Charles now against ISIS

When ISIS began to get in the news, Charles downplayed their evil nature. There were even people on LGF who defended the actions of ISIS. Now Charles is against ISIS, but not because they are Islamic militants. The aging shut in Hipster is against ISIS because they are CREATIONISTS!

ISIS is bad

There are many reasons to oppose ISIS, but creationism has to be the most stupid one.

14 September 2009 – Charles Johnson Claims The Tea Party Are Pro-Union Anti-Capitalist Communists Because Of An Image Of A Fist On A Poster. REALLY.

Charles F. Johnson (aka The Little Green Pantload) posted this amazing idiocy five years ago.
Tea Party Logo = Communist
Charles, you’re a mess.

Charles Johnson’s LGF Ads: Gain Belly Fat And Meet Muslim Sluts On A Warm Saturday Evening


Just took a dip in The Swamp for the first time in a while and I’m LMAO at the irony.

And no, that’s not a photoshop.

Muslim is the new Black!

I have seen some really stupid comments over at LGF, but this one takes the cake.

Muslim is the new Black

Where does Charles find these people?

This is thread worthy?

It turns out the Palin daughters got into a bar fight in Alaska. Sarah Palin was present, but not involved in the fight. Although interesting for the gossip pages, this incident hardly merits a post at a political blog. Well good old Charles decided to post this and gives no relevant reason.

Palin fight Palin fight2

Charles is a loser.

Jonah Goldberg smacks Charles

Charles began harassing Jonah Goldberg on Twitter. Goldberg responds with a smackdown tweet.

Charles is a deranged freak.

Kragar defends ISIS

Kragar who was once of the biggest anti-Islamist at LGF defends ISIS on Twitter. He confronts people who call for eliminating the group.

ISIS are the new darlings of LGF!


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