Reagan had nothing to do with ending the Cold War

LGF’s resident Kapo, makes a clown out of herself once again. She claims that Ronald Reagan had nothing to do with ending of the Cold War.

Reagan did nothing

Ignorance is bliss over at LGF!

Charles shows his historical ignorance on Angola

Charles Johnson continues his Jihad against Reagan’s 1980’s Cold War era policies towards South Africa. He tweets out a picture of Reagan meeting Angolan anti-Communist guerrilla leader Joseph Savimbi.


Charles Johnson i retweeting a very historically inaccurate description of Joseph Savimbi. He was the leader of Unita which was an anti-Communist guerrilla group during the Angolan Civil War. They opposed the (then Marxist) MPLA regime which was allied with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Unita was allied with South Africa who provided fighters to assist them against MPLA and Cuban troops. The only members of the ANC that Savimbi killed MK  (Spear of the Nation) guerrillas fighting on the side of the MPLA and Cubans in Angola.

Charles will forever be  linker and not a thinker!

Charles Johnson: “You should have heard what I said about Reagan in the 1980s.”

Charles Johnson’s hatred of Ronald Reagan continues to be on full display. He is angry at R.S. McCain’s post ripping into Charles Johnson’s talking points on Reagan and Apartheid. Rather than admit that his allegations that Reagan supported Apartheid and forced Mandela to ally with Castro were false,  he goes on the attack via Twitter.

Charles is just a smear merchant and is not a paradigm of deep thinking.