Charles thinks passport was planted, round up the usual suspects (creationists, Right-wingers, Vlaams, Belang, the Mossad – fill in the blanks)

Despite the terror attacks on Paris by ISIS, Mr. Toot continues to harp on the reaction against the attack. Many Americans oppose bringing in Syrian refugees that ISIS has infiltrated. Charles attacks them and even claims that the Syrian passport belonging to one of the terrorists was planted. He insinuates the Right planted the passport. As for Alouette and her idiocy regarding the 9/11 hijackers passports being found in the wreckage of the World Trade Center (memo to Leah: the planes pretty much disintegrated.  I guess she believes teh treasured fable so dear to the syphilitic minds of the Internet about the “dancing Israelis” who were spotted celebrating the WTC attacks, as well as  the story put out by Hezbollah TV that 4,000 Israelis were warned to stay away from the WTC on 9/11 (or was it just 4,000 Jews?)  “Hey David Greenberg, this is the Mossad, listen don’t go to work tomorrow, yeah something big is going down at the World Trade Center, and do not under any circumstances tell your non Jewish friends and family members who work there too”).  I will bet that Fart Man will soon adopt the standard Justin Raimondo/Glenn Greenwald/Max Blumenthal/Alex Jones technique of “I am not accusing anyone, I am  just asking questions” to cover his palpable Jew hatred.  As for the self-proclaimed and not so  scholarly lawhawk – you sure write long winded stream of consciousness posts but you actually say nothing.





Sergey Romanov show sanity by disputing the idea that a Syrian passport was planted to smear the refugees.

Passport5Alouette displays her stupidity.

Passport6After Sergey’s call  out, Charles claims it could be the terrorists.





Lawhawk chimes in with a long rant that says absolutely nothing.


To top off this stupidity, Charles goes on rant about the opposition to taking in refugees.


It is because ISIS kills Christians that these Governors do not want Syrian refugees who have been infiltrated by this organization to be allowed into their states.


Charles is more concerned with conservative reactions to the Paris attacks

As is typical of the Left, instead of being upset at the ISIS terror attacks on Paris, Charles is more concerned about how conservatives are reacting to it.

Paris Paris2 Paris3 Paris4 Paris5

Nice priorities you have there Charles. No matter how much you suck up to Islamists, they will not remove that Fatwa on you.