Charles Johnson Lies About His Own History.

Truth is, Charles Johnson hooked up with Neil Rauhauser, inventor of the Bean Dogs, automated bots created to attack right-wingers by swarming Twitter feeds. Andrew Breitbart didn’t create or promote any of it, but he exposed the practice, as did Mandy Nagy. Neither Breitbart nor Nagy “pioneered this method,” but Charles Johnson promoted it and participated in it by his own admission. (Those admissions can be found under his previous Twitter moniker “@lizardoid” but the content was swept clean long ago.)

Breitbart can’t defend himself because he’s dead, and Mandy Nagy is incapacitated due to a massive stroke she suffered years ago.

Charles, you’re a lying coward.


Charles Johnson: A Faker Who Exploits Confirmation Bias For Page Views Exposes Fakers Who Exploit Confirmation Bias For Page Views And Gets Chumped.

Charles Hoax Detector

If his magical jazzy ponytailed LGF website wasn’t already buggy and slow to load, he’s added more amateur script to clog the works. Down in the comments we find the truth: Once again Charles Johnson co-opted the work of others and promoted it as his own.

Charles Hoax Detector 2

Basically, Charles Johnson is so good at sucking he doesn’t understand satire even when it kicks him right in his ample and oversized wubba wubba. So the question is, what prompted Charles to go to the trouble? The answer is obvious – he and his sycophants constantly fall for (and promote) obvious hoaxes and satire as truth. One of the lizard-lappers even recommended adding The Onion to the list.

Since Johnson doesn’t have the cojones to notify the sites on his Little Green Hit List, we’ll step up to the plate and do it for him. Below are the sites mentioned in Johnson’s “Hoaxy Poaxy” list (that he lifted from Fake News Watch) with live links, so you can judge for yourselves. Italics indicate recent headlines. Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. Pitiful: Charles Johnson Cuts & Pastes & Propagates Misinformation

Charles Johnson Rumpswab

You ready for the dissection? Here we go. The story Charles Johnson refers to links here, where we find this:

The resolution grew out of a dispute between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Rowan County Board of Commissioners. In a federal lawsuit filed last month same time with, the ACLU says the board has opened 97 percent of its meetings since 2007 with explicitly Christian prayers.

Overtly Christian prayers at government meetings are not rare in North Carolina. Since the Republican takeover in 2011, the state Senate chaplain has offered an explicitly Christian invocation virtually every day of session, despite the fact that some senators are not Christian.

Got that? The State of North Carolina is under attack by the ACLU for opening prayer at state sessions, so in defense and to defeat the frivolous lawsuits, the State proposes to legalize Christian prayer via legislation. In other words, North Carolina was goaded into action by the actions of the liberal ACLU.

But that’s not how the story is presented by Mr. Cut-N-Paste. “It’s an explicit violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution,” he says, and he’s completely wrong.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The key word is Congress, Chuck, and the State of North Carolina is not it. The ACLU is attempting to prohibit the free exercise thereof, and that’s what the story is about.

“The word for this is ‘theocracy’,” claims Mr. Charles F. Rumpswab, thus displaying his basic lack of understanding about what the word means. The “fanatical religious nutjobs who are wasting money on pointless anti-Constitutional legislation” are the ACLU weasels, Chuck.

[BTW,  Charles cut and pasted this unoriginal image from istockphoto, so we modified it for purposes of this post; otherwise the screencap was left untouched.]

Little Green Footballs, Anders Breivik and the United States Blog-based Anti-Jihad Movement

A lot of bits and bytes has been spilled on various blogs and internet news sites over the contents of Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik’s manifesto. The political left has been gleeful poring over the many references to certain anti-Islamist blog personalities mentioned in the document, and these sites have been diligently mining the 1500 plus page manuscript for juicy references to their favorite adversaries on the conservative right.

Unfortunately, most of these leftist bloggers and news sources are either myopic in their journalistic skills, or worst, just plain dishonest actors. Over and over they have pounced on every reference in the manifesto to persons such as Bat Ye’or, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, the mysterious writer “Fjordman,” Daniel Pipes and MEMRI, while at the same time, almost totally ignoring the former leader of this “movement” of anti-Islamic sentiment, the blog Little Green Footballs and it’s founder Charles Johnson.

It’s a known fact that since 2007, Charles Johnson has very publicly stepped away from this circle of concerned writers and scholars of the world of radical Islam. While there is nothing wrong with changing political positions or forming new opinions, during this process Charles Johnson has also made a concerted effort to convince people that he was never the person imagined on LGF, pre-2007, that he was always “fair and balanced” and that he never harbored any animosities toward any aspect of Islam or the political left. In short, he never agreed with any of the rhetoric of his fellow travelers.

