B-list celebrities push Congress to accept Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, how come Mr. Toot was not asked to be in the video?

Well Morgan Freeman actually is not a B-lister but Queen Noor, Valerie Plame, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, and  Natasha Lyonne?  The last I heard about Natasha Lyonne  she was in some sort of rehab. I did not know that Thomas Pickering was a member of an Iranian group, more reason to ban diplomats from ever working for another country. The question is why did they not ask a certain corpulent, flatulent, over-the-hill, political guru who thinks deep thoughts and has a wide following of intellectuals such as Alouette, Decatur Deb, Shiplord Kirel, Kragar, etc.?

Jack Black “the Iranians love their children” – are you fucking nuts???

By the way Jack Black and Natasha Lyonne – both of whom are Jewish – those “Death to Jews” chants in Tehran include both of you.

Republicans are dangerous!

Mr. Toot goes on a hyperbolic tirade against the Republican party on Twitter. Charles claims they are a danger to world and human existence!

Mr. Toot really is a paranoid crazy man!

A question that should be posed to Mr. Toot

Believe it or not, once in awhile Chris Matthews in a moment of sobriety, actually makes a good point. He asks Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (one of the dumbest people in politics today) “What is the difference between the Democratic Party and the Socialists?”. This is because Bernie Sanders is gaining some traction in the presidential nomination and as a member of the Socialist Party who caucuses with the Democrats,  he is taking away Hillary Clinton voters. Debbie Downer (I see she has gotten her teeth fixed and has a better hair dresser then she used to have), is flabbergasted and tries to segue the question into differences between Republicans and Democrats, however Matthews will have none of it. The answer is that there is hardly any differences at all between Democrats and Socialists.

Now the question to Mr. Toot is: “What’s the difference between fascist Muslim jihadists and fat, smelly, man boobed bloggers who are apologists for them?”

Debbie Wasserman-Schulz-Neuman

[Updated just for the hell of it. –Briareus]

“Please oh please get me out of the South soon”

One of Mr. Toot’s loser minions, A Mom Anon hates living in the south. Nothing is preventing her from moving to another part of the country or keep the Facebook friends she has.

Get me out

Odds are the reason A Mom Anon lives in the south is due to a job. If there are more jobs in the south than other parts of the country, maybe that should tell her that the economic/fiscal policies pursued in the south work?

Mr. Toot is a great debater!

Mr. Toot displays his debating skills on twitter on the subject of the Planned Parenthood videos.

A very eloquent response!

Update: Mr. Toot uses the same line against another Twitter user.

I think Charles needs to expand his vocabulary.

Alouette gets deep

I never would have considered LGF’s resident Kapo Alouette a deep thinker.

Deep thoughts

Unemployed parasite from Argentina uses anti-Semitic catchphrase “Likudnik” to sanitize his Jew hatred, Mr. Toot concurs with him

Where do we being? First off Gus (a week ago) called for a “one-stae” solution to the Middle East. For those of you not in the know it is in essence  a euphemism for the destruction of Israel by having millions of people who claim to be “Palestinians” and who have been radicalized by decades of violent anti-Semitism and genocidal dreams to be given citizenship where they can vote Israel out of existence all the while engaging in Iraq/Afghanistan style terrorism. As for “Likudnik” – that is a slanderous term which tries to make a parliamentary party  – which by the way signed the Camp David accords with Egypt and foolishly withdrew from Gaza – into a party beyond the pale. Benjamin Netanyahu is not a racist or a maximalist, he is a democratic parliamentarian who builds coalitions (even with left-wing parties) and there is nothing fascistic or totalitarian about him. Likud has lost elections, won elections, and been part of many coalitions. When they have lost elections they surrendered power as required and went back into the opposition camp. On the surface why “Likudnik” has become a term of  opprobrium is perplexing – but not really. I first recall it being used by scum bag Jew hater Pat Buchanan, then by the demented Andrew Sullivan and even Barack Obama has used it, trying to make like there is a difference between the “good Israel” of Golda Meir as opposed to the “bad Israel” of Menahem Begin and Benjamin Netanyahu, somehow I doubt that if he were old enough back then,  Barack Obama would have been a fan of the Israel of Ben-Gurion,  Sharrett,  Eshkol, Rabin, Peres, Dayan, Eban, and Meir.


As for Mr. Toot – all one can do is shake ones head as he moves into Glenn Greenwald, Justin Raimondo, Andrew Sullivan, and Jim Clancy territory and I do not know if I should pity  or hate him. Charles and Gus  are two of a kind.  Both are on public subsistence even though  they are physically capable of working, both are shut ins who live on twitter where they become emboldened through a keyboard, and both are massively ignorant and embittered.


Little Green Footballs once won the “pro Israel blog Award” many, many years ago – now it has become a pale imitation of the loathsome “Mondoweiss”, “Electronic Intifada”, “Firedoglake” in its genocidal wishes for the Jewish nation. As for the Likud Party being allied with neo-Nazis – Gus and Toot are fucking nuts! Menahem Begin was opposed to Israel establishing diplomatic relations with West Germany in 1965 (he was wrong and later admitted he was wrong).


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