Bad Craziness

Charles love to play the man under siege role. He plays the victim card hoping to win sympathy from the Left. As usual, when taken to task on twitter, he calls his critics crazy.

The only bad craziness is the alternate reality called Little Green Footballs.

Tbogg’s Cool

The subject of Raw Story came up in the (shrinking) comment section today, and CJ posted something that stood out a little bit:

cj tbogg cool

I say it stood out a little bit because I remember reading something way back when. So I fired up The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine and I found what I was looking for:

lgf 14797 tbogg


The engine also turns up this:


Charles 2004-12-29 07:06:11

And by the way, one of these Morlocks is ranting about yours truly (can you believe it?) over here.


and this:

Charles 2005-02-22 05:56:35

Tbogg now has his own front page post. Gotta love these brain-damaged, vindictive lefties. They do my work for me.

“Brain damaged, vindictive lefty!”


One has to wonder if Johnson really means any of the vitriolic thing he says about anything or anybody, then or now. After all, the distance between “brain-damaged Morlock idiotblogger” and “cool” just seems too great to make up. And of course it’s not just Tbogg. Any long time LGF reader knows that, at some pont, he’s used similar language against virtually everyone he’s now come to regard as “cool”. Kinda hard to reconcile that.

Anti-Israel Propaganda Promoted By Long-Time LGF Kapo Alouette

Viscous Bouche, children aren’t lobbing missiles into Detroit, but in your world, teenage voodoo ninja nuns are.

Where are the photos of Israeli children killed by the Palestinians? Where are the photos of damage and destruction of Israeli property by the Palestinian rockets? Where are you when it comes to defending your own relatives and ancestors unless you are a kapo?

“Judaism Rejects Zionism.” Really, Alouette? Go polish your silverware, swab your ears with a spayed cat named Charles, then tweet about it.

Alouette, you’re more than a kapo. You’re an idiotic mess.


Charles Johnson: “hard for people to feel sympathetic to Israel.”

Charles continues his Israel bashing in hopes of winning acceptance from the Left.

Israel BadKeep digging your anti-Israel hole Charles.

The resident Stalinist of LGF, Sergey Romanov joins in the anti-Israel hate.

Israel Bad2LGF is an anti-Israel hate site.

A Retweet from Charles

Posted without comment.

Did Charles even read this tweet?

Secrets of the Boiler Room EXPOSED!

BRC in The Swamp
Years ago there was only Chen Zhen, Internet Septic Tank Engineer, (the late) Nil Stooge & Engineer No.5 working on ways to mine The Swamp, and that’s how it was done back then, one-by-one. TRUE.

BTW, that’s ISTE and Bunk X in the early days of The BRC. Bunk’s the amazed one with the pink inner-tube. Chen was filming and laughing his ass off.

It’s Official. Charles Johnson & Little Green Footballs Support Radical Islam, Condemn The State Of Israel

Amazing but not surprising. Charles Johnson has been steering his website Little Green Footballs in this direction for months, yea years, and now it’s official.

Johnson is an anti-zionist pro-terrorist who won’t condemn Hamas, Hezbollah, and other recognized radical islamist terrorist groups (and rogue nations) for pursuing their ultimate goal of the complete destruction of Israel and the genocide of all Jewish people worldwide.

Did Charles Johnson even read the article he linked to?

The Times of Israel even included a subtitle to make it easy for Johnson’s massive intellect to grasp:

He wasn’t saying that he doesn’t support a two-state solution. He was saying that it’s impossible.”

And who is making it impossible? Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a negotiated cease fire, and stopped IDF from retaliating against Hamas. Hamas ignored the cease fire and escalated their attacks, including using tunnels to commit mass murder in Israeli territory. Netanyahu did what any sentient would do in that situation and had no alternative, but that’s not what this post is about.

One minute later, after writing a condemnation of both Netanyahu and Israel, what’s the next thing that crosses the mind of a blogger with the intellect of an #OccupyWallStreet drum thumper?

The Diary Of Daedelus.


Years ago I was chastised for a comment I wrote about Israel and the palestinians; I don’t remember the topic or where it was posted, but I spoke in generalities, and used a phrase similar to “if one entity does something to another entity.” I learned that (in context) pro-Israel folks take the word “entity” as a slam on the country and their sovereignity, and that anyone who uses that word in contextual conversation doesn’t recognize Israel as a Sovereign Nation. It was never my intent, but so what.

Yeah. Charles doesn’t read here, and neither does “Celtic Dragon.” Several years ago Johnson created some code that allows registered lizards on LGF to change their nics in comments, and “Celtic Dragon” did just that. She recently opted for the nic “Aunty Entity Dragon,” and it’s very telling. It’s obviously an intentional anti-Israel slam.

In the same LGF thread, Alouette posted the following tweet without comment.


After all these years of vapid leftist talking points, Alouette (aka Vicious Babushka) finally made a cognizant point. After all, it’s Hamas and others who want her, all of her relatives, and all of her progeny dead.

[Updated fixing links and typos. h/t DoD fan JayRooTheDee]


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