Charles is Selling, but Nobody’s Buying

After having spent most of the last 7 years demolishing his once popular (i.e. potentially self-sustaining or even profitable) blog, Charles finds himself reduced to begging. Back on May 6th, he started a fundraiser on gofundme, stating, “Advertising helps, but it doesn’t cover all our costs.” Shocker there.

The public reaction to Charles’ plea was swift and underwhelming. 80% of the contributions to date came in the first 4 days, and after one month, Charles remains well shy of his stated $10,000 goal:


Presented below are some of Charles’ comments down through the years on the subject of blogs ads, and the costs to run LGF. Next to each comment is a graph illustrating where along the LGF’s growth/decline the comment was made.


Ah. Good times and promising trends.


Dis here is a Classy Establishment


Like I said, Classy


The Blogger Code of Ethics requires my silence in this matter


I don’t need no busty babes around here, I’m a Player!


The ads are more than paying LGF’s expenses at this point. Note that “at this point”, LGF had lost about half of its traffic during the previous 6 months.


The Code is more like a set of guidelines…


There were no popups ads coming from LGF before there were popup ads coming from LGF.

Finally, here’s a collage of classy ads screen-captured from LGF today.
I call it “War (on Women) Profiteering“.


Update (ChenZhen): also worth noting, and excerpt from the infamous NYT write-up in early 2010:

Johnson’s desk is flanked by a keyboard and an electric guitar, which he still plays, though not professionally. “The touring thing, when you’re younger — it’s nice and glamorous,” he said. “I’ve been to most of the continents in the world — the only big country I’ve missed is Russia, I think. I would probably still be doing it if the blog hadn’t taken off the way it did. If someone were to come to me and offer me a couple million dollars to go tour for six months, I wouldn’t say no. But at this point, the blog is more than meeting my needs, financially.” (He declines to characterize how much money he makes.)

We assume that 7-figure gig offer hasn’t yet materialized?

LGF 2014: The State of The Swamp

This third and probably final entry in the 2014 year end series looks at the overall state of LGF – the weblog covering issues dear to both conservatives and US liberals (current dmoz description).

LGF: Bringing You Thinning Content Since 2007

Way back in 2010, Cato the Elder declared that the content at LGF was becoming “a bit thin”.   His LGF account survived for about 13 minutes.  Of course, he was correct.  At that time, the number of front page posts had already declined more than 50% from the 2007 peak.   His comment is even more apropos* now with the post count having declined 7 years in a row — by another 50% since he left.

*note for Charles who doesn’t read here: apropos is correctly pronounced /a-prə-ˈ/, a·pruh·poe .


For the fourth year in a row, LGF again lowered its all-time record for fewest front page posts.

LGF: Bringing You Fewer Commenters Every Year Since 2007


The Swamp is becoming something of a puddle as the number of unique commenters fell for the 7th consecutive year. The breadth of the commenting community at LGF has declined by 94% from its peak in 2007.

LGF: The Conversation No One Wants To Join


In 2014, the number of first time commenters dropped to an all-time low of 165, a mere 4% of the 4400 that joined the conversation in 2007.

LGF: Charles at the Bottom?

Thinner content, fewer commenters, fewer new commenters, but comment volume went UP for the first time since 2008. Is this the bottom of the slide?



LGF 2013: The State of the Swamp

As disgusting people, right wing loons and basketcases, obsessed freaks, weirdos,  nutjobs, lunatics, and obsessive obnoxious abusive sick deranged creepy psycho stalkers, it is only natural that we should take a moment to reflect on the year that was and assess the State of the Swamp 2013.

5 Consecutive Years of Double-Digit Decline
2013allyearsLowest Comment Activity in 11 Years2013allyearsFewest Number of Front Page Posts Ever2013postcountKings (and Queens) of the Swamp

  • Gus scores a three-peat, though for the first time he had a serious challenger
  • It took only 10 individuals to post 34% of the comments (down from 51 in 2007)
  • Charles is now one of the top 10 commenters on his own blog

2013top10Stay obsessed you deranged freaks and have a psychotic 2014.

LGF 2012: The Year in Review

As 2012 draws to a close and we pause to reflect on the year passed and contemplate the year ahead, it’s only natural that we may find ourselves pondering of some of life’s eternal questions. For instance,

Q1: How many consecutive years can a once prominent blog suffer double-digit declines in comment volume before it finally bottoms out?

A:  At least four.

Q2: Has the size of the commenting community at this once prominent blog continued to shrink as well?

A:   Yes it has. In 2007, it took 118 people to provide 50% of the comments for the year. By contrast, in 2012 it only took 21:


Of the top 21 contributors in 2007, only 2 remain. However, in the face of all this decline and shrinkage, Gus had his most productive year ever, posting more than 31000 times and setting a few records in the process:

  • Gus set the record for most posts in one year by a person not named Sharmuta or MandyManners.
  • Gus wrote more comments than the next two posters combined.   Unprecedented.
  • Gus accounted for a record 7.6% of all comments (previous record: Gus, 2011, 4.4%)
  • Two years running, Gus flopped 5 rungs up the all time poster list, kind of like a salmon:


Q3: Is this once prominent blog content with the whole echo chamber mil-yo it’s cultivated during the last few years?

A:   Apparently yes. 2012 added only about 200 nics to the rolls of LGF commenters, down about 95% from the 4360 added in 2007.

Q4:  But did this new blood rejuvenate the commentary bringing greater diversity of experience, viewpoint, and opinion?  2012newblood

A: Uh, no. Unlike the Class of 2007 which jumped right into the conversation, the Class of 2012 were mostly lurkers, contributing a mere 2% of this year’s comments.

Happy New Year from the BRC!

Tales from the LGF Decline: Memeorandum

Once upon a time, there was a blog that was sort of included in the broader debate in the ‘sphere whenever the day brought some interesting news.  Lately, however, we’ve noticed that this blog isn’t included, with increasing frequency.  Who’s missing?

Anyone?  Oh yea:

Upon further inspection, there is a trend here.  With regard to memeorandum (the popular and universally referenced aggregator of political web links) LGF actually fell from its pedestal long ago…

From their “leaderboard” (their most frequently linked sites, by 30 day period) the first searchable date for this is Sept. 30, 2007, where memeorandum ranked it, impressively, here:

Wow.  Back then, LGF was referenced more than CBS and MSNBC.  But by March ’08, it had begun to sink a bit, down to #50.  By November of the same year, it was down to #85. Come March ’09, CJ’s site had completely fallen off the top 100 sites. Did it ever return? Well, you tell us, but I don’t think so (Go ahead, pick a date).

So…the leaderboard today? Well, those spots have shifted a bit:

(Upon another take, I’m sure Johnson would thank his 2008 self, for making the ride into the sunset as comfortable as possible).

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