Blind Squirrel Charles Johnson Fails To Find The Nut. Again.

Two Americans and five Argentinians were killed, and a dozen others injured, by a self-admitted islamic terrorist who was granted a permanent VISA under a bizarre program that has something to do with diversity, the late Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer. What other hidden government programs sponsor this kind of dangerous idiocy, and what does Charles Johnson think?

Charles couldn’t be bothered as he’s apparently getting all his important news analysis from people like  Stephen Colbert.

I don’t know Babs, but I do know this. Charles, you’re a mess.


Charles Johnson’s $79.95 Single Asian Women, Stephen Colbert and Rush Limbaugh

Charles Johnson on Rush Limbaugh
Let’s see, where to start:  Charles Johnson’s cut and paste from TalkingPointsMemo, or what Limbaugh actually said with regards to Colbert.

The latter doesn’t matter, as Limbaugh has stated repeatedly that he doesn’t care who picks who or why for a late night television show that relatively few watch. Limbaugh can defend himself against an odd manufactured controversy, which was his point to begin with. Somehow Johnson doesn’t quite grasp the irony, and chooses to be a parrot instead.

The last time we checked, parrots don’t have ponytails, yet they have cloacae, so Johnson’s the odd bird by default.

Since Limbaugh put Johnson on the map by mentioning LGF several times on air (in reference to Johnson’s co-option and publication of the works of Buckhead and Jeremy Chrysler) we find it a bit disingenuous on Johnson’s part to be biting the ankles of those who created Little Green Footballs’ popularity in the first place.

Charles Johnson Rush Limbaugh

It’s understandable, given Johnson’s schoolgirl #brasnapper tactics that he would throw major players/benefactors like Limbaugh and Breitbart under the bus, despite their open and trusting benevolence to him. Guess Johnson has a problem with Larry Elder, too – for SOME reason.

Don’t ask us. Ask Oliver Willis.

Charles, you’re a mess.


P.S.  LOL @ Oil Ticks. “Yes, but.” He said it but he didn’t mean it. This is exactly why Johnson’s mocked as The #Rumpswab Extraordinaire.