Sympathy for Darryl Green is racist

Darryl Green was a Black teenager in Chicago who was found murdered. His killers have not been apprehended and so far no outcry from the the Justice for Trayvon crew. Benn Shapiro of did a post about this tragic loss of life and lack of media attention. Instead of showing concern about the death of Darryl Green, the Race Detective accuses Ben Shapiro of racism for focusing on this murder.

Darryl Darryl2 Darryl3

The Race Detective’s reasoning for the accusation of racism is twisted logic and shows the sickness of Charles Johnson’s world view. Charles Johnson’s race based world view shows his isolation from reality.

LGF’s reaction to the George ZImmerman verdict; Update: Charles claims Culver City references are a threat!

LGF had a huge emotional investment on the Zimmerman-Martin case. George Zimmerman has been found innocent and LGF has a meltdown!

Zimmerman Zimmerman2 Zimmerman3 Zimmerman4 Zimmerman5

The LGFers’ obsession with race is pure derangement.

Update: Here are more deranged comments at LGF.


Zimmerman7 Zimmerman8 Zimmerman9 Zimmerman10

Charles joins in the rants playing the martyr role.


LGF is comedy gold tonight!

Update II: Charles now claims references to Culver City is a threat.


Charles is really paranoid and deranged.

NAZIS! [Updated]

Hoft Tea Party 1

Only behind the fevered forehead of Charles Johnson (nestled in the damp darkness somewhere between his blank black bead-button eyes and his Magical Jazzy Ponytail scrunchie) could this photo be construed as a Pro Nazi Rally, but that’s precisely what he claimed while trying to smear Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit.  What exactly is Hoft guilty of? Pulling a Breitbart.

Hoft responded to false accusations by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) that Tea Partiers are a bunch of neo-nazis by offering a reward for proof. Jazzy went scooters.

Hoft Tea Party 2

Okay. So radical grampas and grammas and mommies and daddies are neonazis for wanting to prevent the IRS from becoming a US version of Germany’s SS.  Got it.  So what was Hoft’s “Monumental Fail” that Mr.#Rumpswab refers to? An honest clarification of obvious intent, caught by a Wonkette reader. Original version:
Hoft Wonkette 1
Revised version:
Hoft Wonkette 2

Hunh. That’s a “Monumental Fail” according to someone who is notorious for editing and deleting his own words and those of other years after they were posted on LGF,  who claimed he had nothing to do with nicknaming Rachel Corrie “St. Pancake”, who couldn’t identify the State Flags of either Tennessee or Ohio, who can’t tell the difference between a menu board and a laptop, who lied about Brevik’s Manifesto, who honestly claimed Anthony Weiner’s PeniePix as his own, who claimed George Zimmerman wasn’t injured by Trayvon Martin, who supports planting racist comments on rival blogs, who doesn’t know the definition of the word “bogus” or how to pronounce the word “milieu” and who’s been reduced to licking the fetid rump-pus-infections of a blogger known as Wonkette for liberal street cred.

Chuck, you’re a mess.

Update:  The inane attack on Hoft continues. Here’s the pertinent part of the DSCC Request For Donations:

DSCC Tea Party Nazis 2

The unspoken insinuation is undeniably clear:
The Tea Party is a radical group comprised of neo-nazis.

Jim Hoft’s offer of a reward was poorly worded, but his intent was also undeniably clear:
Prove that the Tea Party supports National Socialism or STFU.
[Update: Added “St. Pancake” to the list of lies, h/t Swamprat.]

Charles Johnson Nailed It – Right into his Little Debbie

LGF Zimmerman 1

Let’s re-read Charles Johnson’s smarmy yet brilliant statement:

“ABC News has posted a police surveillance video, showing George Zimmerman on the night he killed Trayvon Martin — and Zimmerman is very obviously not injured at all. Certainly no broken nose, and no visible injuries to his head, despite the recent claims by police that he was punched in the nose by Trayvon and had his head bashed into the pavement.”


From Gateway Pundit:

“Autopsy results after the shooting revealed that Trayvon Martin had only two injuries on his body – a fatal gunshot wound and bloody knuckles.

George Zimmerman had a fractured nose, two black eyes and cuts on the back of his head following the incident.”

Brilliant racially-tinged reporting, Chuck. One more scoop of crap on the LGF scoreboard.

The Race Detective manufactures outrage over the term Afro-Peruvian!

I did a post on Blogmocracy yesterday pointing out that George Zimmerman’s maternal great-grandfather was Afro-Peruvian. Nowhere in that thread did I say George Zimmerman was black. In the Latin countries, the racist one drop rule never existed. In fact the term White/Blanco is broader than in the United States. Many Hispanics may have some Black or Native in them but they are considered White because of their appearance. That is the subject of another thread and not one I would do here on DOD. The term Afro-Peruvian was used in reference to Zimmerman’s great-grandfather and the Race Detective threw a tantrum.

Charles Johnson clearly read my post or possibly one on the same subject on another blog. He gets angry over the term Afro-Peruvian.  Kim Chunk-Cheetos claims that the term implies that George Zimmerman is Black. Nowhere have I have seen that stated other than in Charles Johnson’s imagination!

Charles Johnson is either lying or showing his belief in the racist one drop rule. Pointing out the George Zimmerman’s great-grandfather was Afro-Peruvian is not the same as claiming that Zimmerman is Black. This is just manufactured outraged from the aging, creepy Albino who wishes he was black. No blog that carried this story ever claimed George Zimmerman was Black. The point of mentioning George Zimmerman’s ancestry and his many association with Blacks is that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was not racially motivated. This is a concept lost on Charles Johnson.

The Race Detective once again is lying or has reading comprehension problems. Personally I believe he is lying and is just trying to insert himself into the George Zimmerman case to win cudos from the Left.