Charles Johnson Opines on the Assassinations of Innocents in Texas.

No class, no compassion, no sympathy. The man who finally brought the insane killer down, Stephen Williford, was a member of the NRA and an instructor on the use of firearms. Never mind that the killer was already identified as dangerous and deranged by the Federal Government and wouldn’t have been allowed to purchase weapons had existing laws and procedures been enforced.

Charles, please tell us. What does it feel like to be a lying craven suckpuppet?

Keep echoing fabricated lies, Charles, and we’ll keep mocking you as a large pathetic dollop of protostupid with a 64 year old ponytail. BTW, how is Mr. Mossberg doing these days?

Then there be this:


St. Charles hates Texas

Texas is out performing the rest of the nation economically. While St. Charles of Johnson’s California is the economic sick man of this country. Alaska Kim bragged about being from Texas. Charles answers as if being a Texan is an insult.

The Sage of Culver City is mad he never decided to move there. Maybe he would have a job and be a productive member of society. Instead he lives off donations from 20 year old sociology majors.

Charles shows envy once again!