Cato the Elder compares Muslims to Jews

Moral equivalency is one of the Left’s favorite tactic. Progressive welfare recipient and Islamic Imperialist apologist Cato The Elder claims that calling out Islamic imperialism is like hating Jews. That’s right, one group of people (Muslims) who have engaged in genocidal conquests are the same as another group of people (Jews), who have been victims of genocide. This is intellectually dishonest and an outright lie.

Ned clearly is ignorant of history. Islam is a collectivist ideology and it’s based on conquest.  Jews are loyal to the nation-state they reside and just view Israel as a homeland, as any other immigrant group does.  Haku needs a new owner because Ned clearly is a fool.


Classless Ned

Totalitarian Progressive and woman hating welfare recipient, Cato the Elder AKA Ned shows his classless side. He smears ACORN sting operative Hannah Giles with a nasty term.

Ned has issues with women. He constantly attacks Sarah Palin with nasty viciousness with the Jazz Man approval. Clearly he is angry that his appearance is a turn off to most women. I feel sorry for his dog Haku to have a classless owner.