineering Whiz, Photo Manipulation Expert, AstroTurfer, Twitter Police Captain, Breivik Influence, Stalker, Weiner Truther, Laptop Recognition Specialist and Sporter Of The Most Magical Jazzy Ponytail In The Universe never knows when to stop.

And we’re glad he doesn’t.

Meanwhile from 2009, the same year Charles Johnson decided to part his MJP on the left:

LGF On Lesbians And Muslims

Both Killgore Trout and Mich-again are longtime lizard-lappers, and both are still posting on LGF. By The Charles Johnson Midnight Run Rules, their words are his words as well. Own it, Charles.

Commonwealth Of Virginia Displays Heritage Flag, Charles Johnson Declares All Virginians To Be Racists, LGF Racemongers Killgore Trout & Vicious Babushka Scream “Colored People!”

The leftist mind is all about rewriting history; it’s been going on for centuries in communist-controlled countries, and Charles Johnson is officially a puppet.

Without posting a long seminar for the historically challenged Master Charles and his sub-wit IQ-deficient minions, here’s the Seal Of The Commonwealth of Virginia with explanation.  As for the Virginia Flag, it’s based upon The Cross of St. Andrew. and many modern nations adopted variations of it. So here we go.

Who Dat CJ

In typical Charles Johnson fashion, he linked indirectly to the story, stole the photo without accreditation,  ignored the context and posted it as his own on LGF. Here’s the original link.

Who Dat CJ 3

Note that the Virginia Flag is square. It’s the historical battle flag of The Army Of Virginia that rallied troops during the War Between The States.

Here’s what Virginians think of the display, from the same source:

wric8 Poll Confederate Flag

Yeah, 2/3rds think it’s not a BFD, But since Race Detective Johnson says it’s so, the #Racist #Rumpswablings chime in: “Look Charles! There are colored people in the picture! Somthing’s wrong!” and two of the biggest racist snobs on Little Green Footballs pounce back-to-back:

Who Dat

Yep. LGF’s home-grown racemongers Killgore and Alouette, aka ViscousBouche are the first to scream about racism, ignoring their own history, and we’re not going to let them forget it, are we?

Rock on.

On The Anniversary Of Killgore’s Midnight Run

Four years ago today, Little Green Footballs operative Killgore Trout began posting racist comments at Hot Air in order to discredit and dismiss Ed Morrissey, Allah Pundit and other contributors and commenters as right-wing racists. Posting from the west coast, Killgore Trout decided to spew his garbage in the early morning hours of 18 September 2009 while the blog owners were asleep, in order to PROVE that a right-wing blog that Charles Johnson didn’t approve of promoted racism.

Killgore Hot Air Racist Rant 18 Sept 2009

This is the Liberal Mind in action. Little Green Footballs’ Killgore Trout had to lie to promote a fallacy.


Not a single commenter on that Hot Air thread echoed Killgore’s racism (in fact they dismissed it immediately) yet Charles Johnson supported his loyal minion with the argument “Yes, he was wrong to pull a Moby, but he was right to do so.” Johnson was embarrassed enough that he had to write a script to defend himself and attack Patterico on 15 April 2012, over three years later.

There’s also a little known tenet called the 9th Commandment that applies to all Judeo-Christian religions. Charles Johnson and Killgore Trout both ignore that one even though it’s embedded in US Law. It’s something along the lines of  “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.”

Bonus: Courtesy of LGF Lizards Jimmah & Asswhistle Productions, there’s this classic vid:

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via Ace of Spades


https://thediaryofdaedalus.com/2012/09/27/the-ruse-and-fail-of-little-green-footballs-part-v-the-turnaround/ [Scroll down to “The Midnight Raid of Killgore Trout.”]




Killgore Hot Air Racist Rant Johnson Defense

Killgore mentions al-Qaeda attacking a Syrian City

Killgore Trout mentions that the al-Qaeda allied al-Nusra Front was attacking a Christian town held by Assad’s froces. This set off an interesting back and forth which shows how divided LGF is on this subject.

Bad Timing Bad Timing2 Bad Timing3 Bad Timing4 Bad Timing5 Bad Timing6 Bad Timing7 Bad Timing8 Bad Timing9 Bad Timing10 Bad Timing11 Bad Timing12 Bad Timing13 Bad Timing14

The argument against Killgore’s point that the rebels are al-Qaeda allies, is that dead Muslims are worth more than Christian lives. Kudos to Killgore for bringing reality into the Syria debate at LGF.

Killgore gets downdinged for attacking Hot Air

Killgore Trout was unpopular during the waning days of the conservative version of LGF. He help lead the purge of conservative commentators and turn LGF into a Progressive blog. These days, Killgore is not considered Leftwing enough for LGF and once he is once again despised. Killgore is so hated, he even gets down dinged for mocking Hot Air.

Killgore gets downdinged

Killgore just can’t win!

Sergey Romanov’s Catholic Bashing; Update: Killgore makes an observation! Second update: Dark Falcon makes sense!

Marxist internet fraudster and fake intellectual, Sergey Romanov, takes shot at the Catholic Church. He attacks the Catholic doctrine of why Priests must be male. Of course since he’s not a Catholic it should not be any of his concern. He spews his anti-Catholic bigotry because at LGF its cool and hip to attack Catholicism.

Sergey would never dare criticize Islam for only having male Imams. Curious Lurker would rip him a new one and Charles would probably ban him. Being an intellectual coward he engages in the one acceptable bigotry; Catholic bashing.

Update: Killgore Trout makes an observation.

That hurts!

A King Minos update! (since this thread is teh awesome for updating)

Hats off to DF for daring to point out that homeless bums and scumbags should not be allowed to vote. And 10 downdings for making a valid point.