Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs celebrates the accidental tasing of an Ohio police officer, claims the President ***ed a baby. REALLY.

The suspect was resisting arrest and the arresting officer accidentally tased his partner who was sent to the hospital with head injuries. The suspect was unharmed. Little Green Footballs commenter “FormerDirtDart” thought that was funny, as did others.
Here’s the link to the ABC News Tweet.

Meanwhile, the Trump hatred also goes unchecked.

Who thinks like this? These are Charles Johnson’s people, Little Green Footballs Class of 2017. Someone’s not policing his own blog, or else he agrees with these vile comments.

Dangerously paranoid, angry and unhinged…

It’s a slow night, so I decided to don the BRC wetsuit (yeah, it still smells like ISTE no matter what we do to disinfect it) and stole a small sample of The Swamp. Those idiots are amazing.

1507018 LGF Dopiness 1

Huh. Four updingys on the incomprehensible illogic by long-time lizard-lapper Freetoken. Republicans are segregationists? George Wallace was a Republican? Whatcha smokin’, Freetoken?

But it gets even stranger.

150718 Kragar 1

Happy Warrior has always been a naive dimwit, but he’s outdone himself with Comment 70.
Then Kragar (proud to be kafir) tossed the bombshell that he served in the military for 8-1/2 years. For which country? I don’t recall him mentioning his service before, let alone which branch, but this comment struck me cold:

150718 Kragar 2

Dangerously paranoid, angry and unhinged… and he’s armed.

Signs of the LGF Decline: Unique Commenters

In the past, the talented Engineers here in the Boiler Room have used the LGF archive files to compile statistics for the site’s nose-diving commenting and registration rates, and just recently the steadily decreasing amount of front page content. Today, we’re going to track another compelling sign of the LGF decline: The reduction in unique commenters.

Now, by “unique commenters” we’re referring to the number of individual user accounts that are leaving at least one comment over a certain time period. This is probably the most efficient way to determine the overall size of the site’s active community. When we have Engineer No. 5 track these statistics through the last few years, we’ll have to say that what we see isn’t exactly surprising, but nevertheless a bit shocking:

The graph basically begins around the time of the election of Barack Obama, and from there the rate descends rapidly until around the time that Johnson officially declared his “parting ways” (Nov. 30, ’09). This was the period of what most ex-LGFers refer to as the “Great  Purge”, as evidenced by the high rate of public bannings and (presumably) departures of many of the long-time Lizards.

Again, this isn’t that surprising, as our previous work supports this, but what’s really worth noting is the portion of the graph that begins after Johnson’s Great Switcheroo to the left was complete. We presume that Charles was hoping that the exodus of the “righty” lizards would be followed by an influx of “lefty” newcomers, and eventually bring the size of the community back (or at least closer) to where it once was. But what we see here is quite the opposite; the active community steadily continues to shrink.

We had Engineer No. 5 take a closer look and give us a breakdown, using a month when LGF was closer to it’s “peak” (Feb. ’09), compared to last month (May, ’12):

Now that puts the shrinkage into some serious perspective. As you can see on the Feb ’09 side, you have to scroll down to #9 to find a top contributor that hasn’t been banned, and at a glance, only Gus has stepped up his contributions from those days. And although the average posts per active commenter has increased a bit, the size of the active community is a mere ~12% of what it was just a few years ago, and the total comment count shrunk to ~19%.

We’ve Got LGF Stats! (and they ain’t pretty)

Last month, we noted that teh Johnson decided that the figures in the long-standing LGF “statistics” sidebar widget were apparently becoming too embarrassing to continue featuring, so he decided to quietly make it disappear (then make it reappear once we noted it, only to make it disappear again after a few days, we assume for good).


Luckily, it’s not hard for our BRC engineers to track those missing comments/day numbers ourselves. In fact, we’ve been able to do one better, and break down who’s leaving the comments, and how many are being left on front-page articles vs. in those sleepy user-authored “LGF Pages”. And as DoD regulars can recall, we can track those meaningless “karma” scores, too.

Before we present last week’s results, we’d like to present a flashback to a related LGF thread, wherein Charles took serious issue when NY Times columnist Jonathan Dee wrote the following:

L.G.F. still has more than 34,000 registered users, but the comment threads are dominated by the same two dozen or so names.

Enter the main underlying reason for CJ’s disappearance of the “statistics”, as Engineer No. 5 finds that Mr. Dee’s assessment is actually true as ever:

Some old fashioned weekly LGF commenter stats:
For the week Sat-Fri, 5/12-18/2012
Front Page comments: 7822
LGF Pages comments:   761
Total comments:      8583
75% of comments were made by 32 individuals
50% of comments were made by 13 individuals
25% of comments were made by  4 individuals

Most Active Commenters

1. Gus 802          789    10.1%
2. ggt              477     6.1%
3. b_sharp          411     5.3%
4. sattv4u2         288     3.7%
5. HappyWarrior     287     3.7%
6. Kragar           274     3.5%
7. Decatur Deb      258     3.3%
8. Dark_Falcon      243     3.1%
9. Sergey Romanov   188     2.4%
10.darthstar        186     2.4%
11.Obdicut          174     2.2%
12.freetoken        168     2.1%
13.Targetpractice   164     2.1%
14.Killgore Trout   156     2.0%
Most Net ‘Karma’ (at least 70 posts)
1. Charles         +6.1/comment
2. Lidane          +5.1
3. Obdicut         +4.4
4. jaunte          +4.3
5. WindUpBird      +3.8
Least Net ‘Karma’ (at least 70 posts)
1. Dark_Falcon     +0.4/comment
2. Killgore Trout  +0.5
3. sattv4u2        +0.9
4. NJDhockeyfan    +0.9
5. ProLifeLiberal  +0.9

Look at Gus! Ten percent! Where would LGF be today if Gus had actually made good on last October’s mini-flounce?