But this is simply not true. And a casual perusal of Anders Breivik’s manifesto will afford any honest person a very clear view of Charles Johnsons eager participation and importance in the early anti-Islamist movement. Here are some of the highlights…

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “Dr. Chanan Naveh, who used to edit the Israel Broadcasting Authority radio’s news desk, mentioned, with no regrets, examples in which he and his colleagues made a concerted effort to change public opinion: “Three broadcasters – Carmela Menashe, Shelly Yechimovich [later a Labour party Knesset Member], and I – pushed in every way possible the withdrawal from Lebanon towards 2000… I have no doubt that we promoted an agenda of withdrawal that was a matter of public dispute. “As Charles Johnson of American anti-Jihad blog Little Green Footballs[4] commented: “Journalists are no longer in the business of simply reporting facts and events; increasingly, they see their job as ‘activism,’ and the points of view they promote are invariably leftist and Tran-nationalist. Honest journalists will admit this outright, and we see the pernicious effects of this information manipulation and filtering everywhere.”

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “DP111, an articulate British commentator at such websites as Jihad Watch, Little Green Footballs and Fjordman blog, points out that as Muslim families are very large, a single wage earner will find it hard to support all. They will need to supplement this by getting considerable benefits from the state.”

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “As Charles Johnson[32] of blog Little Green Footballs dryly commented, ‘this is an interesting viewpoint: Only by receiving special treatment and instituting a medieval religious legal code can Muslims be treated “equally.’”

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “If the United States wants to maintain what it sees as its moral leadership, it can begin by challenging Islamic censorship and intimidation. China doesn’t care, nor does Russia, while India has a huge Islamic fifth column to worry about. Europe is controlled by a Eurabian elite that is both unwilling and incapable of protecting free speech from Muslim intimidation, which is why many Europeans have become free speech refugees on American websites such as Robert Spencer’s and Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs[130].

But as we know, Charles left the anti-Jihad movement. But the mark he left on it was striking. One of the most damming entries in Anders Breivik’s manifesto occurs AFTER Charles Johnson decided to “leave the right” and try to become a cheerleader for the progressive movement.

(Breivik quoting “Fjordman”) “What has Little Green Footballs, which never misses an opportunity to denounce “Fascists,” written about this? So far, absolutely nothing. There are indeed people who behave like Fascists in Europe, and they receive tacit support from LGF while their victims are denounced as “Fascists.””

Yes Anders Breivik developed many of his positions, opinions and mental state as a “free speech refugee” visiting American websites such as Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs. In his manifesto, he diligently annotates and footnotes his entries, guiding the reader to the sources of his fears and concerns. He includes 20 links to Charles Johnsons Little Green Footballs.

There is no doubt from the above list that Anders Breivik’s found enough material hosted and linked to at Little Green Footballs to support his positions before and after Charles Johnson went from anti-Jihad crusader to a multicultural-embracing progressive.

No, Charles Johnson didn’t make Anders Breivik’s what he is today, anymore than Bat Ye’or, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, the mysterious writer “Fjordman,” Daniel Pipes or MEMRI helped him pull the trigger of his automatic weapon for an hour and a half. But it is disingenuous (and downright dishonest) on the part of websites such as Think Progress, CNN, Slate, The New York Times, Spiegel…,1518,776413,00.html

… and many others to ignore the obvious connections between ALL of the personalities and websites mentioned in the manifesto and their influence, positive or negative, on Anders Breivik’s. A person is the sum of their whole and like the individual parts that made up the Frankenstein monster, Charles Johnson was part and parcel of what shaped this monster. And no amount of ignoring these references in Anders Breivik’s manifesto will help one iota in erasing the truth.

Maybe “He who scoffs at danger,” a commenter at the blog “Let Freedom Rain” sums it up best…

“The things Johnson says in the quotes selected by Fjordman are as objectionable as anything Fjordman or Breivik have written in their own pens.”

Damn Statistics

Note that the tally for Charles Johnson / Little Green Footballs / LGF does NOT include footnote references.

[h/t to Killgore Trout for bringing the original ThinkProgress bar graph to Calo’s attention, who posted KKKT’s tweet, that prompted  RB to update it and provide the omitted statistic previously illustrated here and here.]

UPDATE:  Loyal Lizard Sergey caught it, too:

Dirty Laundry & The Spin Cycle

Charles puts words in Michele Bachmann’s mouth

The Californian Cult Leader has gone beyond smearing people. He is now putting words in the mouths of people. The False Philosopher claims that Michele Bachmann said she would vote to destroy the US economy.

Nowhere on what he posted did she say what he’s attributing to her. I followed the link and nowhere in the tweet does Bachmann mention voting to destroy the US economy.

Charles Johnson lied about what Bachmann said. She said she was voting against the debt ceiling. She never said she’s voting to destroy the US economy. This is an outright lie and shows the Sage of Culver City’s intellectual dishonesty.

Charles continues to be a linker and not a thinker. You can add liar to that list as well.

(Hat Tip: Sacred Ham)