Happy Warrior calls Republican voters moochers; Update Dr. Matt calls the economy booming

The angry and very nasty so called Happy Warrior called Republican voters free loaders.

Happy Warrior moochers

So says the guy who lives with mommy.

Update: Dr. Matt makes the claim the economy is booming.

Economy booming

Under Obama the economy has been growing at an average of 2% per year. If this is booming, I would hate to see stagnation.

Happy Warrior can’t find work

The not so Happy Warrior who worships Obama and hates Republicans was complaining about how hard it is to get work.

Jobs are hard

Happy Warrior claims Obama is doing an awesome job. If that is the case, why can’t he find work?


The not so Happy Warrior!

Happy Warrior is someone whose name really does not match his persona. Rather than being a cheerful bloviator, this individual is an angry person who spews hate and vile on those they do not agree with.

Angry Man

Angry Man 2 Angry Man 3 Angry Man 4

Happy Warrior is a very anger bitter person.

Shutdown prevents Happy Warrior from leeching of tax payers

Happy Warrior comes from a family of government leeches. His mom works with the Department of the Interior and hooked him up with a job there. Thanks to the shutdown, Happy Warrior was unable to start his position. Pissed he will not be able to leech off the tax  payers, he goes on a self pity rant.


Happy Warrior can’t get a job in the private sector, o he asked mommy to get him a job with the Federal Government. He is a leech who wants to live off you tax dollars.

For the record, not all Government workers are leeches, but Happy Warrior clearly is.

Happy Warrior’s ignorant take on Baroness Margaret Thatcher

Happy Warrior is some know-it-all who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Over at LGF, he is held up as some political guru. It’s not hard to appear intelligent to a bunch of idiots. Happy Warrior ignorantly attacks Baroness Margaret Thatcher’s legacy.

Thatcher Thatcher2

In the world of Happy Warrior, Baroness Margaret Thatcher is evil for supporting anti-Communists. His idol Bill Clinton is a hero for supporting al-Qaeda and Hizb’Allah in their war with Serbia. Obama is great for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Syria. Happy Warrior shows the hypocritical thinking of the Left.

Charles decides to chime in and takes a shot at Sarah Palin.


Charles, what does this story have to do with the death of Baroness Thatcher? This guy really is a deranged freak.
Update: The news had barely reached The Swamp when the first response set the tone.Thatcher
What a pantload.

Happy Warrior’s Ironic Comment

Happy Warrior is the resident Richard Nixon expert at LGF. He never lived during Nixon’s Presidency, so his knowledge is all hearsay. Happy Warrior makes a very ironic comment.

Doesn’t he know WindupBird?

Breaking News: HappyWarrior gets a job!

We interrupt your normally scheduled Diary of Daedalus thread for a major announcement. LGF commentator HappyWarrior finally got a job!

HappyWarrior gets a job

Happy Columbus Day! Charles Johnson’s Magical Jazzy Ponytail rocks the internet.

LGF sycophant HappyWarrior thinks that The Natives were a volcanic island nation somewhere east of Culver City and west of St. Louis that was conquered by Mennonites in 1923 during the pre-Cambrian Period. But we’re not here to pick on ignoramuses like HappyWarrior because

OH WAIT… That’s exactly why we’re here.

Charles, define a “Native American.” Isn’t it someone like you who was born (or whelped) here?

Okay, try this. What is an “Indigenous American?” A potato? A chile? Tobacco? A hot tomato? Mountain Dew? If we limit the definition to humans, there’s still no *ahem* consensus on which group of uncivilized murderous pagan barbaric tribes showed up first. According to modern anthropology and forensics, the first humans to settle in the Americas likely didn’t come from Mongolia over the frozen Bering Strait, but from somewhere far southwest of Culver City.

Once corrected on his ignorance, Johnson attacks and dismisses the polite woman  as “pedantic.” Charles, you’re not the brightest bulb in the garlic patch. By your own definition, you’re a typical European white supremacist fascist who spent his entire life co-opting the contributions of other ethnic cultures, but at the very least you can listen to this.

Mark Levin did some simple research (that Johnson didn’t bother with) and came up with this amazing concise monologue:

Charles, PLEASE call into Levin’s radio show and display your superior Magical Jazzy Ponytail intellect to the world.

We’ll buy you a parakeet. Promise.

Beware of Moderates! Update: Charles still denies ties with Breivik

When the Left claims a person is moderate, beware they mean that the person is just slightly to right of Hugo Chavez. Our favorite nasty person, Happy Warrior calls Obama’s judicial nominee a Moderate!

Garland is ModerateBeware of the term Moderate!
Update: Charles still denies that Breivik had ties to LGF.

Sam KnightBreivik cited Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs numerous times in his manifesto. Charles can lie all he wants, but Breivik was a fan of his.

[Updated: Corrected spelling of Breivik and added link to Diary of Daedalus’ archive.]

Obama has done the most against terrorism

The angry and very bitter misnamed Happy Warrior claims Obama has done more against Islamic terror than the last 2 US Presidents.

Obama effective

After making that ridiculous assertion, he then claims Conservatives are cowards.

Obama effective2

If you think Happy Warrior’s lies are asinine, just wait you read

Obama effective3

For some reason, Joe Bacon’s story sounds made up.Reality is not one of LGF’s strong suits.