A Week’s Worth of Little Green Footballs Headlines: What’s Missing?


[Hint: It’s round on the ends and high in the middle.]

Charles Johnson Can’t Decide Whose Side He’s On Re: Boston Terrorists

Charles Johnson has been spazzing out for the past few days trying to defend radical islam and find targets to attack (including -surprise- Pamela Geller, Jim Hoft, Glenn Beck and the late Andrew Breitbart). Because the terrorists were self-described radical islamists, Charles just can’t bring himself to call them what they are: MUSLIM TERRORISTS.
Boston Bomber LGF 2

What motivated the terrorists? Really? How ’bout radical islam, Chuck? C’mon, say it.

Only a few hours previously, Charles claimed that conservatives wanted the surviving fugitive terrorist alive in order to torture him for intel.

Boston Bomber LGF 1

Charles you’re rocking now. Please don’t stop.

The principles embodied in the Oath are codified in Section 337(a) in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), which provides that all applicants shall take an Oath that incorporates the substance of the following:

1.  Support the Constitution;

2.  Renounce and abjure absolutely and entirely all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which the applicant was before a subject or citizen;

3.  Support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

4.  Bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and

A. Bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; or

B. Perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; or

C. Perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law.

Update: Conditions for Revocation of US Citizenship

Daedalus Addendum: Charles takes a shot at Pam Geller in a post about the capture of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Boston Bomber LGF 2Swipe at Pam 2Swipe at Pam 3

Pam Geller is the center of Charles Johnson’s world.  He ties her to every current event as if she’s responsible for all the world’s ills. The truth is he still can’t get over the fact she has rejected him.

Get a life loser!


Update: It’s a Downding Festival!

Boston Bomber LGF 3

The Ruse and Fail of Little Green Footballs: Part I – Overview

This is Part 1 of a multi-part monograph about a blog named Little Green Footballs and its founder Charles Foster Johnson. Although he will likely consider it a “hit-piece,” the intention is nothing of the sort. The purpose is merely to illustrate a microcosm of the blogosphere, the history and dynamics of a once-prominent blog and its founder, without judgment, prejudice, hyperbole, vitriol or snark. We’ve attempted to present an unbiased story based on factual evidence, citing sources when necessary.

Some of the following is by necessity purely anecdotal and/or speculative; however, objectivity is the goal. We don’t intend for this monograph to be a comprehensive summary of the history of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs, as it spans more than a decade. There’s just too much to cover in detail, so we’ve chosen to illustrate specific events – a general timeline with commentary.

This documentary was compiled over a span of months (indeed some of the referenced work goes back years) with the majority written prior to the untimely demise of Andrew Breitbart. Those sections where he is mentioned have not been rewritten to reflect his passing.

So with that out of the way, let’s take a curious trip down memory lane. –Ed.

Part 1 – Overview
Part 2 – The Ascendance of Charles Johnson and LGF
Part 3 – The Bannings
Part 4 – The Flounces
Part 5 – The Turnaround
Part 6 – Current Events & The Future Of LGF

Bonus track: Revisiting Rathergate

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