Charles Johnson Lies About His Own History.

Truth is, Charles Johnson hooked up with Neil Rauhauser, inventor of the Bean Dogs, automated bots created to attack right-wingers by swarming Twitter feeds. Andrew Breitbart didn’t create or promote any of it, but he exposed the practice, as did Mandy Nagy. Neither Breitbart nor Nagy “pioneered this method,” but Charles Johnson promoted it and participated in it by his own admission. (Those admissions can be found under his previous Twitter moniker “@lizardoid” but the content was swept clean long ago.)

Breitbart can’t defend himself because he’s dead, and Mandy Nagy is incapacitated due to a massive stroke she suffered years ago.

Charles, you’re a lying coward.

“She misses the way it used to be.”

Mandy Nagy

Mandy Nagy is recovering from a massive stroke she suffered 6 September 2014.

Mandy’s personal friend Bill Jacobson has been posting updates periodically on Legal-Insurrection. Here are recent entries in sequential order: Read the rest of this entry »

Charles Foster Johnson. What an Asshole.

150218 War On Women Strawman

Okay, Charles, who said that? NO ONE except for you. No one on your Twitter TL said that, and neither did anyone here or elsewhere.

Who else made fun of someone who’d had a close call with death? Who made fun of a woman who’d been raped and suffers from Lupus Disease and mocked her relentlessly, claiming she lied about it? Who was pleased that she’d suffered a debilitating stroke recently, sending her into physical and mental rehabilitation, and saw no reason to send condolences, let alone to acknowledge it?

Who or what did you sell your soul to Charles, besides that Rauhauser schwachsinnig Sputtern?

“And also, fuck you.” – Charles F. Johnson 18 February 2015


Now about that decades-old ChuckFace photo, we’re offering a $1,000 bounty for an image circa January 2015. Pony up, bro. Show us proof that you’ve dropped the pounds and 2 or 3 chins. We’ll take that photo, post it, and donate the proceeds to your butt-buddy @gus_802. He needs the booze, cigs and the sterno. Maybe we’ll donate it to some folks who deserve it instead.

#TwitterGulag II: A Little Birdy Told Me

Charles F. Johnson is an amateur leftist. He can’t hide his lies and smears against those who supported him, regardless if his blogger buddies were on the right or left. He’s a man without a clue.

Seems there’s another way to get people who disagree with Charles F. Johnson to get their Twitter accounts suspended besides the infamous Twitter Comment Block/Report Trap. Spam Twitter CEO Dick Costolo (via #AskCostolo) with false complaints and accusations with no evidence until he caves just to shut them up. That’s exactly what happened to @Gus_807 and others. It’s the un-hidden leftist method: Lie And Lie Loudly. Read the rest of this entry »

The 2012 LGF Awards Awards – The Polls Are Open [Update: Now Closed ]


-now closed-
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Mandy Nagy is the new Pam Geller!

Charles Johnson, also known by his Lakota Sioux name He who fights with girls, has women issues. He lashes out in nasty ways against females he does not  like. For years he harassed and obsessed over Pam Geller after she turned him down and he has held a grudge ever since. Now he has a new target, Mandy Nagy, and he has tweeted obscenities and made false accusations against her daily. She now realizes that she is the new Pam Geller!

Mandy Nagy is now the object of Charles Johnson’s obsession. Jazzy X is turning 59 in a few days (April 13) but mentally he is still a 12 year old boy just entering puberty and has not emotionally advanced beyond adolescence. Get some therapy and grow up Charles!

(Hat Tip: Icesleazle)