2 Tweets that reflect hysteria

Charles has gone into fear mongering mode on Twitter. He is trying to convince his followers that the sky is falling and the end is near. The following 2 Tweets reflect the paranoid induced hysterical state of mind of Charles Johnson.

Charles is a deranged man.

Vote or Die!

Charles is in meltdown mode over the possibility of a Republican win in the midterm elections. He does a hysterical post trying to scare his dwindling band of losers to vote.

Midterm Midterm2 Midterm3

Charles really thinks his fear-mongering and hysteria will turn the tide and lead to a Democrat win.

Lawhawk the world renowned paralegal at the famous Cambridge law firm of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe joins in the hysteria over the upcoming elections.


The intrepid legal scholar of course does not give one specific example of a so called “right” that  Republicans want to take away from you. Instead he does his best Joe McCarthy imitation by making blanket statements with no facts to back it up, designed to strike fear in the simple minds of your typical low information LGF reader.

The real reason for the Twitter War of the Johnsons

The obsession Charles Johnson has for his namesake is actually creepy. But the truth comes out, why Charles keeps this twitter war going.

Real reason

Charles is jealous that Chuck C gets mentioned and linked. When was the last time you heard the shut in and ignored guitarist’s name mentioned by prominent Progressives? Jealousy and envy lie at the root of the Twitter war of the Johnsons.

The most interesting man on the internet

Charles Johnson fancies himself as true Renaissance man who has a powerful impact on the culture. Day after day he’s on Twitter believing himself to be fighting the good fight. He thinks so highly of himself, that he chooses to ignore people and even have them banned! He is the most interesting man on the internet!

Interresting Man

(Hat Tip: kbdabear)

Fat, paranoid, incontinent, has-been blogger fears for his safety. Begs all five of his devoted followers to vote Democratic next month

The Man Who Would Be Relevant is living in fear that the Nazi sympathizers will keep the House and capture the Senate and then  the next step will be – another AUSCHWITZ! Charles, what is getting creepy is your paranoid delusions so put on your Depends, then your jammies, drink a glass of prune juice and go to sleep. Maybe by tomorrow morning you can have your weekly bowel movement.

“people are dying every day”

Charles goes on some anti-gun hysterical rant about people dying everyday due to guns.

Guns killGuns kill2

Charles does not know anything about guns.


Gus really is a loser

The unemployed welfare leech Gus tweeted this out.

What a loser.


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