The Hive Attacks – Downdings for not supporting Baltimore Riots on LGF

As riots continue in Baltimore, Charles Johnson and his LGF are in full support mode. Lostlakehiker points out that riots are wrong, he gets downdinged and taken to task.

LGF Baltimore 1

Lawhawk defended the rioters.

Riots are good9It’s easy to support rioters when it’s not your property being looted.

LGF Baltimore 2

[Updated – Combined LLH’s downdings into one .png, and added William Barnett-Lewis’s claim that I don’t believe for a second. -Briareus]

10 years later

10 years ago at this time, Charles Johnson was a Bush loyalist. He supported Bush to the hilt and went after critics of the President. 10 years later, he’s still a loyalist, although now one of the current President Obama. Trying to distance himself from his past support of Bush, Charles attacks him for his criticism of Obama’s Iran policies.

What a difference 10 years makes!

LGF Hyperbole, Bollywood, a UK Sikh Sit-In, DownDings, Stalking & A 2011 Kos Flounce.

Sikh 1
Loyal Lizard Lapper “electrotek” posted a page on LGF about a non-story from Wolverhampton, about 17 miles NW of Birmingham in the heart of England. Here’s the background.

There was a Bollywood movie released recently about the founder of the Sikh religion, Guru Nanak, entitled “Nanak Shah Fakir” and it offended some due to a Sikh tenet that his image is never to be shown. In fact, the movie was banned for just that in India and elsewhere. About 50 Sikhs showed up at a screening at the Wolverhampton theater and conducted a non-violent sit-in protest that resulted in the theater owners cancelling the movie and refunding tickets.

Now let’s talk about what “electrotek” posted. The theater where the movie was scheduled to be screened is part of a 14-theater cineplex dubbed “Cineworld Wolverhampton,” a large venue for sure, but I doubt all the theaters hold the same capacity of moviegoers, and I also doubt that a Bollywood film would attract a substantial crowd. “Electrotek” copied, edited and augmented the headline from the website Express & Star, which claims that 100s were evacuated due to the protest. Compare that to The Guardian’s report that the screening was merely cancelled and dozens were turned away. So either 24+ people or 200+ people in Wolverhampton didn’t get to see a movie about a guy who died over 450 years ago, there was no violence, no one was murdered or maimed, and a handful of loudmouths successfully censored a movie in a country with no 1st Amendment Rights. BFD.

Note that the Sikhs are not Muslim, nor are they Hindi or Buddhists, but look at how “electrotek” described the protestors. Now look at this. Here are all 7 comments for that page (at the time of this post) and look who gets downdinged: the sentient one.

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Lawhawk: “The Armenian genocide is nearly a century ago.”

Lawhawk is really scraping the barrel of moonbattery with this stupid and insulting post. First off yes the  Armenian genocide was 100 years ago, the Holocaust was 70 years ago – is there a statute of limitations  on crimes against humanity? Back in 2008 candidate Barack H. Obama declared that it was time to recognize the Armenian genocide and that as president he would do so. However when his  boyfriend the odious, fascistic, anti-Semitic, and tyrannical Recip Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey pouts, Obama quivers. Hey Lawhawk, since I gathered a while ago that you were Jewish maybe we should understand German sensibilities and not ask them to recognize what they did to the Jewish people three generations ago.

“Despite Obama’s campaign promise in 2008 to “recognize the Armenian Genocide” as president, the White House on Tuesday issued a carefully worded statement on a high-level administration meeting with Armenian groups that avoided using the term “genocide.”

An administration official said Obama, who will mark the centennial this Friday, would similarly avoid using the word. The term angers Ankara, which denies that Ottoman Turks carried out a genocide.


The United States has consistently avoided using “genocide” to describe the atrocity. In 2006, the U.S. ambassador to Armenia was reportedly removed from his post because he advocated for the use of “genocide” to describe the killings.

Obama, a U.S. senator at the time, criticized the ambassador’s dismissal. Two years later, when he was running for president, he declared in a lengthy statement that he shared “with Armenian Americans — so many of whom are descended from genocide survivor — a principled commitment to commemorating and ending genocide.”

