Dark Falcon explains himself

It has been a while since we last did a post on the sell proclaimed “mountain lion” Dark Falcon. He is LGF’s resident whipping boy who seeks approval from people who hate him. He once again grovels and asks acceptance from the LGF mob.

Falcon explains himself

Dark Falcon is no mountain lion, he is at best a scared kitten.

Dark Falcon addresses us

Dark Falcon has become a non-entity in the blog war with LGF. His butt-kissing of other posters who do not respect him is pathetic and not worthy of any post on our end. Feeling neglected, the self-described mountain lion addresses us under the guise of “to anyone from other blogs” reading LGF.

DF addresses us

Dark, you are a lame nitwit not worthy of our attention. Consider yourself lucky that I decided do a post displaying how pathetic you are.


Dark Falcon Throws A Verbal Elbow

Dork Bleats 1
Every time Charles introduces a “New Feature” on LGF, I ponder on the intent of the *ahem* improvement. This particular enhancement has been around for a while, yet the question is: what triggers a comment to be hidden from view? Is it something a Monitor Lizard or Charles himself decides in order to attract downdings from the LGF Hive, or do downdings trigger an algorithm that automatically hides the comment as offensive? It’s amusing to me that someone would go to so much trouble to thwart a perceived problem with a solution that makes it worse.

Since anyone can click on the button to find out what the BFD is, all the feature does is amplify The Streisand Effect.

So here is Dork_Falcon’s Verbal Elbow:
Dork Bleats 2

So why the downdings Lizards? Dork’s right on this one, despite his feeble insult.

Dark Falcon gets a post promoted by attacking Republicans

I just laugh at some alleged Conservatives who still hang out at LGF. Dark Falcon still claims to be a Republican despite hanging out at a Marxist blog. The self described Mountain Lion wants the love and adulation of Charles who he views as his substitute father. Dark Falcon will even throw his own political side under the bus to get the attention of Charles. The resident loser finally goit the attention he wanted and had one of his posts promoted to the front page. Dark Falcon’s post trashes the Republican plan to limit debates for 2016.


Dark Falcon is  a pathetic individual. Here you have an adult trying to please some washed up Jazz guitarist who could care less about him. Smarten up Dark Falcon.


Dark Falcon’s lame jokes

Humor is not LGF’s strong suite. Dark Falcon tries to be funny and ends up looking lame.

Lame Joke

Dark Falcon needs to stick to discussing his fantasy games.

Dark Falcon looking for LGF approval by trashing the NRA

Gun rights are a fabric of the conservative ideology. The NRA has been at the forefront of defending gun ownership in America. They are a voice for gun owners to the politicians.

Recently, a UN Arms Trade Treaty was stopped for now. The NRA lobbied Congress to put pressure on Obama to not support it. These concerns and the pressure forced Obama to back off this bill. Dark Falcon claims the NRA had nothing to do with stopping the UN-ATT. He pulls a Charles Johnson and links to story that never says the NRA ha nothing to do with stopping the treaty.

Did it occur to Dark Falcon why those US Senators pressure the Obama Administration to back off the UN-ATT? It was NRA pressure to Congress which made hose Senators express their concerns. So Dark Falcon is following the footsteps of his substitute father, Charles Johnson, by lying about the content of an article. Just like his daddy does.

Sergey Romanov’s Catholic Bashing; Update: Killgore makes an observation! Second update: Dark Falcon makes sense!

Marxist internet fraudster and fake intellectual, Sergey Romanov, takes shot at the Catholic Church. He attacks the Catholic doctrine of why Priests must be male. Of course since he’s not a Catholic it should not be any of his concern. He spews his anti-Catholic bigotry because at LGF its cool and hip to attack Catholicism.

Sergey would never dare criticize Islam for only having male Imams. Curious Lurker would rip him a new one and Charles would probably ban him. Being an intellectual coward he engages in the one acceptable bigotry; Catholic bashing.

Update: Killgore Trout makes an observation.

That hurts!

A King Minos update! (since this thread is teh awesome for updating)

Hats off to DF for daring to point out that homeless bums and scumbags should not be allowed to vote. And 10 downdings for making a valid point.

What is Dark Falcon talking about?

Dark Falcon makes this remark.

What is Dark Falcon talking about? He’s really a weirdo and his comment makes no sense.

Gus802 and Dark Falcon show their Homophobia

The LGFers claim to be tolerant of Gays and support Gay Marriage. Yet, they constantly use Gay jokes to insult their opponents. Gus802, who lives in his sister’s basement and thinks he’s changing the world through tweets is a prime example. He goes on to ridicule one the greatest Roman Emperors Trajan for his homosexual tendencies. Trajan is not only the greatest Roman Emperor but also is a national hero in Spain and among those descended of Spaniards. He was the first Non Italian Emperor of Rome.

This is the tolerant Left on full display. Gus insults one of the greatest historical leaders because of his sexuality. Trajan defeated Rome’s main enemies at the time. He exterminated Dacia and sacked the Persian (Parthian Dynasty) capital Ctesiphon.

What has Gus802 done that can compare to Trajan? This Roman Emperor lived 1900 years ago and is still remembered. Will anyone remember Gus802 even 5 years from now? Does anyone outside his family whom he leeches off and the LGF/DOD universe, know who Gus802 is? For him to mock a great man shows Gus802’s insecurity.

The resident lackey Dark Falcon, who is a punching bag for Charles Johnson and his minions, shows his Gay hating colors as well.

Dark Falcon is another nobody, whose name will never be mentioned in history books. He should not accuse anyone of hating, since he has shown himself to be a homophobe.

Nice blog of haters you have there Charles.


Dark Falcon begs for the Santorum name mocking to stop

Dark Falcon is one of the most pathetic posters at littlegreenfootballs. He hangs out on a Far Left blog and claims to be a Conservative. To fit in he trashes other Conservatives. He is Jazzy X’s pet mountain lion. He pathetically asks another poster to stop making fun of Santorum’s name.

Engineer cat responds to the mountain lion. He attacks Conservatives and says there will be no quarter.

Dark Falcon is no more Conservative than Charles Johnson is black. He’s a pathetic cultist who lives off of every word of a washed up guitarists and failed blogger. Dark Falcon is a true spineless loser in every sense.