Iowahawk Plays The Blues and Nancy Johnson Claims Innocence.

Okay, Charles, let’s do the Name Game.
“Nancy, Nancy, Bo-Bancy, Banana-Fanna Fo-Fancy, me-my-mo-mancy, Nancy.”
“Let’s do Chuck!” Unedited from the BRC Archives:

02056120 17639 77 Charles Sat, Sep 24, 2005 7:09:07am
Smoke much, Nancy?

03323521 23331 10 Charles Mon, Nov 13, 2006 9:32:46am
Dreadnaught: and our new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has posted at Daily Kos. She seems to think they are her base.

03498161 24118 27 Charles Tue, Jan 23, 2007 4:41:13pm
Somebody told Nancy to try to stop blinking.

03498193 24118 59 Charles Tue, Jan 23, 2007 4:47:32pm
Nancy’s lips are pursing.

04510149 27996 1146 Charles Wed, Nov 21, 2007 9:18:18am

re: #1139 ggt

I’m shocked–Ed got banned?

Where have I been. I tried to search, but can’t find where he was banned–so I can read about it.

Yes, he was banned when I learned that he was copying and pasting my comments at a hostile site. Instead of emailing me to ask why he was banned, or to ask me to reconsider, he immediately started posting at Atlas and Gates of Vienna, feeding their hate fantasies, and calling me “Nancy.”

Ed’s mask has come completely off. He was no friend of LGF.

05875214 31254 382 Charles Sun, Sep 14, 2008 12:31:04pm

After reading some of the crazy stuff at the links Nancy posted, I’m beginning to tilt toward the view that this was either a setup to discredit McCain/Palin (especially Palin), or yes, racism.

06997362 33297 791 Charles Mon, Apr 6, 2009 4:30:13pm

re: #784 Bagua

Bush bowed his head, pure and simple, if the identical video showed Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi bowing to accept the medal, I highly doubt even one of those now parsing Bush’s bow would do the same for Reid or Pelosi.

Think about about.

If Obama had been shown bowing to receive a medal from Abdullah, I guarantee the same people would be screaming about it even louder.

Verbatim archived posts above are unedited for your cut ‘n paste funnery.  That Charles Johnson smeared Nancy Pelosi is a given.

Shall we continue and list all the other women [like Liberty Chick aka Mandy Nagy] that Charles Johnson has harassed? Hell, Charles kept harassing Mandy even after she’d had a debilitating stroke. She couldn’t even speak let alone type to defend herself.

Ain’t that right, Charles…

“You have met the jackboot, and it is you.” – Iowahawk

Everyone here remembers Iowahawk, or should. He was one of the most entertaining and insightful commenters on LGF before Charles threw him under the Little Green FootBus merely for contradicting him (commemorated here).

Without going into the details of Iowahawk’s banning, his Twitterfeed is full of clever wit and awe-inspiring  snark. Tuesday’s @iowahawkblog entertainment included one typically snarky Tweet, and someone named Kris Kendrick, aka @prosediva, thought she could nail The Hawk.  I doubt she even knew who she was up against, but it was still fun to watch her try.

[Caveat: The tweets below were scutinized, screencapped and stitched together in some semblance of order for continuity purposes only. No words were altered.] Read the rest of this entry »

Coincidence? You Be The Judge.

[h/t ISTE]

This was crossposted with enhancements from The Blogmocracy just for fun.

Iowahawk had a great post (linked on LGF but shrewdly blocked by Charles Johnson) that included a photo of Anthony Weiner. I thought the Hawk was yanking my crank, and had posted a picture of Janis Ian. Sometimes truth is funnier than fiction. Iowahawk has since doubled down with a post by Dan Rather.

Here’s an excerpt:

Right from the beginning of this Weiner caper, I smelled a rat. And that rat was stinking like a rotten fish. And the brand name of that rat-scented blogfish cologne? Eau de Breitbart #5. Before I could act on that suspicion, I knew I had to talk to the one man who knew the filthy underside of L.A.’s blog row better than any man alive – Charlie Johnson.

Johnson was my old nemesis from too many previous mysteries – and was even responsible for me getting unfairly booted from the force. Once a hepcat stringplucking jazzbo pedal-pusher, word on the street was he had cleaned up his act and turned his back against demon blogs. I looked his name up in the L.A. phonebook, and the only listing read:

KLondike 5-5555

“Do you think it’s him?” asked Weiner.

“God works in mysterious ways,” I said, looking west down Santa Monica Boulevard.

Hawk, you’re hilarious.

Two “Interviews”

[Original image via]

While stalking surfing around the internest today I checked on the latest at Innocent Bystanders.  Nice blog that. But my jaw dropped when I saw that Sobek posted an “interview” with Iowahawk! You all remember Iowahawk, the class clown that Charles pissed on? Okay, it’s not really an interview (hence the quotation marks) but it’s clever satire just the same.

And there is a bonus at the bottom of that post: a link to another Sobek “interview” with none other than the King Lizard himself from January 2010. I don’t know how I missed it. Don’t miss the comments sections on either post as there be some funny.


Speaking of funny (well, okay not so funny) I found this laying in a corner of the Boiler Room today, and we might as well toss it out before it gets too moldy:

That’s one of the more honest and innocent statements by OB Dilation & Currretage.
Have at it.