Charles is Selling, but Nobody’s Buying

After having spent most of the last 7 years demolishing his once popular (i.e. potentially self-sustaining or even profitable) blog, Charles finds himself reduced to begging. Back on May 6th, he started a fundraiser on gofundme, stating, “Advertising helps, but it doesn’t cover all our costs.” Shocker there.

The public reaction to Charles’ plea was swift and underwhelming. 80% of the contributions to date came in the first 4 days, and after one month, Charles remains well shy of his stated $10,000 goal:


Presented below are some of Charles’ comments down through the years on the subject of blogs ads, and the costs to run LGF. Next to each comment is a graph illustrating where along the LGF’s growth/decline the comment was made.


Ah. Good times and promising trends.


Dis here is a Classy Establishment


Like I said, Classy


The Blogger Code of Ethics requires my silence in this matter


I don’t need no busty babes around here, I’m a Player!


The ads are more than paying LGF’s expenses at this point. Note that “at this point”, LGF had lost about half of its traffic during the previous 6 months.


The Code is more like a set of guidelines…


There were no popups ads coming from LGF before there were popup ads coming from LGF.

Finally, here’s a collage of classy ads screen-captured from LGF today.
I call it “War (on Women) Profiteering“.


Update (ChenZhen): also worth noting, and excerpt from the infamous NYT write-up in early 2010:

Johnson’s desk is flanked by a keyboard and an electric guitar, which he still plays, though not professionally. “The touring thing, when you’re younger — it’s nice and glamorous,” he said. “I’ve been to most of the continents in the world — the only big country I’ve missed is Russia, I think. I would probably still be doing it if the blog hadn’t taken off the way it did. If someone were to come to me and offer me a couple million dollars to go tour for six months, I wouldn’t say no. But at this point, the blog is more than meeting my needs, financially.” (He declines to characterize how much money he makes.)

We assume that 7-figure gig offer hasn’t yet materialized?

Pop-Up “Problems”

We’ve gotten our laughs from this before, since there was a time when teh Johnson decried the use of sneaky pop-up ads on websites as a “cynical, manipulative technique”. Fast forward a few years and we see that CJ proudly uses them as a nuisance in an attempt to garner monthly subscription rates that are more expensive than what Netflix charges.

Today, it would appear that CJ’s increased the pop-up attack, as at least one loozard felt like saying something:

aa cheap pay pop upsYep, if you think that it’s weird or off-putting that you get inundated with annoying pop ups with every click on a website, well, you’re just CHEAP!

The slightly uncomfortable exchange here forced Johnson to respond:

cj pop up probs


evil look into it


Protip for teh Lizardoid

It’s been almost 2 years since Johnson introduced the $10/mo. subscription to LGF, a “feature” that frees members from the burden of viewing all those annoying advertisements on the site (and presumably allowing the pages to load faster). We’re not quite sure how successful this has been for him, ’cause the subject doesn’t seem to come up very much. These days, it’s easy to have an ad blocker on your browser (for free), so I’m going to assume that there aren’t many takers on this. Consider that a Netflix or HuluPlus membership runs just $7.99; I think it’s safe to say that CJ has a bit of an over-inflated sense of worth attached to what he’s producing.

Regardless, he’s still pushing it, as seen in the sidebar:

What Johnson might want to try instead is an idea that I stumbled upon on a popular dating site. First, rein in the rate a little bit (or a lot, ’cause let’s face it, the value ain’t there), and embed a clever message for visitors who are using the ad blockers:

That might make it a little easier to profit off the labor of legitimate journalists and unemployed Loozards, I think.

Overnight Pop-Up

Our series of mockeries of pop-up ads and their ironic source marches onward….

…in the form of an open thread.

The LGF blocked.xlsx

The Boiler Room is pleased to release a rather handy file, as engineer No. 2 had been compiling a list of account profiles on LGF.  Like this:

There’s a lot of them, but it’s easy to filter out the blocked ones. The spreadsheet of the banned includes sortable account statistics for “karma”, “comments”, “links”, “reg(istration) date”, “reg. year”, “reg. time”:

3,873 confirmed blocked nics (and stats).

This also reveals an interesting statistic relating to the crawl toward 9 million comments. If you know basic excel, you can sum the columns and see that the blocked members contributed over 3.5 million of them (at least; current snapshot: 3,526,393/8,959,817 = 39.4%). Please note: we make no claim that this list is exhaustive (for example, we know that Gordon is banned, but we don’t have his data).

But wait!

As an interactive bonus, if any of you lurkers out there can provide stats for a banned lizard who didn’t make the list, we’ll throw in this authentic LGF pop-up ad, in full size!

Send it direct to The Boiler Room:

(and yes, fake emails work, if you must.)

Update: The comments and emails are coming in, and its becoming clear that there is a lot more lizard profile data yet to be found.  This shall be a work in progress, and we’ll try to post updates periodically with the latest totals.

Also, I forgot to note that our 3.5 million number here is a tad low, as those ex-LGFers who’ve had their old comments obliterated (mass [deleted]) aren’t included in this total, while they are included in CJ’s crawl toward 9 million. These are thousands and thousands of comments from folks like Iron Fist, buzzsawmonkey, taxfreekiller, song and dance man, etc.

So, it is likely that the % is actually over 40.  Perhaps considerably higher.

Wednesday Night Pop-Up

While the Boiler Room boys are busy tinkering with stuff,  here’s another one to add to the collection; it got past Chrome again:


This Google Chrome thing might be good for this series.  I wonder if I can collect all of them.  Suppose it’s even possible?

(I know most DoD readers are familiar with why we post LGF pop-up ads as open threads, but in case you missed it.)

Sneaky Pop-ups III: 50 Cent

The “cynical, manipulative technique” is back! This one flew past Google Chrome like it wasn’t even there and splatted on the windshield of my new computer, only this time Windows 7 gave it a little more “flair”. Another specimen for my collection, caught while entering el pantano de LGF:


Incidentally, the stash of pennies in the ad buys about a day and a half worth of… the privilege to avoid seeing it.  Or, we could say that we’d need 240 more of these to buy a year’s worth of “protection”.

hmmm…maybe we’ll see one for…GOLD!