Making money off Sharknado is bad

Charles displays his Communist anti-Capitalist worldview.

Charles hates Capital;ism, unless he is the one benefiting.

Bonus: Charles drops this gem.


He was misled!

LGF Marxist Randal Gross Claims To Be Center-Right

Marxist LGFer Randal Gross bashes the Right on a daily basis. He publishes posts in support of far left causes, yet has the audacity to make a claim that is a total lie. Mr. Gross claims he is center-right while publishing a post that links to the Marxist publication the nation! Gross then proceeds to trash Israel for fighting Hamas and its allies like ISIS in Gaza.

Gross Center Right Gross Center Right2

Norman Finkelstein is a Pro-Islamist anti-Israel Stalinist. For a Center-Right person, Randall Gross (@tarkloon) is indistinguishable from the hard left.

Johnson chimes in, attacks Norman Finkelstein and takes pot shots at Israel because rightwing groups in Europe support them. Johnson mentions that Pam Geller’s popularity in Israel is why he has turned on that nation.

Gross Center Right3

Charles can’t get Pam off his mind!

(Hat Tip: Because ‘center right’? ololololololololo)

[Minor modifications for clarity & typos. --Briearius]

@Green_Footballs Steps Up the Whine on “Stalking and Harassment”

The guy in charge of Little Green Footballs had an interesting regurgitation on Twitter today, as the CEO of the social media enterprise took to the medium in a bit of an event to answer questions from the plebs of the twitterverse (using the #askcostolo hashtag). It was Johnson’s moment to bring the greatest issue of his life right now to The Man:

Phew! (it went on some more after that)

I suppose it’s worth contemplating whether anything that Mr. Johnson has been subjected to even comes remotely close to qualifying as true abuse or harassment. I’m sure there are real people out there receiving real death threats and constant messages from ex-boyfriends or neighbors or whatever, and it could be argued that that type of thing constitutes a serious issue. In contrast, what Johnson’s complaining about is nothing more than a handful of folks using the system to express their contrary opinion, fully aware that they may be blocked or muted in response. No one’s life is at stake. In fact, I’m guessing that the people at Twitter did look at his reports at some point, and probably gave out a collective “Are you kidding?” along with a giant eye-roll. In addition, we could mention the hypocrisy illustrated by his constant baiting of Glenn Greenwald.

In any case, our pal inadvertently brought up the best point in this argument recently:

Exactly! The way Johnson whines about these “problems” on Twitter, you’d think he was paying for it, or as if it was a service provided by our tax dollars or something. It’s not. In fact, ironically, Johnson uses this service daily and repeatedly at no charge for self promotion and click-bait, in an effort to increase his reach and boost his ad revenue. He even custom-coded a counter (that looks deceptively like a regular tweet counter) to track the incoming traffic resulting from his ritualistic blog-pimping. He copies virtually every tweet he posts into the comments section at LGF, apparently to try to maximize retweets and click-throughs. As a whole, it would appear that relying on free Twitter is now his business model.

But here’s the problem for CJ: Twitter is what it is; a worldwide medium of micro-blogging and interaction. And for the most part, it’s a free-for-all. That’s a big part of the appeal, I imagine, as everyone is on an even playing field. So it’s a real hoot to watch Johnson to get spastic whenever it doesn’t conform to his every desire, as if this Costolo guy (or anyone else at Twitter, for that matter) actually owes him something.

It seems pretty simple: if he doesn’t like it, he can certainly close the account and quit. After all, he got along just fine before he ever signed up. I’m sure we can all guess that he won’t, and we’ll continue to be treated to these whiny outbursts (followed by ICYMI: I pimp my blog again). And we’ll continue to laugh and point.

The helpless whining on Twitter

Poor Charles, he had a meltdown over Twitter CEO Dick Costolo not addressing the issue of  “stalkers.”

I had to stop after the Police Report tweet.

[Update: Be careful what you wish for, Charles. Glenn Greenwald and others may send you to #TwitterGulag and then you'll have to room with Gus_802. --Briarius]

Obdicut defends Hamas

If anymore proof is needed that Obdicut is a Jihadi apologist, this exchange with Killgore should erase all doubts!

Obdi likes Hamas

Obdicut should move to Gaza and see how hip Hamas is.

Alouette has a “You Might Be A Conservative” Twitter rant

The resident Kapo of LGF went berserk over a “You Might Be A Conservative” twitter rant. Alouette draws up strawmen to attack conservative positions.

Alouette is just a parrot devoid of any intellectual thought process.

[Updated to correct the spelling of Alouette and to link to the Viscous Bouche Archive. If Alouette has more than a 9th grade education of basic economic principles and can prove that she understands it, I'll eat two of Charles Johnson's sweat-stained scrungies. - Briareus]

To Charles, mockery is harrasment

Always playing the man under siege  role, Charles once again starts screaming about people who make fun of him as stalkers.

Charles still thinks online criticism is stalking. Clearly he has mental issues and the man under siege mentality is a result of this paranoia.


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