Rescued from Memory Hole: Comment #’s 1372998, 1373117 & 1373121

It’s been a bit of a slow week, as the spasms and death throes of a once-popular blog are gradually losing their intensity. So we figured, what the heck, we’ll do another memory hole feature, but this time from a slightly different angle.

At this point The Boiler Room Crew can peer into the buckets and pull out random stuff if (and whenever) we want to. We’ve covered quite a bit over the past ~12 months, and now most of what’s remaining isn’t especially interesting (from an “ah ha!” shandpoint); but since we giggle each time we feature something that the Grand Lizardoid wanted buried forever -no matter how trivial- it is probably worth sharing. And naturally, the stuff that stands out to us are the things penned by Johnson himself.

So, for today’s episode, we’re going to remind everyone of a memory-holed thread featured here way back in September of last year:

lgf 14677

(Schlussel’s original link here; missing from the screencap was more of the text, followed by CJ’s familiar insistence to “read it all”)

The main event of this thread was one of the famous LGF pile-ons, after “ProudLiberals dot com”* posted this in #23:

A good portion of this thread focused on dealing with this troll (or what would have been considered such, back in those days), but a little further down, we get this from Maine’s Michael*:

Now THIS required addressing, obviously, so the Johnson decided to chime in:

Now, why in the heck would CJ want to hide such an epic display of wisdom?

*Both “ProudLiberals dot com” and “Maine’s Michael” are on our banned list (for the record).