Race Detective comes to Obama’s defense

The loyalty the Race Detective has towards Obama would be admirable, if he got any rewards for it. Instead he continues to be some obscure internet cult figure who is ridiculed by Conservatives and ignored by Progressives.

Rupert Murdoch tweeted that Ben Carson would be a real Black President. This set the Race Detective off on a twitter tirade!

Black Prez





The Race Detetcive let this slip through the cracks.

An Ivy League professor has suggested naming Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson “coon of the year” for saying it should be legal for private citizens to display the Confederate flag.

Anthea Butler is a religious studies professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and also an active Twitter user with more than 62,000 tweets. Last week, another user tweeted a link to a Sports Illustrated article describing Carson’s declaration that NASCAR fans should be allowed to show the Confederate flag.

“If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award…” Butler tweeted in response. The tweet was spotted by the website Campus Reform, which grabbed a quick screenshot. The website contacted Butler for comment, which led the tweet being quickly deleted:

The Race Detective is very selective on his outrages1

Charles inspires hate

Charles Johnson’s ties to Brevik is an established fact. There is speculation that Mr. Toot might have inspired the Oregon shooter with his anti-Christian rhetoric. One of Charles Johnson’s Twitter followers called for violence against Republicans.



Charles has a way of attracting crazy people.

Here are some other gems from this One True God loon.





I hope the FBI is monitoring this One True God account. He is making very public threats against elected Republican officials.

Nice friend you have there, Charles!

(Hat Tip: dezes157)

Master debater shines again!

The master debater named Charles Johnson displays his great and eloquent debating skills on Twitter again.


Charles gets very defensive when you mention his connection to Brevik.

We’ve seen this story before.

We’ve seen this story before. The media can’t wait to blame white people en masse for an atrocity perpetrated by a lone psychopath, whose father abandoned him and whose mother is apparently a basket case.

Charles Johnson can’t wait to put the blame on someone who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Harper photoshop

Remember your honkification of George Zimmerman, Charles? We do… as if it matters.

And btw, Charles, Jim Hoft‘s got nothin’ on you. At least he never tried to redefine the word “bogus.”

Breivik Influences graph

Did Charles Johnson inspire Chris Harper Mercer? Update: Sick picture put at LGF and Mercer was not a Republican!

LGF is in full celebratory mode this evening. 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer committed a terrorist shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Witnesses report he asked people to stand up and state their religion. Those that answered they were Christians, were shot in the head.

The gunman who opened fire at an Oregon community college was forcing people to stand up and state their religion before he began blasting away at them, survivors said Thursday.

A woman who claimed to have a grandmother inside a writing class in Snyder Hall, where a portion the massacre unfolded, described the scene in a tweet.

“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs. My grandma just got to my house, and she was in the room. She wasn’t shot, but she is very upset.


Kortney Moore, an 18-year-old student at Umpqua Community College who was also in the room, told Oregon’s News Review that the shooter was indeed on the hunt for Christians.

Charles Johnson is ignoring the reports of Christians being killed. Instead, Mr. Toot has a post attacking Jim Hoft and tweeted this out.


Witnesses to the shooting are now Rightwing Conspirators. according to Charles. The question I have is, why is he downplaying the reports of the shooter’s motives?

Could it be that Chris Harper Mercer was a lizard in good standing over at LGF? Could he have been a follower on Twitter? I am asking these questions because Charles Johnson bashes Christianity everyday on his blog and in his hateful tweets. It’s very possible that Charles inspired the shooter. This would not be the first time LGF influenced a mass murderer.

Update: This sick picture was posted at LGF and got 9 updings.


Hat Tip: Swamprat

In a huge blow to Charles Johnson, It turns out that Chris Harper Mercer, was not a Republican!

Thursday’s horrific mass murder at Umpqua Community College in Oregon has everyone looking for answers and motives to how a young man became a monster–and some are jumping too quickly to conclusions.

Naturally, the media and other liberals have claimed the shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, a 26-year-old, biracial man, was a Republican

At one point in his life, Mercer tagged himself as a Republican on his dating profile. Within hours after the shooting, CBS, Raw Story, Mediate, Heavy, The Daily Beast, and scores of Twitter users pounced all over this apparent revelation.


However, Red Alert Politics has discovered Mercer was in fact not a Republican or Democrat. He was a registered in Oregon as an Independent.

Oregon is a closed primary state, so registered Independents can not vote in the primaries of either party.

