From The Diary of Daedalus Draft Retro Archives: “ProLifeLiberal makes demands on Israel while admitting he never met a Jew.”

This post by Daedelus has been sitting in the DoD draft file bin since 20 February 2012. Might as well give it some air. Here it is, verbatim, unedited.

The mentally imbalanced and Islamic radical, ProLifeLiberal now is making demands on Israel. He said he would only be OK with peace with that nation if they accept his demands.

This shows the delusions of this fool. ProLife thinks he can make demands on a nation. Then he gets into a very interesting exchange with Alouette.

Wow, so he makes demands on Israel, criticize their government and admits to not knowing any Jewish person? In a rare moment oif sanity, Marxist loon Obdicut calls out ProLifeLoser.

In answer to Obdicut’ question, ProLife stays online all day fantasizing of being some great Jihadi warrior spreading Islam. He’s someone with mental issues who doesn’t live in reality. He really needs to be watched.

The supposedly Pro-Israel Charles Johnson was on that same thread. He had nothing to say on this subject.


Charles freaks out over Glenn and Glenn!

Besides his obsession with his insane namesake, Charles goes after Glenn Greenwald. 6 years ago, Glenn Beck was the main threat to humanity according to Charles.  Glenn Beck announced his plans to interview Glenn Greenwald. This news caused Charles to freak out on Twitter.

— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) April 2, 2015

As bad as Bill O’Reilly is, Glenn Beck is several orders of magnitude crazier. — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) April 2, 2015



Jumping in Charles Johnson’s timeline, LGF’s resident Gypsy chimes in.

Charles and Gus really need to get a hobby.

They All Look Alike to Charles Johnson.

In the realm of politics there are good arguments, and there are blatantly inane bloviations. This is one of the more vapid kind. Charles Johnson and others (including Glenn Beck) claim that the producers of a cable show entitled “The Bible” cast an actor to play the part of Satan who they say is a dead-ringer for Barack Obama.

It’s no surprise that Charles jumped on the bandwagon with his post “History Channel’s Incredibly Obama-Like Satan.” Everyone knows that Johnson’s a professional post-game drum major leading the LGF Marching Band to the yellow buses that already left the stadium, but we’re gonna help him out anyway.

Obama Looks Like Satan

Despite the fact that every theatrical endeavor employs actors, there are some similarities between the actor portraying Satan and President Duffer, but not many.

Olmos Looks Like Satan

Edward Jame Olmos might be a closer match to Satan, but The Race Detective should have the last say.  Charles Johnson won’t “Stand And Deliver” because he’s already made clear his opinions about hispanics/latinos.

Pelosi Looks Like Satan

This one’s a close call, but Pelosi’s a contender. If she weren’t female, she’d be male. Either way there’s enough of a resemblance for Beck and Johnson to nod heads in agreement.

Boehner Looks Like Satan

John Boehner and the actor who portrayed Satan share some facial characteristics and go to the same barbershop. That’s enough proof for me.

Waters Looks Like Satan

Looks like the folks at The History Channel might have been aiming at Maxine Waters instead. This is not a coincidental match up. Different sexes, different races, both playing  Satan. Go for it, Charles.

Mohamen Mehdi Ouzaani Looks Like Satan

This is my best pick for the coincidental resemblance convergence. Mohamen Mehdi Ouazani looks EXACTLY like Charles “fuckface” Johnson.

The Ruse and Fail of Little Green Footballs: Part II – The Ascendance

This is Part 2 of a monograph about a blog named Little Green Footballs and its founder Charles Foster Johnson. Click the links below for related posts. They will be updated as the series continues.
Part 1 – Overview
Part 2 – The Ascendance of Charles Johnson and LGF
Part 3 – The Bannings
Part 4 – The Flounces
Part 5 – The Turnaround
Part 6 – Current Events & The Future Of LGF

Bonus track: Revisiting Rathergate


Thread Topics, National Recognition and Commenting

It cannot be disputed that Charles Johnson was once noted for exposing radical Islam in stories that were not broadcast or found on what is termed the “mainstream media.” Johnson found interesting and newsworthy stories that went under-reported or ignored by the MSM and opened them up for discussion. He was celebrated for exposing rampant anti-Semitism found on Arabic television, especially in children’s programming. He documented efforts by the United States and others to eradicate terrorism, both politically and militarily, often sporting headlines such as “Got Two in Gaza!” or “Got Four in Lebanon!” referring to the number of enemy combatants killed.

