Charles Johnson & LGF Can’t Decide Who The Bigots / Racists / Anti-Semites Are.

Charles Johnson’s Flying Monkeys are all over the map after the recent rally disruptions (by hired professional rally disrupters) at Trump’s disrupted rallies in Albuquerque and Anaheim. Seems they can’t figure out the difference between law-abiding citizens cheering a political candidate and loudmouthed racist a-holes pushing for another Kent State Incident.

No Racism At LGF 1

Got that? But what’s an LGF FosterClock™ without a cheapshot swipe at the Catholic Church?

No Racism At LGF 2

In Johnson’s defense, at least he and his Little Green Minions loudly denounced the racist bigots who attacked a gay journalist at DePaul University. Oh wait…

LGF On The 1 Percenters: “Rip their fucking faces off.”

LGF Violence 2

Loyal Lizard-lapper Pile-on-ass Overload, aka Viscous Bouche, aka Alouette posted a page with a snippet from this:
and added her always brilliant analysis: “Holy shit these people are douchebags.”

That’s the best we can expect of Babushka The Doucheka;  however, the page drew comments from one nice fellow who even earned updings for threatening violence against the wealthy in retaliation for his own failures in life.

LGF Violence Threat Against 1 Percenters

Sure sounds like threats of domestic terrorism to me. How ’bout you, Chuck?

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