Charles Johnson Opines about GOP House Whip Steve Scalise.

Who gives a Johnson, really? But after the attempted mass murder of Republicans warming up for baseball practice for a charity game by a 66 year-old deranged Bernie Sanders supporter, Charles is suddenly quiet, and we all know why. He’s quietly smiling.

Were it not for the presence of Congressman Scalise, there would have been mass murder. No one was armed except for the gunman and Scalia’s own security team, and the local police who showed up after the firefight. As far as we know Charles’ has said nothing about the victims of the shooting.

So we decided to go #LGF dumpster diving to see if Johnson had ever commented about Congressman Scalise, and we found a pile of stupid. Google the titles and collect ’em all!

If you really need a heavier dose of LGF idiocy, click here.



Not funny

Over at LGF I saw someone link to a cartoon mocking Steve Scalise as a KKK member.

Not Funny

This is not funny at all. Steve Scalise is an Italian Catholic and the KKK hate Catholics. Italians are not considered whites by the KKK and would lynch them just they would Blacks, Jews or Hispanics. This is not funny and shows how disgusting LGF is.

As someone who is 1/4 Italian and has friends and family who are Italians, I will let the LGFers in on something. Italians hate white supremacists like the KKK.

Charles should be ashamed of himself for allowing this to be posted. But then again, we are dealing with an evil souless man who has no shame.