Soon to be accused pedophile, racist, sexist & anti-Semite Nazi, 64 year old Charles Johnson posts photos of young boys, scantily clad girls, and little else of intellectual value on his once popular blog Little Green Footballs.

[Screencap courtesy Glenn Greenwald.]

The Magical Jazzy Ponytail Got Trump Elected (according to Charles Johnson’s TwitterFans)


Suckin’ up again, eh, Mr. Electrolux? We ain’t buying it, and some of your Twitter fans aren’t either, for obvious reasons.


That Twitter thread screencap (cropped for brevity) had a lot of spinoffs and buried sidesnark, including this one:


It’s amusing to note how many folks still remember Charles Johnson.
A common online response is, “Wow. I’d forgotten about him. That asshole’s still around?” Yeah, Charles, you got cred. Even Oliver Willis wasn’t blind enough to buy your transparent and opportunistic line of crap.

Charles, you’re a two-faced disingenuous ignorant mess.

Charles freaks out over Glenn and Glenn!

Besides his obsession with his insane namesake, Charles goes after Glenn Greenwald. 6 years ago, Glenn Beck was the main threat to humanity according to Charles.  Glenn Beck announced his plans to interview Glenn Greenwald. This news caused Charles to freak out on Twitter.

— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) April 2, 2015

As bad as Bill O’Reilly is, Glenn Beck is several orders of magnitude crazier. — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) April 2, 2015



Jumping in Charles Johnson’s timeline, LGF’s resident Gypsy chimes in.

Charles and Gus really need to get a hobby.

Stalk much, Charles?

Charle Johnson's Stalking Obsessions thru 1 March 2015

Heh. Charles has been harassing Glenn Greenwald since 2006, and he’s still cranking on about a dead man and an updated bar chart.

Charles, you so funny.

Charles think Greenwald can influence elections

Observing a shut in like Charles who spends his whole life on;line is hilarious. The washed up guitarist and failed blogger really thinks that pundits and online personalities can influence elections. In New Zealand, a candidate supported by Glenn Greenwald lost the elections. Charles gloats bout this and claims Greenwald failed.

Does Charles really believe Greenwald can influence elections?

#TwitterGulag II: A Little Birdy Told Me

Charles F. Johnson is an amateur leftist. He can’t hide his lies and smears against those who supported him, regardless if his blogger buddies were on the right or left. He’s a man without a clue.

Seems there’s another way to get people who disagree with Charles F. Johnson to get their Twitter accounts suspended besides the infamous Twitter Comment Block/Report Trap. Spam Twitter CEO Dick Costolo (via #AskCostolo) with false complaints and accusations with no evidence until he caves just to shut them up. That’s exactly what happened to @Gus_807 and others. It’s the un-hidden leftist method: Lie And Lie Loudly. Read the rest of this entry »

Greenwald is definitely aware of this discussion!

cj aware greenwald discussion


beatles fan


Hey CJ, ya don’t suppose that this Greenwald fella might view you as a….