Another sighting of the Elusive Quixote

It seems the Elusive Quixote knows when to avoid his former paramour Icewesal. Knowing his predator is in the UK and nit around at some times, he tens to pop late afternoon and early evening. The Elusive one also stick to Global Warming threads to win applause for the ignorant at LGF. As always, he doesn’t disappoint with his latest stand up comedy routine.

The GOP is guilty of murder! The Elusive Quixote never disappoints!

The Elusive Quixote Returns!

After missing in action for more than a month, our old friend the Elusive Quixote returns!

Let’s look at the top of his latest post!


It seems the Elusive Quixote has mellowed out with his hysteria since the elusive one was last spotted on June 29th. Instead of billions will die, he’s now stating just thousands are effected by the FAA dispute. Come on Ludwig, we expect better of you!

Clearly he’s mellowed out because he fears his former paramour and failed porn actress Iceweasal is lurking. How long the Elusive Quixote stays around at LGF is a mystery! His sightings have been less frequent over the last 6 months. Maybe he’s an endangered species!

Update: The Elusive Quixote explains his absense.

The Elusive Quixote has been busy hiding from Iceweasal!

The Sage of Culver City baits the Elusive Quixote

When I first saw this thread, I though it was a flying pig moment. Icarus Amin actually was condemning a Leftist!

Clearly Charles was correct about the disgusting nature of  Ed Shultz, but it was a trick. He did this post, to bait his puppet master’s nemesis: The Elusive Quixote.

Charles warns the Elusive Quixote, that slut is an offensive term. Clearly Ludwig is on thin ice with the Sage of Culver City.

Ludwig didn’t back down and claims he supports feminism.

The Elusive Quixote continues defending using slurs  against Conservative women.

The Elusive decides he should get of the subject of female pejoratives.

The Elusive Quixote, knows he is marked by Iceweasal. Ever the complaint Puppet, Charles  did this thread was to bait Ludwig and give him rope to hang himself. His blog survival instincts kicked in and he stops digging. Today was a close call. Will the Elusive Quixote continue to avoid Iceweasal’s traps or will he become her victim?

The Return of the Elusive Quixote

Our old friend LudwigVanQuixote has return. After being attacked by the Failed Porn star’s gang and warned by her puppet Charles, he returns. A video is circulating that shows climate scientists rapping.

This raises Ludwig’s hope and pay attention to his favorite verse.

The small town college Physics teacher shows his misogynist side. He thinks that verse will make the song popular with the pop music crowd. However, Slumbering Behemoth throws cold water on Ludwig’s hopes.

Ludwig didn’t appear on the rest of the thread. He once again disappears before Iceweasel and her gang can target him for his oral sex reference.

I have faith t Elusive Quixote will be sighted again! He’s out there watching and lurking!