This is  a huge blow to Charles Johnson’ narrative that this guy was a Conservative or Libertarian.  What is still unknown is whether Chris Harper Mercer was registered at LGF or followed Charles on Twitter? Thus he potentianlly could have been influenced by the anti-Chrsitian rhetoric espoused by Charles into committing action against Christians. Charles needs to answer these questions.

General Seti puts the Race Detective in a dilema

It’s been a few years since I checked on the insane rants of General Seti. Although a Black racist slimeball, he does get it on the Jihadist threat and called out Black Muslims as lackies of the Islamic agenda. In a recent rant, General Seti gives his opinion on Gay Marriage. Let’s just say his view would not sit well with the Race Detective.

(Warning: Vulgar and racist language)

What will the Race Detective do if he hears General Setis;’ rant. Will he side with Seti, (who actually expresses how many Blacks feel about homosexuality?) Or will he side with Gays against Seti? This situation really puts the Race Detective is a conundrum.

On another note, as of this writing, no one at LGF has discussed Putin’s latest punking of Obama. I guess they are waiting for the Media Matters talking point.

Fact Check: The Eternal Avatar

Since it appears that CJ is going to hang on to this stern-looking, arms-crossed, monochrome image of himself indefinitely, and since the question of its age and origin pop up from time to time, the BRC decided to take a few minutes and do a little digging. So if anyone was ever curious, here you go…

First, for our visitors, here’s the image in question:


He must really be fond of this picture (go ahead and speculate as to why), as it has graced his avi spot in his twitter, facebook, and LGF profiles for as long as most can remember. We’ll get to just how long in a moment, but we’ll start with the question of where the picture was taken, since that turned out to be kinda easy…

A clue lies in the image itself. In the brick wall background you can see text etched into it. Look closer, and you see that it appears to be a quote from Cesar Chavez. With a little Google-fu, one finds:

“Quotation Courtyard (1995) by Barbara McCarren

“Quotation Courtyard (1995) by Barbara McCarren

“Quotation Courtyard”

Description: inscribed limestone panels mounted on 4 freestanding brick walls
Location: City Hall Courtyard, 9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver City


Quotation Courtyard comprises four free-standing walls that are constructed from the bricks of the former City Hall that was erected on the site in 1928. Each side of the four walls contains a limestone panel etched with a quotation. The quotations represent a culturally diverse group of historical and civil rights leaders, including Cesar Chavez, Albert Einstein, Coretta Scott King, and Mahatma Gandhi.

Yep, safe to say that’s the place. Now on to the when

For that we can use a reverse image search, and when you scan through that stuff, you’ll discover a few interesting bits.

When giving a quick glance at the list, a first impression is that the image serves as CJ’s one official “head shot“, as it appears on a good variety of sites and pages over the years where he is the subject. Did he request that some of these sites use this pic specifically? Probably.

Anyway, digging into the older links (and with a little help from the Wayback Machine), the avi shows up on an old Pajamas Media “about” page the Archive cached in May 2008.

It also shows up in an old Forbes(!?) article from January 2007: The Web Celeb 25. He’s #20!

But the oldest timestamped appearance of that image goes back to November 21, 2006, when someone uploaded it to Powerbase.

Thus, the pic was taken sometime before then. Perhaps some more digging could reveal an older usage (or even the actual date), so if any of you want to try different methods, by all means give it a go. In any case, it’s pretty old (certainly by headshot standards, as it would easily fail the “That’s you?!?” test).

With that context added, I suppose we could move on to the fun of speculation, and talk about just what CJ might have been doing at Culver City Hall back then, and why he looked so, I dunno…angry?

Are there any clues on LGF? Welp, fire up The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™, and we do find an old comment specifically about Culver City Hall (note the timestamp):

Charles 2006-06-26 08:53:24
OK — I spoke with a friend who has extensive building experience in Culver City and he said, “No way.” But when I pointed out that the mosque is funded by Saudi Arabia, he said, “Hmm.”

Any permits would be on file at the Culver City Hall.

“Hmm” indeed.

That comment appears in LGF thread #21224:


Ahaa!!! THAT mosque!

Could this be it? Did Johnson hop on down to city hall and start digging into building permits? While there, did he stop for a nice promo shot?

Only he knows. He looked very concerned about…something, however.

But as far as a follow up to the mosque tunnel story goes, the Freepers seemed convinced that it was there, but I couldn’t find anything on LGF. Tunnel or no tunnel?


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