Stacy McCain Corroborates Andrew Breitbart: “All Roads Lead To Jazzy”

All roads lead to Jazzy.” –Andrew Breitbart

As an addendum to our previous thread, with impeccable timing and acerbic wit Robert Stacy McCain took his current events report about professional internet litigation troll Bill Schmalfeldt, wound it around the ample backside of Charles Johnson, and then kicked The Magical Jazzy Ponytail right in the mudflaps.* Given the size of the target, it’s not that tough to do.

In September 2009, while I was covering the Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C., Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs (whose blog had once been fairly important among conservatives) decided to unload the SPLC/Signorile “white supremacist” on me, and I fought a two-week blog war to prove my point: Charles Johnson is a worthless damned fool. Everybody at that time recognized that CJ had gone off the deep end. He had started losing his grip in October 2007, when he began smearing Pamela Geller as a “neofascist,” and his slow descent into madness (ranting against “creationists” and “climate denialists”) had been watched with quiet chagrin by Charles’s former allies. Once he attacked me, however, Johnson’s defection to the Left suddenly became a matter of public knowledge, and actually got noticed by the New York Times.

The Little Green Meltdown was big news back in 2009. It had the incidental effect of creating a sort of residual echo for the Internet Legend of Robert Stacy McCain, White Supremacist. Because there are many friends who can vouch for my bona fides, this doesn’t really bother me — “Don’t Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation,” as Joan Jett said — and my indifference to this really seems to make some people crazy.


Yet there is a certain type of person who thinks, “A-ha! I’m an expert at this Internet Detective stuff, so I will prove what an awful racist this guy is! I will expose him for the Evil Right Wing Hater that we all know he must be! And then I will become the Most Famous of All Internet Detectives! People will love me!”

So they run off chasing that phantom and, when they fail, they become convinced that I’ve played some kind of dirty trick on them by evading their Internet Detective skills and they go nuts. This explains my tendency to attract crazy trolls and, speaking of which, Charles Johnson has created a Secret Blog Commenting System that will allow him and his dwindling mob of kooks to discuss their weird obsessions without fear that someone will screen-cap their insanity.


Here, I’ve got $20 that says this latest Wile E. Coyote Acme Rocket Skates™ genius plan will fail. What will happen, I predict, is that someone inside the Secret Blog Commenting System will say something that pisses off Charles Johnson, resulting in one of his periodic spasms of ban-the-dissenters fury. Screen-caps of the Secret Blog Commenting System discussion will then be published, with embarrassing consequences for Charles & Friends. Of course, this will be of interest only to those of us who remember who Charles Johnson was, back when he really mattered, which was many, many years ago.

Here’s the whole shebang, and it includes these gems:

Breitbart was right. All roads lead to Jazzy.

P.S.  For those who are new to Diary of Daedalus or don’t remember, RSM spent some time with us on BlogMock Radio on 29 April 2012. What a hoot. Jump to 00:32:00 for the intro to
The Little Green Footballs Power Hour.”
* Mr. McCain’s right boot was forever lost in, um, The Great Johnson Crevasse, and he needs a replacement. Hit his Tip Jar.

Faux Charles

Charles whines about RS McCain

RS McCain takes Charles to task and as usual, the biggest coward online plays the man under siege role.

RS McCain tore Charles a new one!


While taking a short slog through The Swamp recently, I was amazed at how utterly inane it’s become. Commenters can’t stay on topic, regurgitate Media Matters propaganda while Charles posts little more than his own TwitterFails. Then I found something interesting, and it may have originated with this Tweet:

BRCX7 Guilty Tweet

Nothing particularly newsworthy there [Daedalus covered it already] but a few days later Charles The Stalker™ took note of something most people would ignore, only because it’s important to Charles.

Stalker Suspended

I agree with “thedopefishlives” but for a different reason. Twitter refuses to address repeat offenders who abuse the “Block and Report” function, as is well known to the denizens of #TwitterGulag who are targeted repeatedly for specious reasons (like Mr./Ms. @BRCX7).

But that’s not what this post is about. The subsequent conversation on Little Green Footballs is.

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Charles breaks from the party line!

Charles has been a good little soldier supporting the “Great Mother” in her quest for the Presidency. However, he is not impressed by Hillary’s logo.

Charles may not like her, but he will do all in his power to have her elected.

“It’s time for a woman president.”

Despite their dislike of Hillary Clinton, the Hard Left like LGF is falling in line and making any excuse to justify thier support.

Woman PresidentAnyone thinking that Hillary will be easy to beat is delusional.

Why Charles will vote for Hillary

Charles Johnson is ready for Hillary!

Charles is a good party loyalist.

The trolls and stalkers are spreading poison

Charles wants Twitter to be exactly like his little domain at LGF. Being the control freak he is, Charles complains about the inability to silence his critics.


Be a man Charles and deal with criticism.


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