“The country bumpkins aren’t always the bad guys.” – Charles Johnson, political analyst, referring to someone

“Well Old Joe said a gaffe”

LGF’s resident Kapo Aloutte always makes excuses for anti-Jewish statements emanating from Leftists and Islamists. She downplays Joe Biden’s anti-Semitic comments that has been condemned by Jewish groups.

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Would Aloutte give the same benefit of the doubt if someone on the right used this term? Nope, she would be using it as proof the right is racist and her master Charles would have done 4 posts by now condemning it.

Aloutte is just being a good Kapo by covering for Biden.

Race Detective absolves Joe Biden’s “chains” comment

Joe Biden made a very racially insensitive remark, telling a  mostly Black audience that Republicans will put in them in chains. Many Black Democrats have condemned these remarks. The Race Detective on the other hand defended Joe Biden’s remarks. He said there was nothing wrong with telling a mostly black audience,  Republicans will enslave them.

The Race Detective has cleared Joe Biden of wrong doing!