For most people, the OK sign means, “Okay.” When the universal symbol for well being is misconstrued and coopted to imply a white-supremacist neo-nazi meme, it often defaults to “Charles Johnson is a flying asshole.”

Saw this hit piece recently:

Then I saw this response.

Then I saw this:

Which led me to this:

Which includes this:

And I laughed, because it obviously stands for The Washington Post. Maybe it stands for WordPress, War Pigs, or Wanker Pumpers. Charles Johnson retweeted all of that inane garbage because it’s in his Truth Serum.

Then I saw this.

Whoa. That’s way too close for comfort, Charles. Design some more little green virtual glass buttons and update your avatar.


We’ve seen this story before.

We’ve seen this story before. The media can’t wait to blame white people en masse for an atrocity perpetrated by a lone psychopath, whose father abandoned him and whose mother is apparently a basket case.

Charles Johnson can’t wait to put the blame on someone who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Harper photoshop

Remember your honkification of George Zimmerman, Charles? We do… as if it matters.

And btw, Charles, Jim Hoft‘s got nothin’ on you. At least he never tried to redefine the word “bogus.”

Breivik Influences graph

Obsession is an Ugly Thing

During the past few years, Charles has gone through numerous periods during which the posts at LGF have reflected his obsession with one perceived enemy or another. Past targets of this attention include, in roughly decreasing order of posts devoted: Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Pam Geller, and Glen Greenwald.

In recent months, 3 major events have dominated the US news cycles: the Michael Brown shooting, the presence of Ebola in the US, and the midterm elections. What makes the LGF coverage of these events unique is how Charles effortlessly cuts straight to the heart of these complex issues, namely, how someone else is covering them.  Lately he has singled out two individuals for his special attention, Jim Hoft of thegatewaypundit.com, and Charles C. Johnson of gotnews.com .

Between August 12th and November 29th,

  • LGF had 105 posts about Ferguson, 28 (27%) of these focused on Hoft or CC Johnson.
  • LGF had 46 posts concerning Ebola, 12 (26%) of these focused on Hoft or CC Johnson.
  • LGF had 64 posts (out of 376, 17%) focused on either Hoft or CC Johnson.
  • LGF had 12 posts (3%) focused on the midterm elections.

It wouldn’t be a statistics post without a chart, so here’s what may possibly be the first Venn diagram in the history of DoD.


The Jim Hoft obsession

The obsession Charles has over Jim Hoft is very creepy.

This series of tweets about Jim Hoft are signs of a sick obsession Charles has. These are not the tweets of a normal sane man.

Ebn ‘Lexa dun bin givn MissaChos Jonsn de betin.

I wrote that in Gullah because Charles Johnson believes that’s how all Southerners speak (including Californians south of Culver City) and that they’re all racists because of regional dialect. By definition, this is called bigotry.

Ya, gugl Gulla MissaChos.

But here’s the latest from Alexa, LGF by itself, showing traffic ratings for the last 6 months:

140526 Alexa LGF

By the end of December 2013, LGF’s traffic dropped to a new recent low, and ALEXA ranked it about 106,000th based on traffic. Since then, LGF bounced back to almost 80,000 within 90 days of bottoming out. Good job, Charles!

That graph means nothing on it’s own, so let’s compare it with those others who began blogging about the same time. Let’s add and compare a few of Charles Johnson’s peers from the early days.

140526 Alexa Hoft AoS LGF

Hell, let’s add two more, including a dead man.

140526 Alexa LGF ALL 1

Charles,  we suggest you start a line of Big Boy Shorts and hawk them on Amazon. Put a bigass green embroidered ass patch on ’em and sell them in the Target parking lot at  a discount.

Sorry, Charlie. We Can’t Let This One Go. Jim Hoft Deserves Better.

Last week Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit flashed his cards and coughed up some personal information. He’s got serious medical troubles, and at the top of the list are the repercussions of ObamaCare. Hoft was served THE NOTICE.

THE NOTICE was from his insurance company, and it told Hoft that despite his current conditions his medical insurance was null and void. “We’re so sorry to hear about your multiple strokes, and that pesky knee problem that almost cost you your life, but you’re on your own now. Thank you for your premiums over the years, and if there’s anything we can do to help, just dial 1-800-FUCK-YO. Have a nice day.”

Meanwhile, the Master Of The Swamp, Mr. I AM LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS IT’S ONLY ME [aka Charles Johnson] allowed a page to be posted on his Little Green Footballs website that mocked Jim Hoft for his medical problems.


CJ on Jim Hoft

Dork Falcon is a fool, Kragar is an ass, and Killgore Trout, for all the crap he’s pulled over the years, is surprisingly sentient.

But it’s the newcomer “S’latch” who nailed it, and he’s spot on. We’re looking at the extermination of a class of citizens via ObamaCare, and it’s perfectly legal…

Yeah. Right. It can’t happen here.

Charles Mocks Jim Hoft’s insurance issues

Charles tweeted a post mocking Jim Hoft getting dropped from his insurance thanks to Obamacare. keep in mind, Host just recovered from heart surgery.

I have no words.