Our Gus Is An Awesome Gus – Part II

El Gusano takes a stroll down Memory Lane.

(Psst… Mr. Hoover/@nicdanger619… she was an ex-porn star… her LGF nic was Iceweasel Asswhistle… pass it on…)

[h/t Octopus]



Meanwhile, Charles Johnson is sputtering about Charles Johnson.

Charles is sure making a dent in something.

El Gusano’s Medical Fund

A momentary flash of lucid self-reflection. But he did just retweet one of his patrons’ tweets calling for donations to his Sterno-fund.

Gus, the Architectural exams are tough to pass for a reason (public health and safety) but the medical exams are even tougher for the same reasons. Thank God you’re not a doctor, otherwise all your patients would be like:

Good luck on your GoFundMe foray and we wish you well. We chipped in.

Q:  Did your buddy Charles Johnson pitch in?
A:  Nope.

[h/t Octo]

Just Another Day for Gusano.

Gus has a thang going on and somehow he’s Tweeted to thousands, follows thousands, and thousands follow him since he joined Twitter in January 2011. Let’s break this down.

Let’s assume Gus joined Twitter on 31 January 2011. Between that date and 17 July 2017, Gus posted 449,000 Tweets according to his own Twitter Account. That’s about 2,490 days according to this calculator.

Now let’s run the math. 450k Tweets / 2,490 days = 180 Tweets per Day. Assuming a 4 hour Twitterday, that works out to an astounding rate of approximately 45 Tweets per hour average, and it includes the two times he claimed to have quit Twitter.

If Gus is indeed following 3,450 as his Twitterfeed claims, that means he’s reading over 860 Tweets Per Hour. Dude’s amazing.

It’s no secret that Gus is unemployed. He turned down three legitimate offers, and this blog offered to help him out with his medical expenses via a PayPal account. He declined all assistance and chose to gripe instead. So what are those little retweeted things on the lower left of his Twitter homepage? I dunno, Babs, but I do know this. Gus seems to take pride in it.

Gusano, you’re almost as entertaining as Charles Johnson.

Happy New Year!


To all you Stalkers, Mockers, Linkers and Lurkers, have great New Year from everyone at
Diary of Daedalus

May the new year bring you health and prosperity. Oh, and humor. And lots of ground Chuck. And @Gus_802. Bring us lots of @Gus_802 and @Green_Footballs and humor. And a new gravatar for Charles Johnson. And more Twitter meltdowns and stuff.

This is going to be a fun year.

Gus_802 is having a change of heart

Gus_802 has been one of DoD’s top targets over the years. His shilling for Charles and attempts to out people’s identities has made him one of the most hated people online. Recently Gus_802 has been having a change of heart on political matters. He no longer comments at LGF and now attacks the Left regularly on Twitter. He mocks the latest progressive talking point that inequality led to the rise of ISIS.







I found more anti-Progressive tweets by Gus.





It looks like Gus has left the cult.

@Gus_802 Addresses… Someone. [Update: We Got Chumped.]

Gus Story

Yep. That’s Gus Ignatowski from 2010.


@Gus_802 quit Twitter in 2013 (yeah, right). Meanwhile, A Little Birdy sent us this. It contains an odd message:

Gus 802 Spazzout

Here’s the unedited graphically-enhanced version for your viewing pleasure:

GUS Twitter Header Enlarged

Bizarre. Was Gus sending a message to a fellow Lizard, was he referring to himself, or was it an impulsive cagey crit of Charles F. Johnson? Either and/or any way it’s been deleted, and you got our attention again, Gusano.

[h/t @SemperBanU. Related posts here.]

[Update – Apparently we got chumped by @SemperBanU who scotched Gus_802’s Twitterheader without letting us know it was a hoax. Give us a headslurp next time, Semp.]