Charles Johnson and MSM Get Chumped by Anonymous Moby Attack On Officer Darren Wilson Fundraiser Site

Charles The Unbiased promoted Lawhawk’s intrepid research on the GoFundMe account for Officer Darren Wilson. Too bad it contains blatant and easily disprovable lies.

The GoFundMe donation account was set up on 17 August, presumably to defray the cost of Officer Wilson’s legal defense against those who want him crucified for killing Michael Brown, a large man who, by all credible accounts, attacked the police officer.

The fund raised more than $234,000 in only five days. The owners of the account, realizing that donations were still coming in after they’d met their goal, decided to close the account and open a second donation fund, with monies directed to a non-profit charity for officers in need: Shield of Hope. Formerly known as the Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge 15 Charitable Foundation, it has connections to a Missouri police union. No surprise there.

But then Lawhawk attempts to paint the operators of (and donors to) the original GoFundMe page as racists, and by false association, smear not only Officer Wilson and the Ferguson P.D., but the F.O.P. and all police in the State of Missouri.

Ferguson Wilson Fund 0

In the post at Little Green Footballs, the list is barely legible as it’s posted as a faint .jpg. Here it is in .png format, undoctored except to enhance contrast:

Ferguson Wilson Fund

Wow. Those are some serious jawdroppers. The remainder of Lawhawk’s commentary is too inane to merit a response, so let’s examine his accusations of racism instead.

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Charles is doing the happy dance thinking he’s becoming relevant again.


How many of those 10,000 are real people?


Charles still whining about Communists not accepting him

No matter what Charles does, the Left refuses to accept him. Despite his move towards Stalinism, many Communists view him as phony and reject him. With his feelings here, Charles d0es a post whining about lack of acceptance from the Communists.

Charles and the Commies

No one likes Charles!

The Communists are mad at Charles

Charles tweets out that Communists are mad at him.

No one likes Charles!

Update: Charles goes bra snapping again.

What a loser!


With regard to the Fersuson shooting, our LGF pal seems to be so focused on defending the fact-poor conclusons and narratives he’s stuck his neck out and made (see the teary-eyed “gentle giant” post), that he’s making some really basic errors in his “reporting”. That, or he’s dyslexic.

On the 13th, he incorrectly referred to the affiliate in St. Louis as “KDSK”:


That snuck past everyone’s radar, as the error went unmentioned, and we see him do it again the next day. This time it was in three spots, including the big bold headline:


Finally, someone in that thread decided to point out the little detail about the call letters:


This brave little lizard had to hedge on his comment a bit and say that Johnson’s an idiot in the nicest way possible, by using the qualifier that he’s being “nitpicky”. In fact, it’s not “nitpicky” at all, but an important detail and a potenitally embarrassing oversight by the usually perfectionist Johnson.

In any case, there was no response and no correction. He’s still making the error, tweeting this one today to all his followers:

I mean…LOL…just look at the tweet. “KSDK” is in the url he pasted right in there.

And this is the guy who’s been jumping into Jim Hoft’s timeline all week calling him out for being “dumb”.


LOL (h/t: Pakimon)

Charles Johnson Smacks Himself Down… Again.

Ferguson Brown Autopsy 1

Sorry, Charles. It does.

Ferguson Brown Autopsy 2

Charles, what is you sick obsession with Jim Hoft?

[Hat tip to Because here we go.]


I made the mistake of checking out the Fat White People’s Blog, aka The Swamp. As expected, they’re all waving the LGF Racism Flag at the Ferguson Missouri PD, dismissing the video of young thug Mike Brown assaulting a liquor store owner half his size after pilfering some cigarillos or something with his buddy.

Today there was a peaceful protest in the streets of Ferguson in support of Officer Darren Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department, no windows were broken, no shops vandalized, no arrests made, and all the lizards can do is scream “racists” with absolutely no evidence.

Here is some of the brilliance on parade:

Ferguson 2


Ferguson 3

Since nobody’s heard of CNN, thanks for the tip, Charles.

Ferguson 4

So the Ferguson Police are inciting riots and they have tanks. Right. But first a message from our sponsor:

Ferguson 5

The underage Thai Boys adverts weren’t offensive to anyone at LGF? Let’s move on.

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