More on the LGF Connection to the Breivik Manifesto

Graph of blasphemy?

Graph of blasphemy?

As we enter day three of the meltdown brought on by a single tweet left by Glenn Greenwald, I’ll take the opportunity to opine that the meltdown’s intensity is due not to the fact that the tweet leads to a “faked graphic”, but rather the more general consequence of exposing Greenwald’s hundreds of thousands of twitter followers to our website. After all, there’s a lot of dirt we’ve gathered over the years (some of the real juicy stuff conveniently linked under “greatest hits” right in our sidebar —>); quite a cache of ammo for bloggers and twitterwarriors alike. Given the almost non-stop barrage of attacks Johnson launches against Greenwald these days, the exposure could be considered a tactical disaster.

The best part is that Greenwald didn’t mention LGF or Johnson specifically in the aforementioned tweet, really only linking to our site with a reference to the graph about the citations in the Breivik manifesto. Therefore, I have to think that Johnson’s accusations of libel and being smeared -to the point of demanding an apology and retraction- are desperate to the point of being laughable (even if the graph wasn’t accurate or based on facts, which isn’t the case).

In short, well played Glenn Greenwald. Well, played.

So since we may have a few visitors lurking about, and because we’re on the subject of the Breivik manifesto, I thought I might do a little more digging and see what I can find…

First, we have this tweet from Johnson that I think deserves a fact check:

Incorrect. There are sections of the manifesto under the headings “Demography” and “Statistics” that appears to be Breivik’s own writing and research. If you turn to page 584, you will see this:

manifesto cite LGF 1


The highlighted link takes you to LGF article 23696:

lgf 23696 bethlehem

(“RoP”, for our visitors, was shorthand for Johnson’s commonly-used and sarcastically-implied reference to Islam as the “Religion of Peace”)

Interesting that Breivik cited LGF, rather than the source link at Daily Mail, as if he wanted to give Johnson credit for the find, or in the very least acknowledging that he saw it there first. Very interesting.

So now that we’ve got that straight, our research of the manifesto concludes that the rest of the (many) LGF urls cited in the manifesto are contained within the reprinted works of the writer who went under the pseudonym “Fjordman” (although it appears that Breivik himself at least went through the process of listing the urls manually for citation, gleaned from the hyperlinks contained within the online versions). For some perspective and context, here’s a slideshow for the screenshots of all those LGF links that were cited in those sections (excluding LGF’s front page url):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And speaking of Fjordman, there really are quite a few of his pieces in that manifesto. One that caught my eye can be found on page 528:

fjordman moderate muslims manifesto

Why that one?

Well, as we’ve discussed previously and at length, Johnson has since scrubbed virtually all association with Fjordman from his site into the memory hole, so one isn’t able to visit any of his many contributions to LGF today. However, our engineers here in the Boiler Room had managed to grab one LGF article #22478 before it disappeared:

lgf fjordman moderate

Interesting coincidence.

“Glenn is enabling stalkers.”

April 17, 2014 175 comments

Glenn Greenwald’s tweeting of our Brevik Chart has triggered insanity in Charles. He continues to tweet about us and plays the part of a poor innocent victim of the evil stalkers!

It’s funny to see Charles claim we advocate violence and are a hate blog. As documented on this thread, people at LGF call for violence on a daily basis. Charles really needs to get over himself and stop with his fake pity party act.

The meltdown continues

April 17, 2014 208 comments

Charles is still crying over Glenn Greenwald pointig out that LGF was references in Brevik’s manifesto.

Get a grip Chuck!

Umm….Incoming! [UPDATED]

I don’t think anyone here would’ve expected that our fun little blog get a tweeted link from a recent Polk and Pulitzer awarded journalist anytime soon, but that just happened.

And even though Greenwald’s tweet doesn’t make mention of LGF or Johnson specifically, CJ -ear to the ground and extremely reactionary when it comes to “Mighty Glenn”- of course assumes that it is meant as a direct shot across the bow, and…. immediately loses his shit:

lgf 43290 a greenwald dod

The thread includes a nice rant, featuring anecdotes about Barrett Brown, George Duke, Serbians and Muslims, Pam Geller, and Timothy McVeigh!

But as we’ve seen as of late, Johnson’s true passion when it comes to flinging poo across the ‘webs is within the domain of the twitterverse:


Popcorn time.

UPDATE I: Yes the graphic in question (originally seen on DoD here) was a “corrected” version of the original ThinkProgress version, as we felt that TP had omitted LGF’s presence in the Breivik manifesto based (presumably) on Johnson’s turnaround. The LGF references are most definitely in the manifesto.

UPDATE II: Anyone may confirm the stats in the graphic by downloading Brevik’s Manifesto, scraping it into MSWord, then doing a simple search/replace for the phrases “Little Green Footballs,” “LGF,” and “Charles Johnson,” and tallying the numbers. We did exactly that.

Regarding The Last Gasp Charles Magical Ponytail Johnson Defense, here’s the full story from Daedalus, who was there.

UPDATE III: The original graphic, with Brevik’s verbatim endorsements of Charles Johnson, is here.

Charles accuses Google of endagering national security

April 15, 2014 70 comments

Commissar Charles Johnson is now accusing Google of being enemies of the sate. They allegedly withheld information about the Heartbleed worm, in order to fix their systems first. This angers the Obama Loyalist and he goes after Google for being traitors in his mind.

Heartbleed Heartbleed2

Charles demands absolute loyalty to the Obama Regime.

Charles attacks Bloggers for mentioning Frazier Glenn Miller was a Democrat

April 14, 2014 109 comments

Charles today has tied Frazier Glenn Miller to his favorite boogeyman Ron Paul. But his ire was towards bloggers who are pointing out that Frazier Glenn Miller ran a Democrat for office.

Charles mad at Bloggers Charles mad at Bloggers2 Charles mad at Bloggers3

Nowhere in his rant, does Charles contradict the fact that Frazier Glenn Miller was a Democrat at one point. At the end he once against ties Ron Paul into this whole shooting to prove Miller was not a Democrat. Charles presents no evidence an once again just flings poo.


Neo-Nazi in the news makes Charles Johnson’s day

April 14, 2014 118 comments

Reading LGF on a dilay  basis one would think that its the 1930′s and Nazism is on the rise and a threat to the world. When an incident occurs and there is Nazi involvement Charles does a post as if his paranoid worldview is being confirmed. There were 2 shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas involving a Neo-Nazi named Frazier Glenn Miller. Always happy to report when a Neo-Nazi is in the news as if its vindication, Charles happily does a post on the shootings.

Glenn Miller Glenn Miller2

If the attacker was an Islamist, I highly doubt Charles would have done a post. This Nazi made Charles Johnson’s day and expect a series of posts about the Nazi threat.


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