There’s Being “Wrong”, and Then There’s “Wrong, Like the Lizardoid”

The last few days has been especially busy down here in The Boiler Room, and even if CJ decided to turn off the older archived comments (yet again), we still have quite a bit to work with. After all, when it comes to this revelation that Bin Laden has been alive all these years, the Grand Lizardoid wouldn’t know how to begin to stuff old articles into the memory hole.

Fortunately, however, we do, but first we’re going to start with the line that has us all in stitches:

After 10 years and ~39000 threads, we’re glad to see CJ admit to being wrong, but this may qualify as the greatest (and most convenient) understatement we’ve ever come across.  After all, if one is “pretty convinced” about something, most people would take it to mean that you might have said something about it a few times (perhaps in passing or whatever).  You certainly wouldn’t expect it to mean this:

Through all the years and threads, through the position flip-flops and “parting ways”, through all the thousands of lizard netizens past and present, and all the scrubbed threads and [deleted] comments, TWO things have remained a constant at LGF:

  1. Johnson’s asshattedness
  2. Osama bin Laden is DEAD

So I think it’s safe to say that we have a new level of “wrong” here.  I hereby christen the phrase: “Wrong, like the Lizardoid.”

As a related bonus, I’m going to highlight this comical double-down by LGF long-timer Thanos, who might want to get his head checked out for symptoms of memory loss*:

Obviously Thanos (and Charles, since he decided to “feature” this LGF page in the sidebar) doesn’t remember that Johnson was one of the “right wingers” in question.  In fact, I believe I remember him being one of the most “intellectually dishonest”:

Everyone who wasn’t interested in some pathetic spin knew what Obama meant at the time, and what he meant was exactly what wound up happening 3+ years later.  But in that old thread, Johnson did elaborate a little:

Oops!  Proving my point again.  “Wrong, like the Lizardoid”

*Thanos did comment in that ’07 thread as well, adding this:

The Sage of Culver City comments on Bin Laden’s death

9/11 gave rise to LGF. In the years since Charles had risen to great heights, then self destructed. The Sage of Culver City comments on Bin Laden’s death.

Charles, now can focus on the Ron Paul-Nazi threat!

Blogmocracy is having issues, so this thread can double on Bin Laden talk as well.