Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs celebrates the accidental tasing of an Ohio police officer, claims the President ***ed a baby. REALLY.

The suspect was resisting arrest and the arresting officer accidentally tased his partner who was sent to the hospital with head injuries. The suspect was unharmed. Little Green Footballs commenter “FormerDirtDart” thought that was funny, as did others.
Here’s the link to the ABC News Tweet.

Meanwhile, the Trump hatred also goes unchecked.

Who thinks like this? These are Charles Johnson’s people, Little Green Footballs Class of 2017. Someone’s not policing his own blog, or else he agrees with these vile comments.


Stop shooting shoplifters!

In the sick twisted progressive mind of Happy Warrior, people should tolerate shoplifting!

Looters OK

Well people, Happy Warrior has given permission for anyone to rob from him!

Happy Warrior can’t find work

The not so Happy Warrior who worships Obama and hates Republicans was complaining about how hard it is to get work.

Jobs are hard

Happy Warrior claims Obama is doing an awesome job. If that is the case, why can’t he find work?