Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs Calls Kanye West an Uncle Tom.

Charles didn’t say it specifically, but his message is unmistakably loud and clear:

“Get back on the plantation, boy.”

What a two-faced hypocritical racist a-hole. Put on your white hood and update your selfie. Show us your Klan face. Charles, you’re a mess.

Ted Nugent is now a White Supremacist

Now Ted Nugent is a White Supremacist. The Sage of Culver City has decreed it so!

So appearing on a Radio Show makes you a racist. Charles really is an intellectual child.

Daedalus Note: The Sage of Culver City shows his great political analysis.

I’m surprised he didn’t claim Ron Paul ordered Huckabee not to run!

Musical interlude from King Minos…

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