Nothing but lies, hatred & a death wish.



Gus802 and Dark Falcon show their Homophobia

The LGFers claim to be tolerant of Gays and support Gay Marriage. Yet, they constantly use Gay jokes to insult their opponents. Gus802, who lives in his sister’s basement and thinks he’s changing the world through tweets is a prime example. He goes on to ridicule one the greatest Roman Emperors Trajan for his homosexual tendencies. Trajan is not only the greatest Roman Emperor but also is a national hero in Spain and among those descended of Spaniards. He was the first Non Italian Emperor of Rome.

This is the tolerant Left on full display. Gus insults one of the greatest historical leaders because of his sexuality. Trajan defeated Rome’s main enemies at the time. He exterminated Dacia and sacked the Persian (Parthian Dynasty) capital Ctesiphon.

What has Gus802 done that can compare to Trajan? This Roman Emperor lived 1900 years ago and is still remembered. Will anyone remember Gus802 even 5 years from now? Does anyone outside his family whom he leeches off and the LGF/DOD universe, know who Gus802 is? For him to mock a great man shows Gus802’s insecurity.

The resident lackey Dark Falcon, who is a punching bag for Charles Johnson and his minions, shows his Gay hating colors as well.

Dark Falcon is another nobody, whose name will never be mentioned in history books. He should not accuse anyone of hating, since he has shown himself to be a homophobe.

Nice blog of haters you have there Charles.