The Pre-Banned List – A Retrospective (and Gus_802 is a liar).

So El Gusano Pobre complains about being blocked by people “who I never even interacted with.” Hunh.

A quick search through the BRC Archives suggests Gusano may be telling the truth, but he had access to one and he certainly used it. More than one account on that list whose owners never Tweeted to @Gus_802 were instantly blocked from reading his Tweets directly. Did he keep a block list? No. He kept the link and undoubtedly contributed to it.

That list of Twitter accounts was compiled by Furious Burkha in 2012, and comprised those contrarians she deemed unworthy, their followers, and those they followed. With a bigoted algorithm like that I’m amazed that the list didn’t morph into thousands, but then again, she was never the sharpest bulb in the LGF Crayon Box.

Here’s the Pre-Banned List in full regalia [or click here].

[h/t @Gus_802, Furious Burkha and The BRC.]




Welcome To LGF EchoPolling

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more inane at The Swamp, Charles Johnson out does himself. Now he’s reinvented PollDaddy, and is hawking it to his minions for their subblog entertainment. Nevermind that PollDaddy provides unscientific polling fun for bloggers and has no value whatsoever in the grand sandbox (i.e., “If you were a Gummy Bear, would you still love mermaids?”).

What is a “SubBlog” you ask? It’s a tedious blogging platform like that provided allowed by peeps like Charles Johnson for those too stupid to figure out free platforms like Blogspot, Tumblr or WorpDress on their own. It allows them to run their own pretend blogs that nobody reads, just like the rest of us do.

The main difference is that we don’t have the Sword of Icarus hovering over our willies.

What’s interesting is that Charlie decided to mess with common polling script, and our antennae are twitching a bit. Whereas PollDaddy is completely anonymous, does anyone trust Charles Johnson any more?

Who is the first to jump the shark and kiss the cork? Our buddy Gas812, and he posts it on his subblog for all the world to mock. He farts a poll to flush out hidden contrarians with a simple question:

“Who would you vote for today – Obama or Perry?”

Here are the comments first. Rightwingconspirator blows donkeys right out of the park, as he/she didn’t even read Gus’ questionnaire. Killgore fishes, jvic is a puss and Virginia Plain is a sock. RWC comes back for one more donkeyblow, and the game is over.

But Wait! There’s more!

Gus, you royal piece of embarrassing ignorance – you want some poll results? Here ya go, squamousbrain.

It’s way too easy to embed PollDaddy into blogs, so why didn’t Chuck do that? He didn’t re-invent the thing just for his lizards, and I suspect there may be some IP code captures in there as well. Too soon to tell.

Oh yeah. Here’s an anonymous poll. Have at it, Gus.

Gus802 shows his Marxist colors

Argentine Peronista Progressive Gus802 once agin reveals his leftist attitude. In commenting on the Sherrod video, he agrees with her Totalitarian Progressive Marxist view that the “rich” manipulate people to control them. This is right out of the Marxist playbook and El Gusano (The Worm) shows his full support of this ideology.

 What happened to Argentina? It was once a rich wealthy nation and now it’s a 3rd world hell hole. This is  a result of people like Juan Peron, Che Guevara and Gusano802 who believe in redistributionist policies. Gus is an example of the problem this nation faces. He’s broke and is envious of others who are not.

Gus802 supports Chomsky

The radical views of Peronista Progressive Gus802 aka El Gusano (the worm) come out again. He comes out in support of Totalitarian Progressive Noam Chomsky.

Here Gus802 claims Chomsky is mainstream.

Gus802 sure knows what radicalism is all about. His 2 heroes Juan Peron and Che Guevara were radicals themselves.

Gus802 thinks the Tea Party is an actually political party

Argentine Radical Progressive Gus802 aka Gusano (worm) is clueless about the Tea Party. He really actually thinks that it’s a political party!

The LGF worm needs to realize that the Tea Party is not an organized political party. It’s a protest movement of Conservatives and Libertarians. This is an example of how the Left is clueless, even El Gusano!

Gus802 condones Samir Shabazz

Black Panther leader Samir Shabazz is a racist and has called for killing white people. However, that is OK with Argentine Peronist Progressive and Che Guevara admirer Gus802. In his mind, it’s OK for the Black Panthers to call for killing Non blacks. As an Argentine radical, Gus sympathizes with any Liberation Movement and thus supports the goals of the Black Panthers.

LGf decends lower and lower each day. The Balck Panthers are OK with radical Progressives like Gus802. What Gus doesn’t realize is that the Black Panthers don’t like him either. Just because they have Che posters, don’t mena they accept you Gustavo!

The LGF Demographic

When the Jaz Man purged his blog of productive citizens, he began hurting for money.  He begs his readers to donate so he can stay financially afloat. Well, it hasn’t worked out to well. His new Demographic are also hurting financially. Argentine Peronista Progressive GUS802, admits he broke and that’s why he votes for the Left.

Gus802’s family left Argentina because of the bankrupting Progressive policies of the Peronistas. Now he wants to implement these same policies here in America. He is broke and vote for the Left so he can receive handouts. This is the new demographic on LGF, broke Progressives wanting Obama to spread the wealth. Nice upgrade there, Jazz Man and no wonder you are always begging for money.