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Ferguson Memorial 1

Ferguson Memorial 2

Charles had to dig deep for this one. 18 days ago, Antonio French posted that Tweet with a picture of maybe four dozen rose petals in the middle of the street along the double yellow lines, claimed that a police car “trampled” them. Then a K-9 officer took his dog out there and instructed it to pee on the purported middle-of-the-street memorial to Michael Brown.

This was reported in a Mother Jones story that popped up today with an unconfirmed account (like that’s never happened) and Charles is all over it like skeeter assholes on a windshield.

Meanwhile, at least one sentient got through Charles’ Magical Jazzy Filter and called out the idiocy.

Ferguson Memorial 3

Good luck, 1Peter G1. See you soon.

The Race Detective drops the ball

On a daily basis, Charles posts or tweets racist or alleged racist comments from fringe figures on the right. When a major leftist makes offensive racial comments. the 61 year old corpulent blogger is silent. Harry Reid recently made anti-Asian remarks and the Race Detective did not condemn it.

Reid clumsily offered his assessment of the success and intelligence of business leaders of Asian descent at the gathering. “I don’t think you’re smarter than anybody else, but you’ve convinced a lot of us you are,” he babbled. You put those uppity Asians in their places, Hater Harry!

During a question-and-answer session, Reid followed up his jibe with a crude “joke” about Chinese surnames that would make Archie Bunker cringe: “One problem that I’ve had today is keeping my Wongs straight.”

Good thing the pale-faced codger didn’t let a “ching chong” slip out, too. You know it was ringing around between his ears. Mocking Asian monikers is a hanging offense if you’re a Republican pol or conservative talk-show host. But it’s just a meaningless gaffe by “diversity’s” best friend when you’re Democratic Senate majority leader.

That’s why Reid’s hosts obliged with subdued tittering. National-news anchors selectively averted their gazes. The Asian American Journalists Association, so quick to issue sanctimonious guidelines for avoiding ethnic stereotypes, maintained radio silence. And the usual left-wing speech police who read racism into every word uttered by conservatives from “angry” to “Chicago” to “Constitution” to “Obamacare” saw and said nothing.

When it comes to progressive racism, the Race Detective is no where to be found.

Charles Johnson: LGF isn’t “conservative.”

The LGFers can’t make up their mind about their ideology. Sometimes, they claim to be socialists, other times they claim to be progressives, occasionally they claim to be Center-Right. Salon described LGF as a conservative blog. This prompted to Charles to let the author know that LGF is not a conservative blog.

For once Charles is being honest.

Aloutte now a vision expert

Aloutte believes eye glasses can restore a person’s vision


Aloutte needs to stick to her day job.

Bonus: This Charles Johnson worshiper claims LGF has never changed.

LGF the sameThat comments was downright hysterical!

Gus can’t tweet due to knees hurting

It seems Gus will have to cut out on tweeting becasue his knees hurt.

Knees hurt

That’s some cramp space Gus is living in.

Charles is mad that CNN and Glenn Beck discussed a joint venture

Poor Charles, no matter what he does no one accepts him. He’s the object of ridicule on both the Right and the Left. No major media personality takes him serious and his days as a major player are long gone. Charles has been reduced to bra snapping, trolling on twitter and being jealous of the success of others. The washed up guitarist and failed blogger was upset that CNN and Glenn Beck were in discussions of a joint venture.

Beck TV Beck TV2 Beck TV3

Charles is just jealous no media outlet contacts him for a media joint venture.



Charles Johnson and MSM Get Chumped by Anonymous Moby Attack On Officer Darren Wilson Fundraiser Site

Charles The Unbiased promoted Lawhawk’s intrepid research on the GoFundMe account for Officer Darren Wilson. Too bad it contains blatant and easily disprovable lies.

The GoFundMe donation account was set up on 17 August, presumably to defray the cost of Officer Wilson’s legal defense against those who want him crucified for killing Michael Brown, a large man who, by all credible accounts, attacked the police officer.

The fund raised more than $234,000 in only five days. The owners of the account, realizing that donations were still coming in after they’d met their goal, decided to close the account and open a second donation fund, with monies directed to a non-profit charity for officers in need: Shield of Hope. Formerly known as the Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge 15 Charitable Foundation, it has connections to a Missouri police union. No surprise there.

But then Lawhawk attempts to paint the operators of (and donors to) the original GoFundMe page as racists, and by false association, smear not only Officer Wilson and the Ferguson P.D., but the F.O.P. and all police in the State of Missouri.

Ferguson Wilson Fund 0

In the post at Little Green Footballs, the list is barely legible as it’s posted as a faint .jpg. Here it is in .png format, undoctored except to enhance contrast:

Ferguson Wilson Fund

Wow. Those are some serious jawdroppers. The remainder of Lawhawk’s commentary is too inane to merit a response, so let’s examine his accusations of racism instead.

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