Charles Johnson’s LGF Ads: Gain Belly Fat And Meet Muslim Sluts On A Warm Saturday Evening


Just took a dip in The Swamp for the first time in a while and I’m LMAO at the irony.

And no, that’s not a photoshop.

Muslim is the new Black!

I have seen some really stupid comments over at LGF, but this one takes the cake.

Muslim is the new Black

Where does Charles find these people?

This is thread worthy?

It turns out the Palin daughters got into a bar fight in Alaska. Sarah Palin was present, but not involved in the fight. Although interesting for the gossip pages, this incident hardly merits a post at a political blog. Well good old Charles decided to post this and gives no relevant reason.

Palin fight Palin fight2

Charles is a loser.

Jonah Goldberg smacks Charles

Charles began harassing Jonah Goldberg on Twitter. Goldberg responds with a smackdown tweet.

Charles is a deranged freak.

Kragar defends ISIS

Kragar who was once of the biggest anti-Islamist at LGF defends ISIS on Twitter. He confronts people who call for eliminating the group.

ISIS are the new darlings of LGF!

Crushing Dissent

Charles is on record supporting totalitarianism and silencing dissent. When confronted on Twitter, he calls on his minions to report the critic to Twitter. TGus807 is the 2nd incarnation of a twitter handle that called out the lie of Charles. Not happy with having the first twitter handle banned, Charles pushed to have the new one banned. Today he succeeded and celebrates it in a tweet.

Charles loves crushing dissent.

Charles Johnson Vs., um… Charles Johnson

This battle has been going on for a little while, but since I think we need a new thread, this makes as good a thread as any:

Now I use the word “battle” loosely here, since the participation has been pretty much on the LGF side, with Icarus taking little bites at the ankles of Chuck via twitter with very little reaction (or, just like his attacks on Greenwald and Hoft). Our pal has found a new target, and the spew (to use a Johnsonian term) has intensified in recent days.

Personally, I think these two have something in common, in that they both score pretty high on the douchebag meter. On the one hand, you have ol’ Icarus, with all his hypocritical, credit-stealing, St. Pancake lying, 15,000 account banning ways. On the other, you’ve got this guy who uses an twitter avatar to make him look like he’s in The Matrix talking to Tank on the Nebuchadnezzar about the whereabouts of the Merovingian, and posts stuff like this:

So, needless to say, it’s rather comical to watch this play out.


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