Charles Johnson on Senator John McCain (1936-2018)

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“In the interview, the senator also said the “Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation.”
Sorry folks, but McCain is wrong. And, as a Jew, I certainly do notthink only a Christian should be President. It’s my country too. Now,it’s quite possible McCain was mis-quoted and that the article isbogus. I’d like to hear more.

If he really said that, he’s a fool. As an irreligious person, I don’t want religion in office, period.

This is far from the only reason to label McCain a “fool.”

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The person I supported during the election was McCain, far more than Palin. I criticized Palin for her creationist views, while taking at face value her pledge that she wouldn’t try to push it into schools — with the caveat that she would just be vice president, and couldn’t do much harm anyway.

Not exactly full-throated support.

None of that has anything to do with her intelligence or lack thereof. The more I saw of her, the clearer and more obvious her dim-wittedness became.

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Or more likely, his official twitting aide posting his comments for him.

This. If you recall, during the campaign we found out that McCain is really lousy at this Intertubes thing.

Charles, McCain’s hands were crippled during his 5 year incarceration and torture by the North Vietnamese in the infamous Hanoi Hilton POW prison. He couldn’t type. He was lucky to be able to walk after that inhumane brutality.

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McCain’s Twitpic is the face of a man who has just farted and was able to successfully shift the blame to someone else.

The Holy Grail of Flatulence.

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Do you regret voting for McCain/Palin?

I’ve already written that if I could go back and do it over, I’d vote for Obama. Totally mean that.



Charles Johnson Mocks Crippled Viet Nam Veteran

For those with short-term memory like Charles Johnson, there is an USAF U.S. Navy pilot who was shot down, survived broken limbs, subsequent capture and torture by the North Viet Namese in the infamous Hỏa Lò prison, aka, the Hanoi Hilton.  When offered freedom, he declined to leave, pending the release of his fellow POWs.

That’s an incredible amount of courage and character, yet Charles Johnson chose to mock him for his permanent disabilities that prevent him from typing:

Charles, regardless of your vapid opinions of Senator McCain’s politics and policies, to mock him (again) for not being able to type due to the permanent injuries to his hands and limbs inflicted on him by his brutal captors,  is nothing less than despicable.

Read and delete this, Charlie.
Update I –  More of Charles’ attempts to edit his own history (courtesy of Blogwarriorx):

[Update II: There were some comments on this thread that were deleted due to unwarranted and egregious self-promotion and advertisement, and were in contradiction to the purposes and intents of The Diary of Daedelus. The admins agreed and decided, as a group, to take down those few comments.]