And the Mystery LGFer Is…

Last night, Walter gave us a snippet from his email inbox, and we were left to guess who the lizard author was.  Here’s the snip:


What a turn around the place has gone through. I’m a bit surprised, myself. It’s turning into the exact mirror image of what it used to be. I can’t say I’ve always agreed with you, or with the tone you sometimes take, but dammit – what else are you supposed to do? Those folks have no desire to engage in a conversation or a dialogue, they just want their own biases confirmed.”

We allowed for plenty of time for visitors to enter their guesses, Walter has handed us the envelope, and we’re now ready to end this round. Ladies and gentlemen, “stalkers” and loozards, the author of the above quote is…

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The Sage of Culver City comforts the Queen of the Damned update: Reine is not a Snitch

Resident snitch, Reine de Tout, also known as the Queen of the Damned, claims to be a Conservative and a Catholic. However, when her beloved Emperor Hero Cheetos trashes her faith, she sits back and goes along with it. Clearly she has no spine or self-respect.

Resident clown and trolling agents of Charles, Space Jesus, says Republicans are racists.  It then dawns on Reine that LGF is an inhospitable place.

Albusteve backs her assertions that LGF hates Conservatives.

Albusteve points out that Space Jesus isn’t funny with his racist charge.

Charles chimes in with a lie. He claims that Space Jesus doesn’t speak for him. When the truth is that all that his pet troll did was repeat the same propaganda he has stated on his blog repeatedly. The Sage of Culver City had blessed the clown’s trolling on other blogs and his rants. So it’s interesting that Chuck tells The Queen of the Damn that’s she’s welcome at LGF!

If it was any other Conservative he would have banned them. But why she gets special treatment? The reason is that snitched out posters who were forming a separate blog. She also has defended him from the criticism that he’s anti-Catholic when he clearly is. Being a snitch and a self loather gets rewarded in the court of Emperor Hero Cheetos.

The Reine drama then continues.

No, Queen of that damned, what you need is some spine!

So we see why she’s accepted. She’s really not a Conservative and has joined the Left to please the Emperor. Clearly this is a pathetic woman with no self respect.

Albusteve gets it. The minions of The Sage of Culver City and his Porn Star master are ruthless. He understands that you need to react forcefully to them since they have no respect for her. They may not like Albusteve, but they respect him because he will not back down. Reine is not respected and she has none for herself either. She’s the Queen of the damned and a resistant whipping post.

Note: This is the last post you will see on Reine. She’s friends with someone I respect and because of their wish I will not do anymore threads on her. Also, she wasn’t a snitch and it was all a misunderstanding. My apologies and treat this thread as just mockery.

The Queen of Ignorance who is a self hating Catholic and a pinata for the left on LGF is stunned. She is shocked all her ass kissing she did  by throwing conservatives under the bus would get reciprocity. Instead they’re lamenting the canceling of Keith Olbermann’s contract.

Reine, you are  useful idiot. You have turned on your Church and political beliefs to please the LGF leftists. They don’t respect you, they mock you.

2010 DoD Awards Voting: The Irish Rose

The DoD award for most obnoxious sycophant will henceforth be referred to as the Irish Rose (for obvious reasons), and after a round of nominations, I think we’re ready to vote on it.

For your selection, consider the the activity of these lizards both on and off LGF itself, as fawning praise and hard work done to please the Grand Lizardoid can extend beyond the walls of the cult and reach to other sites (and even public displays).  Their actions did not go unnoticed.

Note:  This poll software is a 3rd party thing, so there is no way for the admin at DoD to determine who voted for who.  This also means that our LGF lurkers have nothing to fear if they want to participate in the voting themselves.  The poll is set to block repeat votes by cookie (no multiple choice, but technically multiple votes are possible), and to show the percentages (as opposed to total votes).  Voting will remain open for 24 hrs.