Alouette has a “You Might Be A Conservative” Twitter rant

The resident Kapo of LGF went berserk over a “You Might Be A Conservative” twitter rant. Alouette draws up strawmen to attack conservative positions.

Alouette is just a parrot devoid of any intellectual thought process.

[Updated to correct the spelling of Alouette and to link to the Viscous Bouche Archive. If Alouette has more than a 9th grade education of basic economic principles and can prove that she understands it, I'll eat two of Charles Johnson's sweat-stained scrungies. - Briareus]

To Charles, mockery is harrasment

Always playing the man under siege  role, Charles once again starts screaming about people who make fun of him as stalkers.

Charles still thinks online criticism is stalking. Clearly he has mental issues and the man under siege mentality is a result of this paranoia.

Charles to the rescue

One of the reasons Charles is obsessed with comics is that he draws inspiration from them. When you read his posts, comments of tweets he loves to play the self sacrificing hero.

I am a Hero

What would the world do without Charles?

Bad Craziness

Charles love to play the man under siege role. He plays the victim card hoping to win sympathy from the Left. As usual, when taken to task on twitter, he calls his critics crazy.

The only bad craziness is the alternate reality called Little Green Footballs.

Tbogg’s Cool

The subject of Raw Story came up in the (shrinking) comment section today, and CJ posted something that stood out a little bit:

cj tbogg cool

I say it stood out a little bit because I remember reading something way back when. So I fired up The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine and I found what I was looking for:

lgf 14797 tbogg


The engine also turns up this:


Charles 2004-12-29 07:06:11

And by the way, one of these Morlocks is ranting about yours truly (can you believe it?) over here.


and this:

Charles 2005-02-22 05:56:35

Tbogg now has his own front page post. Gotta love these brain-damaged, vindictive lefties. They do my work for me.

“Brain damaged, vindictive lefty!”


One has to wonder if Johnson really means any of the vitriolic thing he says about anything or anybody, then or now. After all, the distance between “brain-damaged Morlock idiotblogger” and “cool” just seems too great to make up. And of course it’s not just Tbogg. Any long time LGF reader knows that, at some pont, he’s used similar language against virtually everyone he’s now come to regard as “cool”. Kinda hard to reconcile that.

Anti-Israel Propaganda Promoted By Long-Time LGF Kapo Alouette

Viscous Bouche, children aren’t lobbing missiles into Detroit, but in your world, teenage voodoo ninja nuns are.

Where are the photos of Israeli children killed by the Palestinians? Where are the photos of damage and destruction of Israeli property by the Palestinian rockets? Where are you when it comes to defending your own relatives and ancestors unless you are a kapo?

“Judaism Rejects Zionism.” Really, Alouette? Go polish your silverware, swab your ears with a spayed cat named Charles, then tweet about it.

Alouette, you’re more than a kapo. You’re an idiotic mess.


Charles Johnson: “hard for people to feel sympathetic to Israel.”

Charles continues his Israel bashing in hopes of winning acceptance from the Left.

Israel BadKeep digging your anti-Israel hole Charles.

The resident Stalinist of LGF, Sergey Romanov joins in the anti-Israel hate.

Israel Bad2LGF is an anti-Israel hate site.


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