Alouette On Top!

This second entry in the 2014 year end statistics series is a look at the most prolific commenters for the year.  As the title of this post has already revealed, and for the first time since 2010, Gus was NOT the top lizard.  Though Gus and Alouette both posted thousands fewer comments in 2014 than 2013,  Gus’s notable Twitter obsession may have cost him the top spot this year.


Of particular note:

  • Charles continues in his quest to dominate the comment section of his own blog, climbing 4 spots up to 5th this year.  The two newcomers (both joined in 2013) more than doubled their post count in 2014, but the rest of last year’s leaders seem to be losing interest.
  • Dark_Falcon might be tiring of getting slapped around and forced to recant whenever he offends the hivemind.
  • Obdicut, a Top 6 commenter for 3 years (2010-2012), dropped to 46th.
  • ProLifeLiberal seems less interested, dropping 39 spots to 70th.
  • HoosierHoops, since moving to Northern Wisconsin last December, has had much less to say about his love life.

Hoosier Hoops pours out his heart

Like many at LGF, Hoosier Hoops became a Progressive Democrat to please Charles and fit in with the new direction of that blog. Hoosier gets deep and explains his conversion to the Democrat Party. He even mentions our questioning about the causes for his change.

Hoosier's Conversion Hoosier's Conversion2

This story does not pass the smell test.


Hoosier Hoops has a special mesage for us!

One of the most pathetic posters at LGF is Hoosier Hoops. At one time he was big Bush loving Republican. Then as Charles became a Marxist, Hoosier in order to please his adopted blog father left C0nservatism and became a Marxist. The turncoat has a special message for us!

Vote for me!

Let’s oblige and vote for Hoosier Hoops. It’s tough being a loser in life, let’s be charitable and make him feel important!

Bonus: Charles makes a hilarious statement!

Vote for me! 2

Yes, Charles people’s heads will explode with laughter!

Hoosier Hoops is in love

Hoosier Hoops is one of the most pathetic figures on the internet. He hangs out at a hateful, bigoted blog ran by a washed up guitarist and failed programmer. Even worse, Hoosier Hoops changed his political views to please Charles Johnson. Being the loser he is, Hoops comments about being in love. He also brags about how he was close to get lucky.

Clearly Hoosier Hoops rarely hooks up with women. That’s why he is discussing this event with great glee. Hoosier could be making it up as well. Either way, he’s a loser shut-in like his idol Charles Johnson.

Hoosier Hoops is hurt and seeks The Race Detective’s love

Hoosier Hoops hates being reminded of his planting of racial comments at Ace of Spades. When reminded of his stunt, he expresses hurt feelings. He cries out and asks for the Race Detective’s love.

Being the benevolent master he is, The Race Detective shows affection for his minion.

That was sweet on part of the Race Detective! Hoosier Hoops hurt feelings are a guilty conscience. Don’t worry Hoops, you have Winston to comfort you. No wonder why your wife left you!

(Hat Tip: ISTE)

Bad timing for Hoosier Hoops

LGF’s resident idiot, Far Left loon Hoosier Hoops claims he was once a Republican. Whether this is true or not is in dispute. The fact is, The Indiana  Basketball fan does whatever Charles tells him. He changed his registration to the Democrats on November 1st, 2010!

Hey Hoosier Hoops, did you notice what happened the next day after you became a Democrat? The Republicans picked up 6 Senate seats, 63 House Seats, 7 Govenorships and scores of state legislative seats. So how does it feel to be like Charles and back a losing team?

Hoosier Hoops is not the brightest guy on the block. He’s fool who lets some washed up Jazz Guitarist, who’s manipulated by a former Porn star, dictate his political views. Get an independent mind Hoosier Hoops and stop being the town fool!

(Hat Tip: Nils)

Killgore addresses Stalkers

Instrument repairman and racist smear merchant Killgore Trout addresses a “Stalker”.

What a brave soul! Rather than take on a critic who has his email, he makes it go to the trash bin. Like his master, he’s an intellectual coward who can’t debate. Killgore’s only use is planting racist comments at Hot Air or smearing people.

Resident idiot and spineless coward, Hoosier Hoops chimes in.

Hoosier, we don’t pay attention to a 50-year-old man who changes his voter registration to please The Sage of Culver City.