Battle for the LGF Tweet Counter: Episode IV

Well, it’s been more than a week, and Johnson still refuses to correct, own-up to, or clarify the “retweet” counters and the related deceptive mischaracterization regarding them (although we have noticed that CJ has refrained from any further bragging about the counts since our revelation).  It would appear that, as far as he’s concerned, a “retweet” and a “click” continue to be the same thing.(?)

But wait! Today there’s a Sekrit Thread! I seem to recall the last time LGF had one of those; it was so that CJ could set the record straight about being caught with a busted “views” counter…in private. So it stands to reason that this cyber-huddle with the cultists was called to discuss this latest matter with the tweets.

And thanks to some brave souls who dared to go undercover, we find that we shall not be disappointed:


“Apparently”?  “some confusion”?

Ummm….newsflash…CJ’s the one who’s been calling them “retweets” this whole time!

(click for the montage)

So confusing…Is he being deliberately obtuse? Or is he really that dumb?

Anyway, as we’ve pointed out before, the mischaracterization is especially vivid when it comes to the member-authored LGF Pages, as they are not only ranked by number of “tweets” in a special section of the left sidebar:

..but in the right sidebar, the “recent” and “featured” Pages include their own “tweets” counter:

And when you visit one of the Pages, roll your mouse over the counter, and you still see this:

I know we’re getting into dead horse territory, but the number being displayed both on the main page and in the “Pages” section cannot be referred to as “tweets”, “retweets”, or viewed as having any connection to twitter at all.  CuriousLurker’s Page didn’t get 1000+ “tweets” there (we’re waiting to see if he jumps up and down, btw).

Bottom line: We aren’t contending that CJ didn’t explain how the counters really work when they were originally implemented.  We know he did. But he’s continuing to embarrass himself by representing those counts as equivalent to the numbers produced by every other blog’s tweet counter (including ours), and naturally we feel obligated to say something (since all the fact-checkers at the swamp have either left, or been scared into silence).  We’re trying to help here!