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Remember the LGF Calendar featuring the photographic brilliance of Charles Johnson?

Remember when Charles Johnson promoted astroturfing? Yeah, we do. Who you jivin’ with that cosmik debris? (Check out the young George Duke in this vid.)

Yep. A whoppin’ $0.99 per month gets you a heapin’ helpin’ of stupid. Meanwhile, LULU, a website for self-publishing stuff that most sentient publishers would pass on, still sells this: Read the rest of this entry »

Google updates Charles Johnson’s photo to February 2010. He was wearing makeup.

Just when we thought the benign mockery of Charles Johnson had faded into a mildly amusing reverie, Ms. Lucy Dynamite comes through with some new entertainment.

In case @Lucy_Dynamite gets bumped off & sent to #TwitterGulag for cake & beer and Twitter sanitizes her Tweet, here’s an unadulterated screencap.

See that? Diary of Daedalus beat out Wikipedia for the win! But wait! There’s more!

Here’s an enlarged screencap. Note what happens if you hover your mouse over the image…


Clicking on the image sends you to a collection of Diary of Daedalus posts, and if you scroll down, you find the source of the Google image – a retrospective of the infamous “Night of Long Knives” AKA

The 10th Anniversary of Charles Johnson’s Famous On-Line Meltdown

The image that Google chose is a screencap from his interview on “Dangerous Minds” that aired on February 28, 2010.  Johnson was approaching 58 years old and wearing pancake (heh) makeup. Now he’s pushing 64 and still won’t update his gravatar image, and we all know why. He wants to look like this forever:


I think we should let him.

[h/t ISTE]

P.S. This is kinda fun, too [via Poteen].

Paranoia Strikes Derp.

Yep. That was posted on our favorite little green fool blog and is self explanatory, as is this:

Cry Baby Block

Congratulations, Charles. You’ve earned your Self-Absorbed Idiot Merit Badge once again.

Purity of Essence, Mandrake

This is an update to a post I wrote a couple of years ago about the echo chamber that LGF has become.

echo chamber:

A community in which members find their own opinions constantly echoed back to them, reinforcing their individual belief systems and creating an insular communication space that is of no interest to outsiders and which rejects their input.

Charles’ insipid rating system played a key role in LGF’s ruin, and now it’s the tie that binds the hive-mind. As the chart below shows, 87% of all comments made 2014, no matter how banal, were met with congratulatory twinkles. Of course, when a heretic appears, they still pounce on it with a passive aggressive fury. But the chart also shows, as Purity of Thought has increased, fewer posts are earning downtwinkles (only 0.4% in 2014).

For every 1000 comments at LGF, 869 are praised, 4 are frowned upon.

That is an echo chamber.

Bonus Statistic

  • If the contributions of just 3 commenters are removed from the data, the mutual admiration rate climbs to 89%, and the downtwinkle rate falls to 0.2%
  • Who are these misfits?
    • Killgore Trout – 1st place *by far* in downdinged posts, 2nd in 0 karma posts
    • Dark_Falcon – 2nd place in downdinged posts, 1st in 0 karma posts
    • NJDhockeyfan or sattv4u2 – roughly tied for 3rd in both, waaaaay behind KT and Dork

Most Downdinged Post of 2014 – regarding the Wendy Davis wheelchair ad:


Most Updinged Post of 2014 – an incoherent non-response to Dork’s post:


Ferguson MO: The World Awaits Charles Johnson’s Verdict [Updated]

Have at it.

Update: Just as predicted. Here’s the short version:

Ferguson Announcement

Evolution of an Echo Chamber

echo chamber  \e-(ˌ)kō chām-bər\, noun:

  1. A room or enclosure with acoustically reflective walls used in broadcasting and recording to produce echoes or similar sound effects.
  2. A community in which members find their own opinions constantly echoed back to them, reinforcing their individual belief systems, raising significant barriers to critical discourse, and creating an insular communication space that is of no interest to outsiders and refuses their input.

Once upon a time, the LGF commenter community was dynamic, diverse, large and growing. An average month in 2008 saw 3200 individuals post about 140,000 comments. Around 600 different posters wrote 4000-6000 comments every day.

But in the sixth year, Charles looked out over all that he had made, and he saw that it was very good, …except for the people.  They had to go.  At least most of ’em.  And go they did, by the thousands.

The detritus that remains at LGF today is a small, lifeless pod of angry, intolerant Gozer Johnson worshippers.   Charles unwittingly documented the demise of rational debate at The Swamp with the same mechanism that hastened its decline – his insipid ‘karma’ system.

The original demographic mostly ignored the dings, preferring to use words to make their opinions known.   70-80% of comments went undinged.  The charts below show the fundamental change that began in mid-2009 and continues today.  70-80% of all comments now receive positive ratings, and the average upding count has doubled — quite the mutual admiration society.   Even more telling is the vastly increased hostility level aimed at unapproved thought (the red line).

dingCharles no doubt sees these changes as a natural evolutionary response to changing geopolitical pressures.  I think it’s a clear-cut case of Unintelligent Design™ .

The Magical Jazzy Ponytail Turns 60 – Happy Nirthday Charles Johnson

Charles Baby 02

Happy Nirthday, Charles, and we mean that with all sincerity. You’ve provided us with so much entertainment over the years, watching you turn on and back stab both mentors and allies (i.e., Andrew Breitbart, Roger Simon, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Fjordman, Patterico, Zombie and many others, including the 15,800+ banned/deleted/erased) who helped and promoted Little Green Footballs in its heyday.

Thanks for such great reporting, too. You uncovered the truth behind the State Flags of both Tennessee and Ohio, Weinergate and Breitbart’s Menuboard Laptop; you showed us the correct pronunciation of the word “milieu,” obsessed about Pamela Geller, created the LGF fake views and retweets counters, deleted/blocked/rewrote your own words and those of others, sent loyal lizards to astroturf Amazon and post poor reviews of books that hadn’t been released, defended Killgore’s Midnight Run at Hot Air, and enlightened us on the finer art of calendar photography. Please forgive us for not listing all of your great accomplishments, but there’s just not enough room to cover them all.

If it weren’t for you, this blog and many others wouldn’t exist. Thanks so much.

You Rumpswab.

Loesch Smackdown