Little Green Footballs’ Independence Day Celebration 2019

So yesterday I decided to put on the waders and wander into The Swamp Of The Lizard Lappers to see how they celebrated Independence Day. I found no surprises. The place is a cesspool of irrational hatred.

[Hey, HappyWarrior, you’re an idiot, and Little Green Snotblobs is a great place to display your ignorance. It’s intuitively obvious to the casual observer that everything you know about Jefferson came from here.]

Then they went on to bash Ivanka Trump with photoshops. What that had to do with Independence Day is a non-sequitur, but they completely missed the irony of the image posted by “Gocart Mozart”:

Breaking News: The Pie Overlord, aka Alouette, aka  @viciousbabushka is still suspended from Twitter. 😀

LGF SPOTS NEW PHOTOSHOP – and misses the story

Years ago, one of the attractions of Little Green Footballs was the lizards’ talent for spotting and exposing altered images, particularly those published by The Guardian, Reuters and Al-Jazeera. Loyal Lizard Lapper Gus_802 is the first to uncover the underhanded photo manipulation by left-wing media personality and liberal pundit David Sirota.

Gus on Sirota Snowden

A couple of things to note. The article is posted in the LGF category of “wingnuts” and it’s obvious that Gus didn’t read the Sirota op-ed, doesn’t know who he is, and didn’t click through the links to find the real story. No wonder why Gus_802’s only written contribution, aside from the inane title, is “Submitted without comment.”

Sirota is upset with Obama, the NSA, defends Edward Snowden and even claims that Obamadrones killed an innocent teenage U.S. Citizen (more about that in a minute). Here’s the link to Sirota’s post:

Sirota’s screed was a rehash of a BuzzFeed post by Benny Johnson:

Johnson (no relation to Charles) posted anonymous quotes of Pentagon officials and military intelligence officers who depise what Snowden did – for good reason – and the damage he caused in the fight against terrorism, including this quote:

On the ground, intelligence workers certainly say the damage has been done. The NSA officer complained that his sources had become “useless.” The Army intelligence officer said the revelations had increased his “blindness.”

“I do my work in a combat zone so now I have to see the effects of a Snowden in a combat zone. It will not be pretty,” he said.

“By [Snowden] showing who our collections partners were, the terrorists have dropped those carriers and email addresses,” the DOD official said. “We can’t find them because he released that data. Their electronic signature is gone.”


Anwar al-Awlaki was an American-born muslim imam, a militant islamic terrorist affiliated with Al-Quaeda as a recruiter, described by Saudi news as “the Bin-Laden of the Internet,” and even the Yemeni government was trying to find him. Anwar al-Awlaki was eventually targeted and killed in a drone strike. His son and some others were killed in a precision UAV attack a few days later. Not too tough to connect the dots on this one. Yeah, drones killed an innocent 16 year old boy. Way to defend terrorism, Sirota.
But Gus and LGF ignored all that, focusing instead on an image of Obama trying to appear Vladimir Putinish with an inserted pic of Obama supporter, national security vandal and espionage turncoat Edward Snowden. Pheeew.

The Ruse and Fail of Little Green Footballs: Part IV – The Flounces

This is Part 4 of a monograph about a blog named Little Green Footballs and its founder Charles Foster Johnson. Click the links below for related posts. They will be updated as the series continues.
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Bonus track: Revisiting Rathergate


In contrast to The Bannings, there were many who saw the writing on the wall at Little Green Footballs. Rather than wait for Charles Johnson’s own sock puppet “Stinky Beaumont” to fetch the banning stick, they decided to leave voluntarily. Most just walked away quietly, but there were many who wanted to have one last word before they left. These comments were referred to as “flounces.”

The record of “flounces” is sparse, as once a member of Little Green Footballs announced that he/she was leaving, Johnson would delete the comment, often within seconds, depriving other lizards and the public from reading the complaint. Once a lizard “flounced” he/she was no longer welcome, and was mocked by the remaining hive of LGF supporters. No matter how popular or prolific the “flouncer” had been at LGF, he/she was instantly demonized and smeared as someone who shouldn’t have been allowed to post in the first place.

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Courtesy of Dr. Bulldog

Dr. Bulldog recently stumbled upon the wonders of Diary of Daedalus after witnessing #brasnapper #rumpswab @Lizardoid repeatedly stepping on his own pugsley in front of the entire Twittersphere.

Every time I think that there’s nothing more to post about Charles Johnson & Little Green Footballs, either Chuck does something stupid (like that’s a rarity) or someone new shows up to the Mockery Party.

Thanks for the image, Doc. Stop by and say Howdy.