Alexa Doesn’t Lie About @Charles_Johnson’s #LGF Stats

Before we get into the meat of this post, there’s a reason for the odd title featuring Charles Johnson’s Twitter address and the hashtag. It’s for protection.

According to @Twitter rules, if you Tweet someone directly, using their address, and that person has previously blocked you, you run the risk of having your @Twitter account suspended. Johnson is a master at sending out his minions with instructions to “Block And Report.”

Oddly, Twitter’s TOS Rules seem to always go in Charles’ favor, which makes no sense as he’s one of the biggest harassers and abusers of the “Block and Report Function” on Twitter. This is not news.

140926 Charles Attacks Lannie Davis

So here’s the dodge. If you want to retweet this post, copy and post the full URL,  @Charles_Johnson will get the alert, as will his followers, and Twitter won’t ban you as you’re only quoting and linking to a website that you have no control over. Penis penis penis lol, ya’ll.


So Charles Johnson was crowing about traffic recently despite his rigged Twitter counter. Looky here:


[Source: Alexa]

Kinda obvious that Our Boy is stuck in stoopid, ya?


P.S. Some folks were wondering why @Gus_802 went quiet for a day.

GUS_802 28 SEP 14

A little birdy told us that there’s a third scenario that can’t be confirmed… yet.

It’s been a while Pam!

Like a jilted lover, Charles had a vendetta against Pam Geller. On a daily basis for a number of years, the washed up guitarist and failed blogger attacked Geller on a daily basis. Then his obsession ended and he went after other targets like Glenn Greenwald. Pam Geller’s rejection of Charles still is a scar on his heart and from time to time, he lets her know how much he thinks about her.

Hi Pam Hi Pam2

Get over her Charles.

Another day of crushing dissent

The overweight Stalinist shut in can’t stand contrarian views. He brags on twitter about blocking people.

Even Charles Johnson’s jokes are lame.

Gus has a Twitter Meltdown over the Values Voter Summit

I’m not a social conservative, but I respect their right to voice their political beliefs and I agree with them on some issues. To the Argentine Marxist, Gus_802, they are all bigots and a threat to the world. He goes on a very long Twitter rant about the VVS.

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Charles: “It’s that cretin from the stalker blog”

There is no question Charles wants a Stalinist regime in America. He can’t stand opposing views and loves to “crush dissent” as he once claimed. A twitter account named @Lannie_Davis is taking him to task. Charles responds by asking people to block the account and report it.

Lannie Davis Lannie Davis2

Charles can’t debate, he just believes in “crushing dissent” like a true Stalinist!

Al Sharpton for Attorney General!

Posted without comment.

SharptonAG SharptonAG2

Charles C. Johnson threatens to sue Charles

The battle of the Charles escalates to a new level today. After a daily non stop smear assault by the washed up shut in, Charles C. Johnson has had enough. Charles C. is now threatening legal action against the washed up Jazz artist.

Charles C SUe Charles C SUe2 Charles C SUe3 Charles C SUe4

Charles will not be laughing if Charles C. Johnson carries out his threat.


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