True Because Charles Johnson Said It’s True.

On Friday, 21 June 2019, at 7:35AM, that was the first thing on Charles Johnson’s walnut. Never mind there’s no citations to back up his assertion, never mind no civilians would be killed, only a vapid tweet  Yeah, Charles, your bullshit couldn’t possibly be more obvious.

Remember THIS interview?

Q: Were you the lefty type one associates with long haired guitar players?

I was pretty much center-left before 9/11. Never an America-hating loon, though. I’ve been a history buff most of my life, and on 9/11 I knew instantly who and what was responsible; I was aware of Bin Laden’s declaration of war on the US and as soon as I turned on the television that morning and saw the World Trade Center collapse, I knew it was Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

But that day was a real mind-blower, for many people, myself included. At first, my center-liberal leanings caused me to ask, “Why do they hate us?” and similar questions; that questioning led me to begin serious investigation of the Islamic fanaticism that was growing unchecked in the Middle East.

Now I think the question is a pointless one, not because we shouldn’t self-examine, but because the answer lies within the Islamists, not within us — and understanding them will not achieve anything, except to the extent it allows us to defeat them.

Q: What does ‘defeat’ mean, though? Make them cry ‘uncle’?

Yes — the real problem is that America (and most of the civilized world) has tended to brush the Islamists off as “all talk.” They were able to attack us over and over in the years leading up to 9/11 (the USS Cole, Nigerian embassy bombings, first WTC, etc), and never suffered any consequences.

In the Arab/Islamic shame-honor mindset, this is interpreted as weakness — and it was. It was that perceived weakness that was directly responsible for 9/11. The only way to rectify this is to demonstrate superior force; and that’s what President Bush did after 9/11, smashing the Taliban and dethroning Saddam Hussein.

Charles “Pantload” Johnson pantsed himself again.

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Two “Interviews”

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While stalking surfing around the internest today I checked on the latest at Innocent Bystanders.  Nice blog that. But my jaw dropped when I saw that Sobek posted an “interview” with Iowahawk! You all remember Iowahawk, the class clown that Charles pissed on? Okay, it’s not really an interview (hence the quotation marks) but it’s clever satire just the same.

And there is a bonus at the bottom of that post: a link to another Sobek “interview” with none other than the King Lizard himself from January 2010. I don’t know how I missed it. Don’t miss the comments sections on either post as there be some funny.


Speaking of funny (well, okay not so funny) I found this laying in a corner of the Boiler Room today, and we might as well toss it out before it gets too moldy:

That’s one of the more honest and innocent statements by OB Dilation & Currretage.
Have at it.