The Department of Defense-NFL conspiracy

The web’s premier Neo-Marxist conspiracy website has uncovered another dastardly and nefarious plot!


OMG, the Department of Defense and the NFL are working together. What will we do about this threat? Only Charles Johnson can save us!

What Charles Johnson was really doing yesterday!

Yesterday Charles Johnson told his young 20-year-old sociology majors to behave. He claimed he would be on the road and would not be able to post much. Well the mystery seems to be solved!

Yesterday, the NFL owners and players agreed to end the lockout. With this behind them, teams are now looking at free agents for the upcoming season. Well in USA Today, they listed the top Free agents. It turns out, that Charles Johnson is a Defensive End for the Carolina Panthers and he’s the #7 overall available free agent! Charles was meeting with agents of interested teams!

Charles Johnson is a man of many talents. He’s a jazz guitarist, programmer, blogger, political expert, race detective,  scientist, philosopher, baseball player, Baptist minister and now a football player as well!