Analog Computing Magazine July 1986: “RAMcopy!”

I took a stroll over to The Mothership this afternoon and found that she was down for unknown reasons. Thinking that my FireFox bookmarks might be corrupted due to the recent upgrade, I googled The Blogmocracy and clicked that link. No dice.

Instead I found an amusing blast from the past by Robert Stacy McCain in 2012. Down in the comments, “Jacobus” posted a link to this:

The last phrase in that self-description says a lot.

So 33-year-old Magical Jazzy played with Chicago in 1986? News to me, so I searched the BRC Archives. He never once mentioned the band, and he’s not listed anywhere in their lineups. Go figger.

The Culver City Mosque & A Visit To The Memory Hole

King Fahad Mosque, Culver City California

 King Fahad Mosque, Culver City California

The Culver City Mosque is named after King Fahd (d.2005), a moderate muslim who only wanted all Jews to be exterminated, Israel wiped off the globe and all infidels to die, but because he he supported the defeat of Saddam Hussein during The Gulf War (financially and otherwise) he was a really nice guy. Read the rest of this entry »