The Snap Heard ‘Round The World

“What is the sound of one bra snapping?”

Recently BlogmocracyRadio was honored to have @Liberty_Chick as a Special Guest. It was a free-for-all discussion on everything from ancestry to Charles Johnson, and one of the the topics was about stalkers.

Johnson defines “stalker” as anyone who reads his cut-n-paste twisted interpretations and mocks him, as we have done for years. He defines “harrassment” as anyone who contacts his sycophants, no matter how tame and innocuous. Johnson’s a basket of paranoia.

I find it odd that Charles Johnson spends an inordinate amount of time fighting against us, when instead he could be helping in the cyberwars against the true S-Haoles.

Ms. Nagy and others know about REAL stalkers, and she and others are fighting them in real time on Twitter and elsewhere. Where are you, Chuck?

Listen to and/or download the full podcast here.

The truth is that Charlie’s one of them. He crapped a long time ago but it’s time he got off the pot. Y’all ain’t funny no more, Chuck.