Charles Johnson finds a soul mate

There is no question that deep down, Mr. Toot wishes he was Black. It seems we have found a Soul Mate for al-Chucki in the form of NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal. She is a white women, who claimed to be Black!

There are a lot of stories about black people passing for white during Segregation. These days the arc of racism has tilted the other way and there are white leftists trying to pass for black.


There’s only one problem. Rachel Dolezal is white. Really white.

At some point Rachel married a black man, broke all ties with her family and began pretending to be black.

Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne Dolezal, said Thursday by phone from her home in Northwest Montana that she has had no contact with her daughter in years. She said her daughter began to “disguise herself” in 2006 or 2007, after the family had adopted four African-American children and Rachel Dolezal had shown an interest in portrait art.

Ruthanne Dolezal said the family’s ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German. She said the family does have some “faint traces” of Native American heritage as well. She provided a copy of her daughter’s Montana birth certificate listing herself and Larry Dolezal as Rachel’s parents.

Mr. Toot and Rachel Dolezal should hook up, its a match made in hell!

(Hat Tip: Captain Death)

Pro-Pali love at LGF

Once a bastion of Pro-Israel sentiment, LGF is now squarely in the Pali camp. A page went up attacking a website that shows the identity of pro-Pali activists at Universities. No condemnation of course for some of the violent tactics of intimidation done by these pro-Pali activists.

Pali Love Pali Love2Mr. Toot chimes in condemning this group and calls the behavior, stalkerish!

Pali Love3

I have a funny suspicion that this page was actually written by one of Mr. Toot’s socks.


Mr. Toot continues his Jihad against the Ginger

Not since Hitler vs. Stalin or the current ISIS vs. Iran match up have 2 despicable cretins gone after each other with a vendetta. Mr. Toot is a paranoid Hard Left loon and the Ginger is a clown. Both are despicable characters that should be shun by society, instead thanks to the internet we have to deal with their garbage.

Mr. Toot today ties the Ginger to some posters mocking a fake rape victim in NY.

Little Liar Little Liar2 Little Liar3 Little Liar4 Little Liar5

What Mr. Toot thinks he’s accomplished with this post is beyond me. The petty squabble between the 2 midgets of the internet continue.


Mr. Toot keeps harping on busting the Ginger.

Does Mr. Toot think he’s going to win a prize for this?

Mr. Toot

The song Mr. Toot by Ylvis describes Charles Johnson perfectly! It’s about a musician in Istanbul named Mr. Toot who has a large following due to his toot which is guitar/horn hybrid. He decides to change his format and loses all his fans. That is the story of Charles Johnson!

(Hat Tip: Rain of Lead.)