It dawns on Charles

For years after his glory days during Rathergate, Charles acted as if he was king maker in the political scene. His dwindling band of losers kept reinforcing his delusional world view of his importance. In this Twitter exchange it may be dawning on the obese shut in that he is not anyone of importance.


Life is harsh Charles.

Glenn Greenwald trying to disrupt the election

When did Glenn Greenwald have the clout to influence American elections? Well according to Charles, Greenwald has this clout.

Greenwald Influence

Greenwald Influence2

Being a shut in who lives on the internet distorts fat reclusive societal misfit.

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NH Primaries

Charles Johnson calls a Black man, two Latinos and three others “Evil Clowns.”

So the Race Detective Charles Johnson compared a Black man, two Latinos and three others to evil clowns, whatever that means. He proffered no debate on the topics and merely posted a retread of his own inane Tweets that made no coherent points.

CJ Feb 2016 GOP Debate
What’s priceless in that screencap are his “Promoted Stories” at the bottom (click on it to engorge). Charles, you’ve become a caricature of yourself. Now update your avatar.


The will to live

Charles really takes criticism personally and subscribes sinister movies to his rivals. The gaseous human blimp whines on Twitter that people want to take away his will to live.



This obese unstable man really needs intervention.

Mr. Toot’s candidate is tied with a legit Communist, what’s a shameless opportunist to do?

We all know that the shameless Mr. Toot is a front runner – in 2001 he joined the tide of patriotism and became something of a hawk, in 2009 sensing that the tides were shifting he turned Judas and not only became a full fledged Obama Zombie but also became an Islamic sympathizer. The Rotund ex guitar player has tossed his bag of Cheetos onto the side of the unlovable Hillary Clinton probably because she represents the domineering type of woman that  a flatulent, wrinkly, smelly, has-been would like to be around so she can dump all over him and scream at him all day! Here’s the conundrum – the old Communist Bernie Sanders is in a  statistical tie with Mrs. Pant Suit. Bernie really reflects Charles Johnson’s philosophy of wealth redistribution (hey it is easier than busking with a beat up guitar by the Santa Monica Freeway begging for quarters). Will Chuckles dump Hillary and decide to “Bern baby Bern”? Stay tuned.

Poll: Sanders nearly tied with Clinton nationwide

By Bradford Richardson

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has dramatically cut into the nationwide lead of primary rival Hillary Clinton, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

The poll released Friday finds Clinton leading the race with 44 percent support, compared to 42 percent support for Sanders, within the survey’s margin of error.

The last iteration of the poll in December had Clinton leading Sanders nationwide 61–30.

“Democrats nationwide are feeling the Bern as Sen. Bernie Sanders closes a 31-point gap to tie Secretary Hillary Clinton,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

The poll also finds that Sanders matches up better with top Republican primary candidates than Clinton.

In head-to-head matchups, the Vermont senator leads GOP front-runner Donald Trump by 10 points, edges Ted Cruz by 4 points and ties Marco Rubio.

While Clinton still tops Trump by 5 points, she ties Cruz and trails Rubio by 7 points.

The poll also finds that Clinton has a net favorability rating of negative 17, only besting Trump in that category, who has a negative-25 favorability rating.

Sanders has a 9-point favorability rating nationwide, only trailing Rubio, at 14 points.

The poll surveyed 484 Democrats and has a margin of error of 4.5 percent.

Charles does pennance for Iraq war support

10 years ago at this time as the Iraq war was raging, LGF was one of the blogs offering moral support to our men and women over there. In the years since that time, Charles has gone Progressive/Marxist and recanted all of his former stances. When confronted about his past views, like Iraq, he claims that as a 50 something year old man he was misled.




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Charles Johnson’s junk

More failed humor from the failed man in life.


Lame joke.


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