Desperately Seeking Oliver

Someone (whose initials are Charles Foster Johnson) is desperately seeking Oliver Willis‘ endorsement.

So why would The Magical Jazzy Ponytail suck up to Oliver Willis? Heh. Here’s why.


While looking for The Classic Oliver Willis Thread:

“You’re so awsome, Charles.” – Sharmuta


Oliver Willis, please be my friend!

3 years ago, Oliver Willis gave Mr. Toot an epic smack down and called him an opportunist who jumped ship to support Obama. Today Oliver Willis retweeted Charles, which promoted the latter to be for his friendship!

Mr. Toot’s groveling to win Olver Willis’ acceptance is priceless!

(Hat Tip: Dr. Pineapple)

Oliver Willis Hates My Guts – Charles “He Blocked Me” Johnson

I will never forget Oliver Willis’ epic smack-down of Charles Johnson. That verbal abuse left a scar in The Obama Loyalist’s psyche and he still mentions it.

Oliver Willis hates me
If Charles does not like having the racist label thrown at him, then he should not do it to others. No matter how much butt-kissing he does on behalf of the Obama Regime, the Left will never accept him. Charles knows this and it hurts his ego.

Why Oliver Willis Hates Charles Johnson

Oliver Willis gave Charles Johnson a massive beat down on twitter. Unlike others on the Left, Willis sees Charles as an opportunist. He will not let Charles live down his past. This is a smart move on his part. Charles attacked him and called him stupid.

Charles Johnson can’t run from his past. I hope more on the Left reject Charles Johnson. He’s a cancer on public discourse.

(Hat Tip: Internet Septic Tank Engineer)

Oliver Willis calls Jazzy X a racist!

This has to be one of the most ironic beat down of Charles Johnson. Oliver Willis has a twitter fight with Charles Johnson. Mr. Willis turns the tables on Charles and calls him a racist!

Not even being an apologist for Louis Farrakhan has made the Left embrace Chuck. Oliver Willis rightfully observed that Chuck shifted to the Left to ride the Obama wave. This smack down really must sting Charles Johnson. Progressives want nothing to do with Jazzy X!

The Race Detective being called a racist by Oliver Willis, priceless!

(Hat Tip: Bunk X)

Update: Charles does a mea culpa and blames inexperience on his former views.

A grown man who wasn’t sure of his political stances? This doesn’t pass the smell test. Jazzy X is just an opportunist and his shift to the Left has backfired.