Charles Johnson Promotes Charles Johnson to Top Featured Page on LGF

LGF Featured Pages

Fascinating topic, but what did Charles write about Rob Zombie’s opinion of movie scores? Absolutely nothing; but hey, it was promoted to the top of the list.
Congratulations, Charles, you’ve become a self-absorbed pantload.


Aside from all that, from the Who Gives A Crap Department, there’s this:9MNope, and it wasn’t darthstar saying “booger” either.  Because Charles was messing around, duplicating comments and faking his stats, the true 9 millionth comment came weeks later than he claimed:


The Dissection of an Ad Hominem Attack on Charles Johnson

Ad Hom 1
That pointless LGF Page provided little more than a link to an op-ed piece by Glenn Greenwald in what Charles regularly referred to as “Al-Guardian.” The discussion that followed amused me.

Ad Hom 2
Let’s stop there for a minute. Ignoring the fact that Charles doesn’t understand the meaning of irony or how to use it in a sentence, he took a story about Chomsky tactics and, because Greenwald penned it, decided it’s all about himself. Charles’ definition of an Ad Hominem attack is also curious. When asked for proof, Charles provided an “example” and linked to an LGF post dated 7 July 2006 entitled “Feds Say Terror Plot Targeted Train Tunnels” in which he claimed that Greenwald had smeared him. Guess what Greenwald’s 2006 article said about Charles Johnson? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Read the rest of this entry »

Charles Johnson Abandons Israel. Again.

Israel Prime Minister Binyyameen Netanyahu is fully aware of the current threats that his country faces from the arab world, and he also understands that the Obama administration is waffling in its support of Israel. To make his point clear, he used a graphic to explain to the lesser minds of the U.N. the dangers of allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Indeed, many muslim nations are scared to death of the scenario.

Little Green Fartballs responds with this idiocy:

For Johnson to allow an LGF Page that compares Netanyahu to a inept character in a Road Runner cartoon is offensive behavior that should be condemned by every Jew and Gentile on his piece of crap blog – and elsewhere.

Hand me your breath – I’ll hold it for you.

Little Green Footballs is no longer the Weekly World News of the blogosphere. It has become a disgusting mouthpiece for radical Islamic extremism.

Links and Quotes are bad for thee, but good for me!

Charles Johnson loves to impose a Stalinist control over his blog and the Loozards. He is now seeking to control the amount pages on his blog.

So Charles doesn’t like posts that have only links and quotes. Then Jazzy X should start writing original material. All Chuck’s posts are just links and quotes. He really is hypocritical to criticize others for what he does. Odds are the Loozards are just emulating Charles Johnson’s posts.

What an original idea Charles!

Charles Johnson loves to show off his programming skills. He announces his next great achievement.

Charles, have you heard of WordPress? It allows people who have posting privileges to see their posts and edit them. No wonder you programming company went under. Your ideas were a few years behind.


Pages from the Echo Chamber

Speaking of SubBlogs and Echo Chambers, we previously posted this:

What is a “SubBlog” you ask? It’s a tedious blogging platform like that provided allowed by peeps like Charles Johnson for those too stupid to figure out free platforms like Blogspot, Tumblr or WorpDress on their own. It allows them to run their own pretend blogs that nobody reads, just like the rest of us do.

A SubBlog is an enhancement of a true “echo chamber blog,” but it takes the concept one step further. LGF’s “Pages” are penned by other subscribing members, and they seem to really like them, even though they amount to little more than talking to a wall. At least they can pretend to be Charles Johnson.

Here are some recent screen caps sloppily stitched together (in order)  from the LGF Recent Pages bar of 7 Sept. See if you can spot the pattern.

The BRC has neither confirmed nor dismissed the possibility of inflated view counts for the SubBlog Pages as they did for Chuck’s front page cut-and-paste stories. So ignoring the view “stats” we notice a serious shortage of comments and Tweets.

With 12 Pages posted in over 6 hours, we find 6 comments and 2 Tweets and a lot of cut-and-paste. Have at it, lil’ lizard. Put a bag over your head and start chattering away. We’ll ignore you along with the rest of the lizards.

LGF Pages: Why Do the Lizards Bother? (and a Blog Pimp FAIL)

Jeez.  These guys are still sluggin’ along at 8,964,002 comments and counting, so I thought that it might be a good idea to see if we can help stimulate some activity in an area of LGF that could really use it.  Yes, we’re talking about the great unrealized potential of the LGF Pages.

I’ll be honest.  When I was playing around with CJ’s custom-built publisher , I thought it was pretty neat.  Like my own Lizardmobile.  I could honk, push buttons, wave, and invite other lizards in for a ride.  Drive all over the Kingdom. Over and over, if I wanted to.  Wee! My sockpuppet’s featured, updung, dugg, and tweeted, m’kay!  My own thread!

Unfortunately, I was visiting on business and not pleasure.

But for the rest of the lizards, they appear to like it as much as I did, as there are now over 240,000 LGF Pages posted. Some of these lizards churn them out like Gus does tweets (Gus did finally get that coveted “follow” from CJ, btw).   Many of these Pages are authored by folks that you don’t see in the regular front page comment section.  Sounds like a party, right?

The problem is, based on observation, no one (besides us, occasionally) seems to actually participate in the vast majority of these threads.  Most are lucky to receive a single comment.  Or, as LGF legend lawhawk demonstrates, many aren’t even being “clicked“:

No comments, no tweets, no clicks (!?).  A week after being published, the thread’s dead before making it to triple digit “views”.  Ouch. The point of blog pimping is to actually get people to click on that link to your blog, right?

So what’s going on?

First off, it appears that the lizards have learned a lot from CJ’s school of cut-paste-summary methodology.  In fact, many of these Pages could have fit in the 140 character twitter box.  Others, like Mr. lawhawk’s here, are just blog pimps.  In other words, there’s a lot of insight-starved Page whoring going on, and much of what you see is stuff that really belongs as a link dump in the regular comment section, and undeserving of its own thread.

In addition, if you take into account the sheer volume of Pages that are authored daily (and how quickly they disappear from the LGF sidebar), along with the decreased general traffic that the site is experiencing these days, what you have is a bunch of Pages that have a hard time making it to a hundred “views”.  Heck, even the very best of the best struggle to match the “views” that we get here at DoD.  And all of it done at the pleasure of the Grand Lizardoid, subject to mass deletion if the mood strikes.

So, we don’t think that the bulk of the lizards have wrapped their mind around how bad it really is.  Are they still holding on to the hope that CJ will finally start featuring them on the front page?  (CJ has been working on the “code” for more than three months, apparently; I hope they weren’t holding their breath)

Why do the lizards bother, really?

BTW-  these days, when you go to the “Pages” page (, you may notice that you’re greeted by an annoying video ad.  It plays loud, too.  That page should come with a “nsfw” disclaimer, as suddenly everyone within 10 feet of you now knows that you’re not doing actual work once it comes on.  The pop-ups are bad enough, but scrambling to mute the Lysol ad blaring through your speakers is like a bad prank.  Or, to quote CJ: “you can almost smell the contempt the creators of these ads have for web surfers“.  Here’s the screenshot:


For the record, I thought it was busted too, but the other way. I could have sworn it was registering a “click” for a “view”. But who knows how CJ has that silly thing rigged.