Armenian Genocide

The Flemish menace unites with the Likud threat!

Charles has been going down the anti-Israel road over the lst few years as part of his rite of passage to the Left. Last year during the Israel-Hamas conflict, Charles did his official “breaking with Israel” announcement that many of us have been predicting since 2008. Around that same time, Charles became obsessed with a anti-Islamic Rightwing Flemish party in Belgium. He considered the Vlaams Belang the greatest threat to humanity. His insane obsession with this party turned him into an anti-Flemish bigot.

Newsweek ran an article of how The Israeli Right and European Right now see eye to eye on the Islamic threat. Charles with his sick twisted convoluted mind, now considers Likud as big of a threat as The Vlaams Belang. Even worse, the Newsweek article brought the Fat loser’s paranoia to new heights. He accuses the Likud, which is a Rightwing Jewish party of being allied with “NAZIS!”

Israel-Flemish MenaceIsrael-Flemish Menace2Charles yesterday took another shot at the dreaded Likud!


Likud and Vlaams Belang are now united together! OMG, how will the world survives this Jewish-Nazi alliance ! Will you save us Charles Jonson from the Flemish menace and Likud threat?

Honestly, only Charles can be convinced that Israel would work with “Nazis.” He’s really sick deranged fat welfare sucking loser.

Another story that the corpulent loser will not cover. Too bad Melissa Harris-Perry is not a “wingnut”

The fat loser always loves to play “gotcha” with right-wingers and gives a pass to people such as Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Bill de Blasio, and the whole MSNBC crowd. Remember Melissa Harris-Perry? She was the one who put tampons as earrings on herself to make some stupid point, she also belittled the Romney family for adopting a black child? Well it seems that Miss Tampon owes $70,000 in back taxes. Shocker! Too bad it wasn’t Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter ha ha!

IRS files $70K tax lien against Harris-Perry, husband

The Internal Revenue Service has placed a tax lien on Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband, James Perry, for about $70,000 in delinquent taxes, according to a notice filed in Forsyth County Hall of Justice earlier this month.

Harris-Perry is a well-known host of an MSNBC talk show and a professor at Wake Forest University. The IRS filed the notice April 6.

In an email Wednesday, Harris-Perry said she was unaware of the tax lien but knew about the debt. She said she and her husband paid $21,721 of the debt when they filed their taxes Wednesday. The remaining debt, $48,581, covers a tax period ending Dec. 31, 2013, according to the notice.

Harris-Perry said she and her husband had been working to pay off the debt but had to deal with a series of personal crises that caused the couple to pay off the debt a lot slower than expected.

“We were aware that we would continue to need to work to pay off the 2013 debt,” she said in the email.

Harris-Perry said the couple had an official payment plan with the IRS. She said she had not had any recent conversations with the IRS and doubted that she could reach the IRS Wednesday, the deadline for millions of Americans to file their income tax returns.

Harris-Perry is a Wake Forest graduate who returned to her alma mater last year as a Presidential Chair, an endowed position at Wake Forest. She is a faculty member in the school’s Department of Politics and International Affairs.

She is also the founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race and Politics in the South, a research initiative she started at Tulane, where she previously taught. The project, named for Anna Julia Cooper, a black feminist, scholar, educator and social activist, is now at Wake Forest University.

Harris-Perry said in her email that she and her husband plan to pay off the rest of their tax debt as quickly as possible.

It Never Stops!

Charles plays the man under siege role when discussing his “stalkers.” He goes on a tirade about his critics and encourages people to file Twitter reports on anyone who criticizes him.

150418 Charles Whines About Stalkers Again

Charles, we enjoying making fun of you because you are intellectually dishonest and just plain stupid.

[Update: Combined screencaps into a single fat wad. As for Gus, we pity him and it’s no secret that we’ve offered help numerous times unlike Charles Johnson. As for Rodan’s screed, he explained it in context here, yet El Gusano and Charles Johnson keep bringing it up.]


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