Charles Johnson: “hard for people to feel sympathetic to Israel.”

Charles continues his Israel bashing in hopes of winning acceptance from the Left.

Israel BadKeep digging your anti-Israel hole Charles.

The resident Stalinist of LGF, Sergey Romanov joins in the anti-Israel hate.

Israel Bad2LGF is an anti-Israel hate site.

Obdicut’s self-righteous rant on Israel

Now that Charles has come out of the anti-Israel closet, his minions are now more open about their true feelings about that nation. Islamist sympathizer Obdicut comes out against Israel’s military actions in Gaza. He goes on a self-righteous rant that Israel is making a mistake fighting Hamas, ISIS, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda.

Obdicut-Israel Obdicut-Israel2

LGF is now an openly Pro-Jihad blog that is against any resistance to Islamic aggression.