R.I.P Al Jarreau 1940 -2017

Jazz legend and former associate of Charles “Icarus” Johnson has died at 76. Charles who was just a  backup guitarist to Jarreau has been estranged from the Jazz legend for years. Reasons are unknown, but my hunch is Icarus did something wrong.

Al Jarreau, famed R&B and jazz singer died Sunday morning … according to his reps.

The 7-time Grammy winner had been hospitalized recently in Los Angeles. Amid his medical battle … he announced he would be retiring. He’d been touring almost non-stop for 50 years.

A message on his website says he passed away while in the hospital. The announcement doesn’t say what he died from — but Al had fought through respiratory and cardiac issues in recent years.

Just last week, Al’s son said his father was singing “Moonlighting” to one of his nurses.

Rest in peace AL, unlike Charles people will always remember your musical talent.


A possible new job for Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson clearly needs a new career. His musician days are over, his web design career is toast and his blog is a joke. It’s a safe bet to assume still has his Jazz guitar playing talents. If so, he’s in luck!  A program has begun in Colombia, where American Jazz musicians are giving lessons to youths in the city of Medellin.

A group of top-notch American jazz musicians are in Colombia to give jazz masterclasses to children from poor neighborhoods in the cities of Medellin and Manizales.

The Americans, all students of the prestigious Julliard School, UMass Amherst, and the University of New Orleans, arrived in Medellin Wednesday where 45 children, aged 15 to 18, are learning the fundamental melodies, rhythms, and improvisation styles of jazz music.

As John “Freddy” Vahos, a director of the camp told Colombia Reports, the program’s objective is to “create more sensible, culturally engaged people, while keeping them off of the streets.” Freddy added that students from low class areas “don’t have to worry about gangs, violence, or drugs” when they are participating in extracurricular music programs or band camps.

The program was made possible by U.S. and Colombian social programs, the Colombo Americano language institute and Medellin’s Music School Network that is internationally recognized for using music to keep children out of gangs.

Charles should seriously consider participating in this program. He can utilize his skills, make some money and do some good. Currently he makes a fool out of himself by peddling conspiracy theories. Chucky Dumpty’s newest theory is that blogger Jim Hoft is the editor of the Fox Nation website!

Charles, go down to Colombia and do some good. You’re really making a fool of yourself. Grow up and do something production. You’re 58, it’s still not too late to be a man.

George Duke and Charles ‘Icarus’ Johnson in 1978

We know that Charles Johnson bought a car with money from George Duke and left the band. Clearly this was not an amicable split and foreshadowed Chuck’s backstabbing. A clip has surfaced showing them performing together in 1978.

The Sage of Culver City appears with a guitar at 3:15 into this clip .

Charles definitely burns bridges.

(Hat Tip: Internet Septic Tank Engineer)

My Brother Icarus

Hi I’m Iapyx the brother of Icarus. Unlike my Kid brother I am a successful doctor and keep a low Profile. Icarus on the other hand loves the spotlight. Although he never amounted to anything other an obscure Jazz Guitarist, he believes he’s important. I admit it’s my fault it was my picking on him that made him do stupid things. He once didn’t listen to Dad and flew close to the sun and crashed to the sea. I apologize that my bullying created the Jerk we have today.

Below is when he used to play Guitars with his stupid overalls. I really used to bust on him for those!

Here’s another one of his songs.

I’m sorry for what I did and created this miserable person.