More to the point, Little Green Footballs was interesting to read simply as an observer. His blog members at the time included well-educated, well-read individuals from all walks of life – physicians, attorneys, editors, engineers, meteorologists, teachers and other professionals, with first hand knowledge of the various topics presented for discussion. Review the comments section of any thread prior to 2009 dealing with world and domestic affairs and you will find a treasure trove of links, research, first-hand experience and commentary that rivaled anything offered by the alphabet networks and cable news.

Johnson was propelled to national attention and prominence as a central figure in the scandal known as “Rathergate,” the fraud promoted by Dan Rather and CBS. Rather and CBS proffered forged Texas Air National Guard memoranda[1] less than two months prior to the 2004 Presidential Election, in an effort to discredit President George W. Bush. Read the rest of this entry »

Possible reason why Jazzy X defended Louis Farrakhan

The Elusive Quixote used to claim that billions of humans will die. Well Charles Johnson’s new love, Louis Farrakhan, once proclaimed the same apocalyptic message.

Farrakhan thinks billions will die and he was an ex musician. This could be why Jazzy X thinks there are positive qualities to Louis Farrakhan?

Another plausible reason is that Jazzy X and Louis Farrakhan see white racists everywhere.

Jazzy X sees Louis Farrakhan as a positive force. We see him as a agent of hate.

Pro Life Liberal supports Albanian ethnic violence in Macedonia

The resident online wannbe Jihadi of LGF is plotting another war. He is now egging on Albanian violence in Macedonia.

Why doesn’t Pro Life go to Macedonian  and partake in the Jihad? From what I have seen of him, his body would shatter!

Note: Special Charles thread at 3:00 PM EST at Blogmocracy.

Update: My posts on ProLifeLiberal are now having an effect. Charles is warning him to knock it off.

If I never did threads exposing this guy, Charles would never had warned him.

(Hat Tip: MrPaulRevere)

Update: New Charles thread up at Blogmocracy.

The Sage of Culver City claims he defeated Glenn Beck

Charles had a grudge against Glenn beck. In the summer of 2009, Beck mocked Chuck as just Jazz Guitarist. Since then there were weekly attacks on Glenn Beck. Today Glenn Beck and Fox News announced that he would no longer being doing a daily show. Instead, he will focus on making specials for the new station. Charles twists this news to make it seem he won some victory over Glenn Beck.

Chuck, what has happened to your ratings in the last year and a half? They are so miniscule, that you stopped using Alexa and instead you’ve made up your own figures. Also, this is another case of Chuck, linking without thinking. From the article he references to, here is what it says.

His departure was jointly announced in a statement on Wednesday by Fox and Mr. Beck’s company, Mercury Radio Arts.

Fox News and Mercury Radio Arts, which have clashed over the making of “Glenn Beck,” will “work together to develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the Fox News Channel as well as content for other platforms including Fox News’ digital properties,” the companies said in the statement.

As expected, a senior Fox News executive, Joel Cheatwood, will join Mr. Beck at Mercury Radio Arts starting later this month.


In the statement on Wednesday, Mr. Beck said he would be starting a “new phase” of a partnership with Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News. “I truly believe that America owes a lot to Roger Ailes and Fox News,” he said.

Mr. Ailes said in the statement, “Glenn Beck is a powerful communicator, a creative entrepreneur and a true success by anybody’s standards. I look forward to continuing to work with him.”

This hardly seems like Fox News dumped Glenn Beck. It’s more likely a case of Beck burning out doing a daily show and instead will focus on producing and doing specials. This is actually a step up careers wise. Unlike The Sage of Culver City who continues to live in an imaginary world of relevance.

Charles, you’re not having a last laugh. You are once again showing yourself to be a delusional fool. The sad part is, there are fools like racist, Killgore Trout who really believe that Charles had some victory.

Killgore, your master is an insignificant smear merchant who has become an online joke. He didn’t win any victory as much as you would like to delude yourself. When Charles makes 32 Million in one year, let us know.