From The Diary of Daedalus Draft Retro Archives: “ProLifeLiberal makes demands on Israel while admitting he never met a Jew.”

This post by Daedelus has been sitting in the DoD draft file bin since 20 February 2012. Might as well give it some air. Here it is, verbatim, unedited.

The mentally imbalanced and Islamic radical, ProLifeLiberal now is making demands on Israel. He said he would only be OK with peace with that nation if they accept his demands.

This shows the delusions of this fool. ProLife thinks he can make demands on a nation. Then he gets into a very interesting exchange with Alouette.

Wow, so he makes demands on Israel, criticize their government and admits to not knowing any Jewish person? In a rare moment oif sanity, Marxist loon Obdicut calls out ProLifeLoser.

In answer to Obdicut’ question, ProLife stays online all day fantasizing of being some great Jihadi warrior spreading Islam. He’s someone with mental issues who doesn’t live in reality. He really needs to be watched.

The supposedly Pro-Israel Charles Johnson was on that same thread. He had nothing to say on this subject.


Iran hasn’t slaughtered our sailors; Update Dire Straits flounces with grace!

Eight  to  thirteen years ago did you ever think that you would see such anti-Semitic drivel as this skank wrote? What is worse is that nobody called him out on it – not Charles, Alouette or Lawhawk. This is the true mentality of an LGF Progressive – anti-Semitic, pro genocide, and conspiratorial . By the way John_Manyjars who ever the fuck you are, Israel was investigated and cleared of a pre-meditated attack on the USS Liberty (you must be a paleocon at heart) and Iran has killed 241 US Marines at the Beirut barracks as well as hundreds of American soldiers through Iranian supplied IED’s. As for Alouette who thinks that Iran and America would make  great allies against ISIS, Iran executes gays (that’s ok at least they are not  Republicans), is the leading sponsor of international terror (responsible for the bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish Center), and all in all  treats women like shit.

Israel welfare

Update: Daedlus  Dire Straits has emailed us with screenshots of her flounce.


She did not stop with this comment, she mocked Charles Johnson’s let us say un-Olympian physique.



You go girl!

Update II: Dire Straits continued to rip into the LGFers.







She is ruthless!

Remember When Charles Johnson Had Functioning Brain Cells? Neither Do We.

Daedalus is on a secret fact-finding mission traveling from Ciudad X to Ciudad Y. Many of us are busy in meatworld these days, so unless Mr. Toot, aka “fuckface” aka “The Corpulent One” aka Charles  F. Johnson out-crams himself with his own inane vapidity, we can afford a trip or two down memory lane with some vintage screencaps.

From 20 May 2002:
020520.1 retro chuck
That was posted about 8:10AM. Let’s keep going. About one hour later we got this:
020520.2 retro chuck
Next. 23 minutes later:

020520.3 retro chuck

And eight minutes later, he posted this:020520.4 retro chuck

But Charles Johnson still wasn’t done. Less that a half hour later, he was back at it again.
020520.5 retro chuck

So now he’s wide awake at 10:30AM or so, but it took him over seven hours to pinch off another one.

020520.6 retro chuck

Charles hasn’t changed a bit. He’s only changed the color of his scrunchy.

More Israel bashing from Charles

Once a solid supporter of Israel, Charles has now joined the Israel is bad chorus.

Israel Bad

Israel Bad2

Charles thinks bashing Israel will lead the progressives to embrace him.

The Flemish menace unites with the Likud threat!

Charles has been going down the anti-Israel road over the lst few years as part of his rite of passage to the Left. Last year during the Israel-Hamas conflict, Charles did his official “breaking with Israel” announcement that many of us have been predicting since 2008. Around that same time, Charles became obsessed with a anti-Islamic Rightwing Flemish party in Belgium. He considered the Vlaams Belang the greatest threat to humanity. His insane obsession with this party turned him into an anti-Flemish bigot.

Newsweek ran an article of how The Israeli Right and European Right now see eye to eye on the Islamic threat. Charles with his sick twisted convoluted mind, now considers Likud as big of a threat as The Vlaams Belang. Even worse, the Newsweek article brought the Fat loser’s paranoia to new heights. He accuses the Likud, which is a Rightwing Jewish party of being allied with “NAZIS!”

Israel-Flemish MenaceIsrael-Flemish Menace2Charles yesterday took another shot at the dreaded Likud!


Likud and Vlaams Belang are now united together! OMG, how will the world survives this Jewish-Nazi alliance ! Will you save us Charles Jonson from the Flemish menace and Likud threat?

Honestly, only Charles can be convinced that Israel would work with “Nazis.” He’s really sick deranged fat welfare sucking loser.

Iranian Nukes Would Stabilize The Middle East

Posted without comment.

Iran Nukes Iran Nukes2


Charles Johnson: “hard for people to feel sympathetic to Israel.”

Charles continues his Israel bashing in hopes of winning acceptance from the Left.

Israel BadKeep digging your anti-Israel hole Charles.

The resident Stalinist of LGF, Sergey Romanov joins in the anti-Israel hate.

Israel Bad2LGF is an anti-Israel hate site.