Update (from panoftheforest)
I don’t want to bury Chen’s thread but just add the Monday Evening Mocking ‘toon (because I’m proud of myself this time!) May I present to you “Chuck’s Play”.

Kragar (Proud to ___ _____)

Well, we thought this might come up eventually:

We know that CJ doesn’t like to change lizards’ nics, but maybe we can help Kragar out by reminding everyone of the epic dipshittedness of the streetpundit episode. I mean, if a dumbass hatchling who registers with the nic “anti-christian” can persuade Johnson to click a button or two and fix it, you’d think it wouldn’t be a problem for someone who’s lived in the Grand Lizardoid’s Cheeto dust for so many years, right?

So…if not for Kragar, do it for us, will ya Charles?

In the meantime, let’s have some fun, shall we?  What else would Kragar do over?

Kragar (Proud to endorse putting heads on pikes)

Kragar (Proud to say “eat shit and die!“)

Kragar (Proud to be tired of the Muslim Council of Britain)


Go ahead!  Try one!

Raise Your Hand if You Ever Referred to Rachel Corrie as “St. Pancake”

The other day, DoD reader ‘antilgfwarrior’ posted a little reminder about the truth and rumor aspects of the use of this disparaging nickname for Rachel Corrie. So, The Boiler Room crew thought that sorting some of this stuff out might be a perfect excuse to take The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ out for another spin, and what we found was pretty enlightening…

But first, we’ll get some of the background stuff out of the way. The truth:

  • “St. Pancake” is/was an entry in the LGF Dictionary, listed under “Terms that Originated on LGF”
  • “St. Pancake” was the nic of a lizard, active from ’05-’08 with over 25,000 posts (and at least 2 “hat tips“).
  • Rachel Corrie won the LGF “Fiskie” (Idiotarian) award for 2004, and this speaks for itself.
  • There is an LGF thread (still live) titled The Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast. In it, Charles says: “No, it’s not a joke.” (Really?)

Aside from that, there are countless front page LGF threads about Corrie that appear after her March ’03 death, and not a positive one in the bunch. In fact, looking back, CJ appears almost obsessed with her; sort of the Pam Geller of the era (the difference, of course, is that she’s, ya know…dead).

Now, in my LGF days (’06-’07), saying “St. Pancake” seemed to be A-OK, although I never used it (or felt compelled to). But sometime in between my departure and today things did change, and The Boiler Room crew discovered that it was only in the last 12 months that CJ took some real offence to its use, and threatened to ban posters who did it. We’re not sure what caused this, and given the facts above, he might want to clarify it to the current cultists.

In any case, there are literally hundreds of comments in the LGF archives that refer to Corrie as “St. Pancake”. Most of the authors haven’t been heard from in quite some time, and a few of them are some of our fellow DoD readers (we know who you are, so…).

But they’re not all gone:

And although she did use the term as well, we thought this made a better screencap:

(the link is now dead)

Exit question:  In light of CJ’s position now, do you think we’ll see our distinguished lizards above try to earn some extra karma and take it back?

Lizard Profile: Kragar (Proud to be Kafir)

This netizen is one of the very few remaining regular lizards from the 2005+ era.   Kragar’s probably the most surprising regular member left, if for no other reason than he’s the only one who still has one of those old LGF trademark Islam-mocking nicknames.    I guess that makes him a throwback in more ways than one.

Speaking of which, this thread was going to be about guessing the percentage of current LGFers that know what Kragar’s nic means, but I thought that might just make a good exit question.   For I found a more interesting and related topic when I stumbled upon a thread where CJ exposed the lizards to the “old” LGF in Drudge Report ‘Terrorists Have Won’ Photo is from 2007

The first batch of comments featured several epiphanies, and even reading it days later one could feel the shock in the air.  Light bulbs suddenly appeared in all corners of the lizard kingdom:

Mon, Nov 15, 2010 12:14:02pm replyquote 5downupreport

There are more than a few posts in the linked LGF ’07 thread that absolutely turned my stomach, including people extolling the virtues of Robert Spencer, and others spouting blatantly racist statements (that got freaking updinged). Statements that likely would get people BANNED today.
It’s worth noting that a majority of those commenting are now blocked accounts.

OK, yes, that’s hilarious. (even better would have been use of the word “cesspool”)  But this initial shock soon passed as, under the watchful eye of the Grand Lizardoid, the cult psyche adapts to the new information and constructs a coping mechanism.  A feeling of relief soon spreads, as the topic switches to “thank god it’s changed”.  This is where Kragar comes in:

Says the wise, old lizardoid.   And it’s true, he would know.

In fact, these new lizards like RadicalModerate have no idea.  Kragar has been around so long, he could tell RaMo about some of LGF’s really dark days.   Back then, it wasn’t just (what would now be considered) veiled bigotry.    To a hatchling’s horror, the archives reveal days when lizards, if perturbed, would let it all out there and post things like death wishes toward one another (rather explicitly, too):

Indeed, under LGF’s long period of what is now officially called the “laissez faire comment moderation policy“, there were lizards who would even fantasize about dragging bodies in the street, and putting heads on pikes:

And loons who shrieked over that bunk Flight 93 memorial nontroversy:

But Kragar toughed it out, and survived that brutal, medieval period in LGF’s history.  He endured that Wild West-style comment section, “sharia watch” thread after “sharia watch” thread,  and even kept his head from exploding when CJ adoringly called Pam Geller “babe“.     It took years, but LGF is finally everything that Kragar (Proud to be Kafir) hoped it would be, and fought for.  What a brave and Loyal Lizard of Legend.